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Text near ship’s bow: AAA Andromeda is the cutting-edge weapon at the core of the Wave-Motion Gun fleet concept, planned as the lynchpin of Earth’s defense. This is the latest illustration by Junichiro Tamamori, daringly pursuing a different shape and texture from before. This document does not analyze the world of the story, it is a presentation to bring an original flavor to the model kit while showing a lifestyle that allows the ship’s heroism within that world to overflow on your desktop.

(Text spoken by the characters contains modeling tips. All character art by Hitoshi Nakamura.)

3D illustration by Sublimation

The resolve of Yamanami

Detail of the destroyed bow structure of Andromeda. The structure of the hull can be seen after the anti-matter generator that causes a time/space cavitation has been pulled out by the roots. After directing the Yamato rescue strategy in this state, the ship is without primary power, and has to be warped back to Earth by two battleships in TAG (Tug Around galaxy) configuration. A strategy is developed and carried out by the ZZZ YF2203 using this TAG towing system.

1 Aldebaran Captain Kouzou Tani, 62
2 Achilles Captain Washio Nishina, 38
3 Antares Captain Shigeru Tomiyama, 50
4 Andromeda Captain Osamu Yamanami, 51
5 Apollo Norm Captain Shuntaro Yasuda, 52
6 Neu Balgray Captain Fomto Berger, 30
7 Neu Schderg Captain Ivan Hartman, 26
8 Neu Lambea Captain Helman Vale, 34
9 Neu Darold Captain Gunter Kroitz, 46 (elder brother of Charis)

Illustration by Shinichi Yamaoka & Nobuyoshi Habara

CCC-01 Neu Balgray

Neu Balgray is one of four Andromeda-class carriers operated by the Garmillas space forces. In addition, there are Neu Schderg, Neu Lambea, and Neu Darold. Their hull colors are the same.


ZZZ-0001 [Andromeda-Kai] was the first Andromeda-class prototype ship to be made. It is equipped with four Wave-Motion Guns and each thruster has such high power output that the crew is unable to endure its maneuvering acceleration without special reinforcement armor. After its trial manufacture it became a testbed for autonomous operation, and could be operated by only a single person.

YF-2203 is the designation for the Dreadnought-class ships that support ZZZ-0001 by increasing its thrust capability (seen in Chapter 6).

Paragraph at upper left:

Five AAA ships were built at first, then six Advanced Stage versions were built before the subsequent autonomous BBB Andromeda series: 006 Amaterasu, 007 Laboratory Aquarius, 008 Aquarius, and Garmillas ships numbered 009-011. Afterward, experimental elements were developed for the transition to BBB.

Paragraph at lower left:

AAA-009 through 011 are combat ships of the Andromeda standard designed by Garmillas. Initially, the bow breeches were equipped with Satellite Reflection Guns rather than Wave-Motion Guns, which enabled a primary battlefield method of omni-direction attacks using small reflection satellites. When Yamato encountered a replica of the Reflection Satellite Gun used by the White Comet army at Telezart, the probability increased that this strategy would be invalidated, so it was replaced by Wave-Motion Guns. Gunboat Amaterasu and its attendants served as part of the Earth defense war.

Longer text at upper right is reprinted from Scale Aviation magazine, October 2018. Read it here.


10-cannon heavy striker, AAA-06 • Illustration by Takahiro Yamada

AAA-06 gunship Amaterasu is an independent assault battleship equipped with 10 main guns to carry out hit-and-run attacks on enemy groups. The bow is equipped with a thrust point to reinforce its Wave-Motion Barrier for a final stage of ramming attacks. Therefore, the bridge has a lower design, and a condenser accumulates energy from the Wave Core to supply large amounts to the main batteries and barrier. It was completed for a last defensive war on Mars, but remains on standby in lunar orbit for defense of Earth, prepared for the approach of the White Comet army.

[Translator’s note: this text was published between Chapters 6 and 7.]

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  1. (Inner fanboy squealing intensifies!) Finally got the names of the captains of the Antares and Achilles! I been waiting for this translation for quite some time! Thank you so much!!! <3 Interesting to note that Advance Stage Andromedas and the Garmillan variants were all built before the Black Berserker Fleet. So the Andromeda that was seen completed in the time vault factory in episode 3 was the Amaterasu. She must have been heavily modified since her first appearance was that of a standard Andromeda in contrast to her radical new look in ep.21. As for the Garmillan variants of Andromeda, they could have fitted in large SMITE projectors instead of a Reflection Satellite Cannons or WMGs. It's more strategically useful as you can teleport entire ships or spacecraft bombers and fighters to key positions in the battlefield which is perfect for ambushing the enemy.

  2. So Bandai still hasn’t made an Amaterasu or a Garmdromeda model. I guess glowing Yamato is more important… it’s still possible that they’ll do it as some point though, seeing as they’re making the escort and patrol ships. I hope we at least get the Amaterasu, it’s a really cool design. Should be good for Bandai too since people tend to like earth ships a lot, especially when they have lots of guns.

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