New Yamato Development Memo 5

Dated March 26, 2004, this was the first memo to break down the entire series into story arcs and establish the major events in each arc. There is a passing mention of the “Galman-Gamilas front” that suggests a secondary story happening in the background.

Rough flow of the story

Episode 1 (refer to Development Memo 3)

・Earth suppressed by the Balbard empire.

Yamato is targeted and the supernova bomb Galdora is used.

Episodes 2-6 (launch arc)

・Sanada receives old Yamato, starts repair work.

・Formation of the earth fleet around New Yamato. Boys and girls are drafted as combatants.

・Though the Yamato fleet attempts to warp, the cannon of the Balbard Empire makes warping impossible. After that, they head toward Earth at sub-light velocity (they can do repeated small warps). They will reach Earth in about one year.

・On Earth, a gene-remodeling plan begins. This is not generally known to Earth people, and sporadic resistance begins against the Balbard Empire.

・The commander of the Yamato fleet is Worlas, and Kodai is only the captain of the New Yamato.

・The young people are bewildered by battle at first, but before long they are united in the fight.

・The Balbard Empire removes some soldiers from the Galman-Gamilas front and assigns them against the Yamato fleet.

Episodes 7-13 (battle arc)

・3-Minute Zaara appears (it would be good if this is in addition to previous episodes)

・The attack of the Balbard Empire goes into full swing.

・On Earth, resistance activity is carried out. Yuki yearns for Kodai.

・Scorching Gulaga appears. (To sell the Balbard Empire officers, each character needs 3-4 episodes of activity.)

・Sei Kamishiro’s fleet appears. Sei is confirmed as a traitor. Others learn that Goh is the younger brother of the traitor.

Episodes 14-19 (Homesickness arc)

・Old Yamato returns to the front. (We’ll think about which episode number.) After that, Kodai becomes the captain of old Yamato. Mira becomes the captain of New Yamato.

・Larue becomes a captive.

・The voyage has taken over a half year, too, and the crew is fatigued.

・Encounter with a large-scale emigrant ship that escaped from Earth. Some get off, others get on board.

・Suspicion spreads from Larue’s spoken words, and Goh is viewed with eyes of doubt.

・Daudaroa of the Ice appears. A dense attack comes right to the brink of finally destroying the Yamato fleet, but Yamato is saved by internal conflicts between the extermination group and the experimental group.

・Worlas dies. Kodai becomes the Yamato fleet commander.

・Encounter with an exiled disease ship. It contains monsters transformed by the Balbard Empire who can no longer return to their original form, and the ship is like a deserted island. Mortal combat with monsters.

・Enemy military planet Dorau Mimil (tentative) lurks near the Oort Cloud.

Episodes 20-24 (solar system arc)

・Dorau Mimil is not in the Oort Cloud.

・We enter the solar system.

・Misaki escapes with Larue

・Everyone is shocked to learn Misaki was from the Balbard Empire. All the vital information ended up passing through her.

・Deadly operation at Jupiter.

・Sei makes contact with Yamato. They dine together near Mars. They praise each others’ fighting prowess and the stage is set for the decisive battle.

Episode 25 Decisive battle! Space ocean (tentative)

The fierce battle between Sei’s Balbard fleet and the Yamato fleet takes place on the sea of Aquarius. Many people die.

Yamato and New Yamato assault the fleet. New Yamato sinks it despite being half-damaged.

Sei wants to take Yuki Kodai and her daughter, who were brought along as captives, to Kodai. But Gaara transforms himself at the last moment and takes them away. At the end of the fight, Earth appears beyond the sea of Aquarius, and Dorau Mimil is revealed in a binary orbit like a moon.

Episode 26 Earth and Reunion (tentative)

Refer to Development Memo 3.

Yamato and New Yamato enter into Dorau Mimil (the space inside it is huge). Kodai prepares to fire the Wave-Motion Gun. Baharuk is urged to surrender, but refuses. The double-helix Wave-Motion Gun of Yamato and New Yamato destroy Dorau Mimil.

※ This area may become a story that extends to three episodes rather than two. Signs are likely that it may become longer…

[Supplementary Characters]

・Sumi Kotaro (34 years old)

An army surgeon. A rough doctor. Good hands, but a foul mouth. The kind of man who operates on small wounds without anesthesia.

・Yumi Shirai

A nurse, and a specialist. Some men prefer to come to her rather than Sumi even if medical treatment is more painful.


Robot pet character. Babbles a lot. Property of a refugee, always on the bridge. Toy development is possible.

The End

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Special thanks to Neil Nadelman for translation support

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