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Super Mechanics 1/665 Yamato by Taito (March, 2007)

World-class arcade game manufacturer Taito is also in the toy business, as evidenced by their “Super Mechanics” line, sizeable plastic replicas of Leiji Matsumoto mecha. The Taito Yamato measures 15.75″ and sports the classic action features; rotating turrets, popout wings, and an opening rear hatch. This was the first of many subsequent versions as seen farther down the page.

Andromeda Metal Statue (January, 2008)

Echoing the Franklin Mint, Marmit released this beautifully-constructed Andromeda, which became the new record holder for length. Though a scale was not cited, this one stretched to 17.7″, almost three inches longer than the 1/700 Bandai model kit.

Its bow was somewhat longer than the official design to better imitate the look of the anime, and it was designed to match the scale of Bandai’s Popynica Yamato. It was reissued by Marmit in late 2009 without the weathered paint job. (See it here.)

Visit Marmit’s homepage here.

Super Mechanics Cosmo Zero by Taito (June, 2008)

Stretching a full 12 inches from front to back, this is a fine addition to any fan’s collection. Its lack of moving parts is no deficit, since it looks poised to leap off your shelf at any given moment. Other products in Taito’s Super Mechanics line include the Galaxy Express 999, and Captain Harlock?s Arcadia along with a 1/1 scale Harlock Gravity Saber.

Dessler’s Battleship Metal Statue (December, 2008)

Marmit made a comeback at the end of 2008 with the second metal statue in their Yamato line, Dessler’s Battleship from the first TV series, which measured just over 9 inches long. Other than its picture-perfect sculpting, its one action feature was a popup bridge module. It was made in a limited edition of 1,000; see more photos on Marmit’s website here.

Super Mechanics Yamato Light-up Version by Taito (December, 2008)

This reissue of Taito’s “Super Mechanics” Yamato came paired with a 1/1 scale Wave-Motion Gun trigger that lit up the ship’s prime weapon when pulled. As seen in the photo above, the trigger was bigger than the ship itself.

Yuki Mori “Real Figures” by Taito (December, 2008)

Also on offer from Taito was this lovely pair of 8″ Yuki Mori “Real Figures” in which Yamato‘s sweetheart is outfitted for both of her stations. Visit Taito’s toy page here.

Mechanic Collection by Lawson (December, 2008)

Lawson, one of the bigger convenience store chains in Japan, surprised everyone with this new Mechanic Collection , eight ships released as part of a canned-drink promotion. Each could be mounted on its own stand or combined in the separate domed display base.

This was the first Yamato product to tie in with 2009’s 35th anniversary of the first TV series. Lawson upped the ante with a hilarious TV commercial, which can be seen here.

Monchichi Dolls (February, 2009)

The most inexplicable Yamato product of 2009 (or indeed any year): Kodai and Captain Okita rendered as plush 7″ tall Monchichi monkey dolls. Somewhere in the world, someone felt this was necessary.

Super Mechanics Yamato Resurrection Version by Taito (November, 2009)

Taito heavily modified their original toy to match the ship’s redesign for the movie. The original 2007 toy measured 40 cm and was scaled at 1/665. This new one adds 5 cm to the length and is scaled at 1/590.

One advantage of creating an anime spaceship in CG is that the data can be used to generate a solid, real-life version, and that’s exactly what this is. The details and proportions precisely match the on-screen Yamato, which is a significant first. Comparing it to the previous Super Mechanics Yamato clearly demonstrates the modifications to the design.

See an extensive photo gallery of the new version here.

Monchichi Miniatures (December, 2009)

2009’s crop of Yamato toys ended as inexplicably as it began, with these two key fob versions of the Kodai and Captain Okita Monchichis. It just goes to show you…uh…something or other.

Mascot Figures (February 2010)

Next up was this unusual set of five plush mascot figures for your cel phone or keychain, including Captain Okita, Starsha, Sasha, and rather serious versions of Kodai and Yuki.

Super Mechanics Yamato reissue by Taito (December, 2010)

This reissue left out the Wave-Motion Gun trigger, but the light-up feature remained.

Super Mechanics Yamato Special Edition by Taito (March, 2011)

Four years after the first edition of this toy, this version was released as a prize for readers of Yamato Fact File magazine from DeAgostini. Those who collected the first 60 issues could send in proof-of-purchase markers and receive this special edition as a reward. In addition to a metallic paint job and a custom stand, the bow was resculpted to smooth out some of the inaccuracies of the previous releases.

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