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All Night Nippon Special: Yamato 10th anniversary & Final Chapter

Documentary Yamato

Studio Recording!! 4-hour live broadcast

Full of Yamato information!! Very popular!!

In commemoration of Space Battleship Yamato‘s 10th anniversary and The Final Chapter, an All Night Nippon radio special was broadcast titled Documentary – Space Battleship Yamato (on the morning of January 16 from 1am to 5am).

The program progressed with the combination of Producer Nishizaki as a personality, and Tsuka-tan Kurou [Takashi Tsukagoshi] and Rinko Okamato as hosts. This program has always been broadcast just before a Yamato release, and is known as a specialty of All Night Nippon.

When the 1am signal finished, Yamato fans were surprised as the climax scene of The Final Chapter flowed out of their speakers. Next, Producer Nishizaki began to speak about his love for the romance of Yamato and talked sonorously about the significance of The Final Chapter.

For the live drama, all the voice actors took time out of the busy home stretch of afreco [voice recording] to complete the story with a sense of realism. The performers were Kei Tomiyama as Kodai, Yoko Asagami as Yuki, Ichiro Nagai, Goro Naya, Takeshi Aono, and the rest of the Yamato cast. However, it was a bit disappointing that Hideo Nakamura was not able to perform the part of Daisuke Shima because of a sudden illness. But with Isao Sasaki stepping in as a pinch hitter, an enjoyable live drama was told. It could be said that such a superstar pinch hitter as Isao Sasaki was appropriate for this special.

The broadcast flowed smoothly around the live drama. Producer Nishiaki enthusiastically volunteered himself for the part of narrator, which was very popular with the voice actors.

In addition to the drama, there was an All Yamato Telephone Request corner. Memorable scenes, unforgettable lines, and excellent pieces of music were broadcast one after another in response to fan requests. While listening to these, the voice actors and Producer Nishizaki also seemed to devour 10 years of Yamato in the studio.

Rinko Okamato hosted a corner with one Yamato question after another asked by fans, and it was a big struggle for Producer Nishizaki to answer them all, whether simple or challenging. There were also many suggestions for the producer, and everyone on the staff was thrilled by the intense interest of the fans. Even the actors who appeared in the drama were peppered with questions. Kei Tomiyama, Yoko Asagami, and Masato Ibu were overwhelmingly delighted.

There was also a corner called Yamato Final Chapter Information, in which Producer Nishizaki revealed unknown stories and numerous details fans could not miss, making it a 100% special program.

In particular, Producer Nishizaki talked about the production intentions for The Final Chapter. Talk of the many challenges jumped out vividly, and got a huge phone response.

Notable scenes were reproduced in the middle of the show with realistic performances that brought back big-screen memories that were exciting even for non-fans.

Finally, Tsuka-tan Kurou interviewed Producer Nishizaki about Yamato‘s ten-year history, which occasionally brought the evolution of his heart into relief. As he talked about the hardships he faced with the TV series in 1974 and his thoughts when Yamato‘s popularity began to flare up, his feelings could be strongly heard.

The broadcast was successfully completed at 5am, at which time the staff went straight to the studio for the final push.

Kei Tomiyama

Born October 31. Joined the Toho Children’s Troupe when he was very young. Now affiliated with Baobab Productions. Has been an active voice actor from the early days of anime. He is a veteran who has wonderfully played roles from hot-blooded boys to slapstick comedians. Other than Susumu Kodai, his roles have been Ban Banjou in Samurai Giants, Duke Fleed in UFO Robot Grendizer, Todori Takaya in Hawk of the Grand Prix, Toshiya Dan in Great Space Emperor God Sigma, Sokkyu Go in Ippatsuman, and many other heroes. He also plays Ralph Hinkley, the main character in the popular foreign TV series The Greatest American Hero.

See a comprehensive list of Kei Tomiyama’s credits at Anime News Network here.

Yoko Asagami

Born July 10. Attended the Ryo Kurasawa and Toshiro Hayano private schools. Affiliated with NPS Theater. Her anime debut was the role of Lisa in Zero Tester. She auditioned for the part of Yuki Mori in Yamato Part 1 and aced it beautifully. Her other roles have been Pakkun in Paul’s Miracle Strategy Plan, Claire in Galaxy Express 999, Nell in Wandering Girl Nell, Karara in Legendary Giant Ideon, Angel in Galaxy Cyclone Braiger, and Birdie in Galactic Whirlwind Sasuraiger. She is also an accredited master of traditional Kyoto dance performed to folk songs, and Leiji Matsumoto is famously one of her most enthusiastic fans.

See a comprehensive list of Yoko Asagami’s credits at Anime News Network here.

Caption under main photo, above left: Are Kodai and Yuki bound like this!?

Afreco Last Scene

[Translator’s note: the term “afreco” in this interview is industry jargon for “after recording,” in reference to the fact that voice recording is done after animation is completed. The English-language equivalent is A.D.R., which can mean either Automated Dialogue Replacement or Additional Dialogue Recording.]

The successful completion of afreco!! The actors who were there for the launch look back at the last ten years.

Successful completion of afreco for The Final Chapter

The afreco for Space Battleship Yamato The Final Chapter was held over three days, from Tuesday, February 22 to Thursday, February 24 [1983]. The location was the same used the entire time since the first TV series, Avaco Studio in Waseda, Tokyo. All the familiar regulars performed brilliantly, including Kei Tomiyama, Yoko Asagami, Takeshi Aono, Goro Naya as Captain Okita who was thought to have died in the first work, and Taro Ishida in the role of Lugal.

Since another regular, Hideo Nakamura, was still recovering from illness, Isao Sasaki filled in for the part of Daisuke Shima. Speaking of Mr. Sasaki, his rendition of the theme song has unified Yamato from the beginning, and he continues to sing it as the face and personification of the Yamato theme. He also played the role of Hajime Saito in Farewell to Yamato.

Therefore, when Mr. Sasaki looked back at Yamato‘s ten years and thought about The Final Chapter, we heard from him as both a singer and an actor.

Sasaki: Yamato finally reaches its last moment in The Final Chapter. As you know, because of Hideao Nakamura’s illness, I will appear not only in song but also in voice, performing the role of Daisuke Shima. Because Mr. Nakamura has done such a wonderful Shima before now, I will work as hard as I can not to spoil the image.

Also, there is the theme song Kodai (I) and Yamato, and Space Battleship Yamato ’83 was newly-recorded for the ending. There is also an amazing record coming out with an 11-member chorus called Yamato Ten Year Tribute. Please look forward to it.

Everyone’s feelings for Yamato are deep

Dessler and Captain Okita, who did not appear in the previous Be Forever Yamato, cannot be left out of The Final Chapter.

Goro Naya: Though I was thought to have died once, I lived in secret and am now boarding the ship again as captain. But this time I will be the only one to truly die with Yamato. I’ll never have the pleasure of seeing you again. Thank you very much.

Masato Ibu: Ten years! I started doing Dessler at 23 years old, and now I’m doing Dessler at 33. My youth began with Dessler. Because of Dessler, I was able to hold onto my youth for ten years, all the way up to 33 years old. Now Yamato will be finished. But youth will go on. I want to live as a young man forever, even if I get old.

Congratulations to Kodai-kun and Yuki-san

At last, Susumu Kodai and Yuki Mori are bound together. We got Kei Tomiyama and Yoko Asagami to look back over ten years.

Tomiyama: Yamato has reached its tenth anniversary at last. This is now The Final Chapter at last. Kodai has grown very much since Part 1. I also really did a lot of studies with Mr. Kodai. The forthcoming Final Chapter is truly worthy. The picture is beautiful, and it’s dramatic in the same way as Part 1. Very powerful. Since this was the last time, I approached Kodai with new feelings. I was glad to make a Final Chapter. It is a work that can be truly called that. Thank you for support over such a long time. I want it to live on in everyone’s hearts forever.

Asagami: I am Yuki Mori today. And Yoko Asagami. It is already the tenth anniversary of Yamato. At the end of The Final Chapter, the love of Yuki and Kodai-kun is consummated at last. While holding in joyful feelings, it’s so good that so much happiness could be found at the end. Anyway, since the hard part is done, I’d like you all to go and see it, absolutely. I wonder if I’ll see you there? It would be nice if we go to see it on the same day.

Every voice actor grew somewhat excited to meet with the last Yamato. While I waited in the lobby for my turn to speak with them, I was hesitant to call out to them, since they were so eager to perform their roles. The afreco progressed over three days, wrapped up in the passion of the staff and the performers.

The End

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