One thought on “The Bolar Wars Extended, Chapter 2

  1. Its great just see the EDF Patrol Cruiser cameo one more time in Yamato 3

    As mentioned before in the episode 9 Bolar commentary its an odd little quirk in the choice to use a series 2 comet empire era EDF design again in series 3 when the entire class of ships was never seen again and replaced by newer different designs with each subsequent film ( implying the earth routinely cleaned the slate and created a new EDF fleet to be wiped out by every following global disaster .
    ( instead of simply rebuilding time tested fleet designs )

    Of course modern 2199 and 2202 series repaired this and
    gave alot of love and additional ships to series 2 ( a time fault full of em ) — but its a curiosity
    why the television design and art departemnt went with an old style EDF Patrol Cruiser from
    Series 2 rather than one of the newer classes from the recent Film. At the time of production
    a design style harkening back several years to the second film of 1978 vintage … I would’ve
    expected a plug for the Be Forever Yamato art style and toys rather than a callback to a classic.

    ( Not that I’m complaining mind you …. I preferred this style
    to any of the more rushed flimsy EDF defense fleets from the movies. )

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