Star Blazers Episode 49 script

Bodies, bodies, bodies, bodies. You know this was a violent episode with a list of cuts like that.

“Manipulation block” and “Manipulating seats” are pretty imaginative terms for control consoles. Then again, the Comet Empire is rather manipulative.

Takion particles do not exist outside science-fiction. The same can be said for Tachyon particles.

The term “megameter” was one of the better inventions of the Star Blazers writing staff. It replaced the more pedestrian Japanese term “space kilometers.”

At line 52, the reference “no Japanese over plane” indicates that in the film footage being screened during the recording, there was no Japanese dialogue in that position to be replaced.

Another interesting term: “instant material conveyance unit.” Did they forget the excellent anagram “S.M.I.T.E.” they came up with in Series 1?

If anyone wants to grab “Bazooka people” for a band or team name, it’s just sitting right there.

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