Star Blazers Episode 46 script

Charts and titles make up the bulk of the cuts from this episode. The titles were all on-screen captions and many of the charts contained Japanese text. They ALL gave story information that built up detail and geography. We really didn’t know how much we were missing back in the TV days.

Must…not…make…Uranus joke. Too…easy…

In the phrase “CUT L.S. CHART,” the L.S. stands for “Long Shot.”

To this day, we have no explanation why the words “Phoebe” and “Phoebus” appear on the same page. Or why the wrong one made it into the dialogue. But from that point on, “Phoebe” is struck from the record, as if someone lost a coin toss.

The term “Black Tigers” mistakenly makes its way back into a script, referring to fighters that haven’t been in service since the end of Series 1.

Unintended joke: Wildstar asks, “Black Tigers, are you ready?” and no one answers.

There’s an odd reference to “Stoat’s fleet” at the top of this page. “Stoat” is never seen or heard from. It may have been a previous name for Manik that didn’t get updated.

After 293 we get another indicator of a “Badly fogged” picture. As before, it’s due to whatever camera settings were used for the original footage. But the scene was kept in the episode.

The name “Joe Bacal” refers to one of the principal producers of the series, co-owner (with Tom Griffin) of Griffin/Bacal Advertising. This was the company hired to physically create the show from writing through post-production. Evidently, he came up with an alternate version of the ending narration here. Not only was his line used in the show, the entire narration was re-written as follows:

Now at Saturn, the great space battle between the Earth Defense Force and the Comet Empire fleet is about to begin. The Star Force has been waiting for this moment, but so has Prince Zordar.

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