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July 19: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 ~ Journey to the Large Magellanic Cloud Exhibition

Satsumasendai Space Museum is located in Kagoshima City on Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan’s four main islands. This is also the home of Yamato 2199‘s science advisor, Toshihiro Handa. With such proximity at play, an event like this one was probably just a matter of time.

From Akiba Souken [Research Institute], June 16:

The first Yamato 2199 exhibition is held with “science” as the theme!

During the summer vacation of 2014, the Satsumasendai Space Museum in Kagoshima Prefecture will hold an exhibition with the anime Space Battleship Yamato 2199 and science as the theme of the event. This special exhibition is Kyushu’s first Yamato 2199 event, and the first in the nation with “science” as the theme.

The exhibition is fully supervised by Toshihiro Handa, a faculty professor at Kagoshima University Science Department, who was in charge of scientific research for Yamato 2199. The event will give a feeling for the efforts on the production side to pursue scientific reality in an SF work, such as changing the original distance between Earth and the Large Magellanic Cloud from 148,000 to 168,000 light years.

Free postcard given to the first 3,000 visitors to the exhibition.

Comment by Toshihiro Handa:

Though the human drama provides most of the highlights of Yamato 2199, the realistic depiction of space is also a point of interest. This is because each scene was made based on the results of astronomy in recent years. However, there are still slight differences between the reality of space as clarified by modern science and the depiction in anime scenes. Now, with the cooperation of the involved parties, it was decided to hold this exhibition to explain those differences. By getting to know whether imagination matches the genuine article, you’ll come to know the greatness of how imagination compensates for the current limitations of scientific inquiry. By attending and seeing this exhibition, I think you’ll be able to enjoy Yamato 2199 even more.

The event will be held from July 19 to September 15.

From the Satsumasendai Space Museum’s official website:

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 ~ Journey to the Large Magellanic Cloud Exhibition

Introduction by Toshihiro Handa:

Thank you for visiting Space Battleship Yamato 2199 and Science today. This project looks at many scenes from Yamato 2199 from the perspective of modern science, and it’s one you will greatly enjoy. The story of Yamato traveling tens of thousands of light-years into space is an anime work that has captured the hearts of many people and continues to influence many scientists. Therefore, it is entrusted with the dream of humans to go into space.

However, actually achieving that dream has great value. To that end, based on an understanding of reality, the best means is to explore methods that exceed our limits. From such a viewpoint, I explain the scientific concepts that appear in Yamato 2199. As more and more people take this opportunity to commune with science (without an attack by aliens), I hope that the day a real spaceship can be built to travel between the stars will come soon. Then, “Yamato hasshin!” [launch]

July 19: Exhibition at Miyazu

In case you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more 2199 exhibitions in July, you were only off by one. In connection with the Japan Sankei X Yamato collaboration, a seaside mall named Mipple 5 scored a real coup when it hosted the 1/100 Yamato model for just over a week.

Mipple 5 is located in Miyazu, one of the cities in the region of Amanohashidate. As before, event staff from the Yamato 2199 Production Committee posted their adventures on Twitter.

This time, they included setup photos of the model – which is easier to transport than the 5-meter Yamato, but has to be disassembled and reassembled with every trip.

While staying in Miyagi they took a tour on the Seagull, and said their hearts quickened when they heard the narration of Kodai and Yuria while out on the water.

July 19: Naoyuki Katoh at Natsu Con 53

The 53rd annual Japan SF Convention (held in Tsukuba city, Ibaraki Prefecture) is called “Nuts Con” on its website, but in the interest of international relations, we’ll go with a slightly more exotic spelling. The great Naoyuki Katoh made another appearance here on July 19 and 20, bringing along with him several of his “live-painted” murals – including two of Yamato that were painted in 2012 and 2013.

He held a panel one day and did another live-painting event the other day. It wasn’t a new Yamato image, but it’s equally worthy of your attention.

See a time-lapse on Youtube here.

July 20: Nana Mizuki announcement

Pop superstar/voice actress Nana Mizuki holds a special distinction in the world of Yamato 2199 music. She performed Star of Love, the end theme to Chapter 7, which became the only single from the series to reach number 1 on Japan’s Oricon charts and the only one to be released before it was heard on-screen. Naturally, she and Yamato were destined to reunite.

Therefore, it was announced on July 20 that she would be performing the end title song for Voyage of Recollection, the compilation film to be released October 11. She commented thus:

“When I was told that I could do the theme music again for the historic work called Space Battleship Yamato, I relished the nervousness and joy all over again. After I did Star of Love for Chapter 7, I had many encounters and valuable experiences that have become irreplaceable for me. I want to pour all my energy into Voyage of Recollection and produce music full of love for all the Yamato fans.”

See Nana Mizuki’s anime credits here and visit her official website here.

July 21: Japan Sankei Day event

Where were you on Sankei Day? If you happened to be walking along the ground floor concourse of the JR station in Tokyo, and you just happened to pass the Tokyo branch office of JR Central Tours at the right time, you could have met Yuki Mori. As mentioned earlier, Sankei Day was established to coincide with the birthday of Shunsai Hayashi, who originally chose Japan’s three most beautiful sites.

Yuki was here on Earth to help promote the Japan Sankei X Yamato 2199 tour collaboration by handing out information packs for the Japan Sankei Tourism Association. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a live Yamato girl, but this particular cosplayer rocked that blonde wig like no one before her.

The information pack contained tourist literature and these three postcards with “Japan Sankei” and the name of each location on them.

July 24: Comic Con International presentation

Held on Thursday evening (just before Comic Con exploded into the weekend), this event was attended by Cosmo DNA community member Emanual Synodinos, who took the picture above and described the content as identical to the Anime Expo panel. As before, there was no interaction with viewers, just a video program.

July 24: Mecha Collection model kit 5

This Deusuler II model is the first of its kind; no version of this ship exists either in the original Yamato series or in another scale. (At least until Megahouse releases their Cosmo Fleet Special version in a few months.) Thus, there is nothing else to compare it to besides other kits in its size range – and in that area it excels.

At a mere 4″ long (half the size shown in this photo), it easily packs in enough detail for a much bigger model. Despite its overwhelming presence in the story, it is still about 100 meters shorter than the Domelaze, which puts in within range of a 1/1000 model if sales warrant.

Meanwhile, see a a gallery of Deusuler II photos here. See photos of the packaging here.

July 24: 1/1000 Domelaze III model kit

Bandai once said it couldn’t be done; at this scale it would be too big and expensive for the average customer. A prototype existed for display at hobby shows, but that appeared to be the limit. Then came the 53rd All Japan Model Hobby Show in October 2013. Series director Yutaka Izubuchi, apparently wanting to rouse some rabble, polled the audience at a 2199 panel to see how many would buy it – and plenty of hands went up. Bandai’s 2199 model developer called his boss from that very stage to report the news. Fandom had spoken, and the wheels started turning.

Nine months later, the baby has been born, and what a baby it is. Nearly 29″ long, it comes in a box big enough to require a handle and slides apart so it can be stored in two pieces. As of now, it is the single largest model kit you can buy from the series, beating the 1/350 Yamato by just over an inch.

The bittersweet part is that this is also the last 1/1000 Yamato 2199 model for the foreseeable future. No further kits in this scale have been announced, though Ark of the Stars could certainly open up some new possibilities.

Until then, find more photos of this brute here. See photos of the packaging here.

PS: Now that the official spelling has been rendered, you won’t be reading the word “Domelus” in these reports any more. Except for right there. But fair warning: 40-year habits don’t die easily.

July 25: Anime Camp announcement

Admit it, you’ve always wanted to go to Anime Camp, haven’t you? Well, thanks to Bandai Namco, there finally is one. It’s actually more of a convention than a camp, taking place over a weekend in the open air of Shiokaze Park on Odaiba Island in Tokyo Bay. (In case that name doesn’t ring a bell, Odaiba’s Tokyo Big Site hosts Comiket twice a year.)

The weekend will feature a wide range of talk shows and live music from across the anime industry, and a large contingent of Yamato music artists is scheduled to perform on Sunday, September 21. This includes (left to right) Isao Sasaki, Aira Yuuki, Aki Misato, Hironobu Kageyama, and JAM Project. The set list has not been announced, but matching them up to their 2199 songs will probably make it obvious.

Also present for a talk show event will be the inescapable Aya Uchida (Yuria Misaki).

July 25: Hobby magazines, September issues

With a BIG new model kit making news, there was BIG coverage to match in these issues.

Model Graphix #358 put Yamato on four pages, two for an Analyzer/Alter diorama and two for the Domelaze III. See the pages here.

Dengeki Hobby Magazine gave 16 pages to Yamato this month with the bulk of it devoted to Domelaze III (which included a text piece on the history of the ship), but there were also some new product announcements: after the three Gatlantis ships, the Mecha Collection lineup will move on to a Cosmo Zero and a Kirishima, both due in October. Megahouse’s Deusuler II Cosmo Fleet miniature was also shown, which will come with a removable core ship. See the pages and read the Domelaze text here.

Hobby Japan #543 was the clear winner this month with a very generous 26-page cover story (and WHAT a cover!) and a foldout poster. 16 pages were dedicated to the Domelaze and other Garmillas ships, but there was plenty more. See the pages here.

July 25: Hyperweapon 2014 art book

Artist/designer/modeler Makoto Kobayashi has contributed to Yamato projects since the late 80s (read our interview with him here) and became intensely involved starting with Yamato Resurrection. Hyperweapon, his annual art book series has delivered substantial Yamato content since 2009, and this one tops them all with a massive collection of his work for 2199.

Kobayashi is also known for his interesting use of English. The title for this edition, The Way to Varellous, contains his own personal rendering of Balerus, the capital city of Planet Garmillas. The book is 126 pages, the bulk of which is packed full of Kobayashi’s background, environment, and mecha designs, chiefly on the Garmillas side of the story.

Hyperweapon 2014 can be ordered from Amazon.co.jp here.

Read Kobayashi’s essay on 2199 from Hyperweapon 2013 here.

July 25: Manga collection, volume 5

Michio Murakawa soldiers on with his continuing adaptation of the series, still approaching the halfway point as of this writing. This volume, published by Kadokawa, contains his versions of episodes 10 and 11. He has yet to cover Episode 9.

A pair of promotional postcards came with volume 5 in some bookstores, and fans in Japan could preorder a limited edition from Yamato Crew came with Murakawa’s autograph and an exclusive trading card (bottom row, above right).

July 27: Wonder Festival 2014 Summer

This summer’s Wonderfest took place in Chiba (just outside Tokyo) and brought out some familiar faces, as seen above. (Facepaint and bodysuits in Japan’s summer heat is a venture only for the truly dedicated. See more cosplay pics here.) Inside the air-conditioned exhibit halls of Makuhari Messe, several Yamato 2199 products could be found among countless others.

Most were at the Megahouse booth, which gave glimpses of the Cosmo Fleet Special (CFSP) miniatures (above left), the 1/8 Miki Saijo figure (center) and a forthcoming pilot-suited Yuki Mori that had just been announced (right).

These two variations of the Yamato CFSP miniature were first glimpsed at the Megahobby Expo on May 31: a “warp” version and a battle-damage version. Neither has a release date yet.

The three Garmillas multi-deck carriers have all been announced for the CFSP lineup. This is the first time they were displayed, along with their near-microscopic fightercraft. All three are scheduled for November release.

Garage kit maker Ndopara continues to license 2199 products in cooperation with Dengeki Hobby magazine and Yamato Crew. They offered two new items this time. First, a 1/7 figure of Cosmo Falcon pilot Sho Sawamura sculpted by Tomo Ujihara.

Second, a set of two Wave-Motion Gun covers sculpted by master modeler Nobuyuki Sakurai; one each for the 1/1000 Yamato and 1/500 Yamato.

Dig deeper into Wonder Festival 2014 Summer at these links:

Video walkthrough of the company showroom (Yamato items at 2:30)

Video walkthrough of the private seller’s showroom (Yamato items at 1:27 and elsewhere)

Megahouse product photos at Tag Hobby

July 29: Manga chapter 28

Finally, the month closed out with the latest chapter of the ongoing manga adaptation by Michio Murakawa. (Published online by Nico Nico Ace and Comic Walker.) This 20-page segment opened Episode 12 and is spent entirely on the Garmillas side.

See the pages here

Also spotted in July

1/1000 Garmillas Warships Imperial Color set

Premium Bandai released its next custom-color set of Garmillas models, consisting of a Haizerad and a Meltoria in Imperial Blue. This is likely the last set of its kind, since all applicable vessels have now been covered.

1/20 Captain Okita garage kit

Previously undiscovered, this miniature figure (just over 3.5″) appeared in an online auction during July. The seller indicated that it was purchased at a 2013 hobby show event. No manufacturer name was given.

Customized 1/500 Yamato kits

In the hands of an accomplished craftsman, a plastic model can truly dazzle. These two versions of the 1/500 Yamato were both offered in online auctions by their makers and are worthy of close inspection. See their photos here (A) and here (B).

Masu designs

Masu are small wooden boxes with notched corners. Two Yamato 2199 Masu were offered this month by Shiraito Shuzou, a manufacturer of traditional Japanese products that also does occasional anime tie-ins. This is a tie-in product with the Japan Sankei campaign; Shiraito Shuzou also offers the special premium tickets for the Seagull tourist boats at Amanohashidate. See their anime tie-in product listings here.

Tokyo MX reruns

The TV version of Yamato 2199 continued this month on Tokyo MX, and Twitter users captured two more of the new end-credit images by artist Kia Asamiya. Still no word on where else they might appear, but the radar is on.

Meanwhile, the theatrical versions of the series were shown on the Wowow network, with chapters 1-5 airing daily from July 28 to August 1. Chapters 6 & 7 followed on August 4 and 5.

Shimokata art

Lastly, fan artist “Shimokata” posted two more of his imaginary covers for imaginary 2199 novelizations. These are based on episodes 15 and 16. Keep up with his work at the #Yamato2199 Twitter page here.

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