Yamato 2199 Episode 25 evolution

Episode 25 of Yamato 2199 was unique out of the entire series for having three different edits, each with progressively more footage added. A week and a half before the theatrical version was released on August 24, 2013, it was announced that some footage had to be left out in order to make the deadline, but the story would not be compromised. That footage totaled about 8 minutes; some of it was promised to appear in the TV broadcast version on September 22 with the rest to follow on the home video release in October. This gave fans a way to extend their 2199 experience just a bit longer, and put this particular episode into a category all its own.

For the sake of preservation, here is a complete breakdown of the first half of the episode, in which the bulk of these edits were made. There are many differences ranging from single shots to entire sequences, and even some subtle alterations that represent the thought process of the director. A few non-essential shots have been omitted for the sake of page length.

Open on Yamato flying away from the Large Magellanic Cloud, bound for home. In the final version (and NOT in
either of the others) we hear the voice of Yuria Misaki via Radio Yamato, commenting on the state of the crew.
Closer shot showing the plugged-up Wave-Motion Gun
Closer shot of the bridge
A photo of a girl from back on Earth, previously presented by Nanbu’s mother in Episode 7.
Nanbu stares at the photo, coming to grips with his future marriage prospects…
…to the amusement of everyone around him.
A bulletin board shows photos of the fallen.
Yamamoto and Shinohara pay their respects.
We cut to the other pilots, grouped around a mutual project.
Panning shot of them all working on Kodai’s Cosmo Zero.

Cut to Shima directing a nav group meeting. Yuki brings in coffee.
Shima grimaces at the taste.
Hayashi is about to spray.
Yuki doesn’t appreciate their reviews.
Kato faces up to his future and proposes to Harada.
Analyzer and Dr. Sado booze it up.
Cut to an exterior on the Captain’s cabin.
Kodai speaks with an ailing Captain Okita.
Yuria Misaki’s monologue ends and YRA ceases its broadcast day.
Yuria breathes an exhausted sigh of relief.
Hoshina waves supportively…
…boosting her tired spirit.

Kaoru Niimi works in the lab, turns to look behind her.
Sanada sits across the room, studying the ship’s status
His book of poetry sits nearby.
She smiles sympathetically.
His attention is entirely on the screen…
…which displays the inscrutable Cosmo Reverse System.
Yamato drifts through intergalactic space.

A graphic of Planet Balun (their primary destination) appears on a screen in the bridge.
Discussion about the warp gates that lie in wait.
Discussion about the warp gates that lie in wait.
Discussion about the warp gates that lie in wait.
Discussion about the warp gates that lie in wait.
Closer view of the warp gate on the opposite side of Balun.
Aihara’s communication screen lights up.
He studies the readings…
And announces the reception of a Garmillas signal.

Cut to Admiral Dietz returning to Garmillas
His fleet follows behind him.
Closer view on his flagship, docked with another
On Admiral Dietz and Elisa Domel.
Wide shot of the bridge: the younger Talan brother is with them.
Melda and Yurisha enter the bridge.
Elisa Domel’s bird lights on Yurisha’s arm
Conversation about missing elements of the Garmillas fleet.
Dessler’s flagship and Goer’s task force are unaccounted for.
Conversation about missing elements of the Garmillas fleet.

Cut to Dessler’s flagship and Goer’s task force. The backgrounds changed from broadcast to home video.
Closer on Dessler’s bridge.
Goer swears undying fealty to Dessler (via hologram)
The elder Talan brother massages his aching head.
The hologram shuts off.
Someone holds up an empty wine glass.
It gets refilled…
…and a still-alive Dessler is revealed.
Back to Yamato – the search lights pop on.
A recon plane maneuvers close to a drifting Garmillas ship.
The plane’s video feed is sent to the main panel in the bridge.
Yuki is surprised.
Inside the cockpit of the drifting ship is Miezela Celestella.
Yuki ponders this turn of events.

Some time later, Celestella’s ship is shown lashed to Yamato‘s hull.
Wider shot of the two vessels.
Kodai reassures Nanbu that Yuki is best-qualified to handle this delicate situation.
Nanbu agrees in a rare moment of harmony.
Hirata wheels a refreshment cart out of the dining room.
Wider shot of two guards at the doorway.
Tea cools in a cup.
Yuki comments disarmingly on reversal of fortunes.
Celestella sits across the table from her.
Celestella laments her losses.
The teacup sits in her shadow as she speaks.
Conversation continues.
Conversation continues.
Conversation concludes.

Yamato emerges from warp.
The bridge crew is surprised at their first view of Balun. Kodai got a facelift in the final version.
The planet has returned to its natural spherical shape. A ring of debris was added to the final version of the scene.
Niimi does a quick analysis.
Monitor display of Balun’s previous condition…
…and its reversion after the destruction of its artificial core.
Sanada comments on the situation.
Yamato drifts through a field of wreckage.
Goer’s command ship watches from hiding.
View from the command ship’s bridge.
Goer bides his time.
His fleet floats in formation, drawing power as they wait for orders.
On Goer in his bridge.
Graphic display of Yamato approaching the warp gate.
Geor likes it when a plan comes together.
The warp gate comes into view from behind Balun.
View from Yamato‘s bridge.
Looking out the bridge window.
Shima and Kodai comment on their situation.

Suddenly, Celestella’s ship explodes.
Wider shot of the explosion.
Kodai reacts, shocked. (Note differences in the background outside the window.)
Goer’s support ships open fire.
Goer’s support ships open fire.
Yamato accelerates forward.
Commotion on the bridge.
Sanada orders the shields up.
Yamato continues toward its goal.

Yamato flies toward the warp gate.
NOTE: since the theatrical version did not include Goer’s attack, stray laser fire was only seen in the latter versions.
The final version was framed tighter on the action.
Interior: Goer’s bridge
Goer gestures with his pointy stick.
The attack intensifies.
Yamato plunges on, trying to outrun the Garmillas ships.
Wide on the bridge.
Radar indicates incoming torpedoes – from the bow!
Miki shouts in alarm
The torpedoes streak toward Yamato.
At the last moment, they curl around the ship and fly on…
…instead knocking out the lead Garmillas vessels!
Goer is stunned.
He rushes to the console for info.

Dimensional Submarine UX-01 erupts from nowhere!
Cancel Christmas.
Panning shot up to see someone on the command deck.
It’s Frakken, of course.
Coolest captain this side of Harlock!
First mate Gol Hainey says what we’re all thinking. The angle changed in the final edit.
Goer is determined not to lose to this traitor.
Exterior on the ship as it accelerates forward.
His command ship advances and joins the attack.
Explosions burst around the UX-01 as it continues forward.
Frakken is unmoved.
UX-01 approaches Yamato at full speed.

Alternate views of the approaching sub on the main panel.
Bridge crew comments on their unexpected benefactor.
Bridge crew comments on their unexpected benefactor.
Bridge crew comments on their unexpected benefactor.
UX-01 closes the distance with Yamato.
The two ships pass close by.
Sanada orders prep for the warp gate.
All systems go.
Yamato plunges in. Since no shots were fired in the theatrical version, there was no additional action in this scene.

Frakken glances back – mission accomplished.
An explosion erupts nearby.
Too close! Damage alarm! (alternate shots)
The ship may not be able to dive!
On TV, Hainey grouses. In the final version, a voice is heard from the engine room.
On TV, crew members listen to the voice saying all systems are go.
On TV, crew members listen to the voice saying all systems are go.
A control panel lights up to underscore the dialogue.
In the final version, we see who’s shouting – Yabu! Now gainfully employed where he can truly fit in.
UX-01 dives into subspace and vanishes.

Goer is livid.
UX-01 lines up the kill shot.
Torpedoes away!
Goer is furious.
He shouts one last, futile challenge to the cosmos.
Torpedoes strike!
Target vanquished.
Hainey comments on the fast work by their new “Zaltsian” crew member.
Back to Yabu in the engine room. This was his first and only appearance on the TV broadcast, which made fandom cheer.
Hainey is relieved after their close call.
Frakken just broods.
the UX-01 drifts away and the first half of the episode ends.

From the second half of the episode: during the Gamiloid raid, the theatrical version lacked this scene in which Yamamoto and Shinohara come to the aid of their fellow pilots by hauling in a machine gun from Kodai’s Cosmo Zero and cutting loose, demolishing the invaders. However, a grenade scatters them and the assault continues.

Elsewhere in the second half, another scene missing from the theatrical version depicted Tokugawa refusing to budge from the engine room.

For a broader look at changes made to all the episodes of Chapter 7 between the TV broadcast and video release, click here.

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