3 thoughts on “The Bolar Wars Extended, Chapter 3

  1. Just wondering, is the Hood by any chance a sistership or a close relative to the British EDF battleship Prince of Wales? The design is remarkably familiar but slightly different…

  2. Its an interesting extrapolation —
    I haven’t seen any alternate unused art so I’m guessing this was a new design custom made for the Extended in the spirit of the aforementioned. Its interesting that *only* series 3 didn’t have an EDF earth fleet proper. Just a series of standalone designs that really were an emigration fleet and more like a series of prototype ‘ concept cars ‘. I cant help but wonder if the 50 episodes had continued would we have seen an actual New Yamato 3 fleet maybe based on the Arizona as the mainline battleship or somesuch. There were few quirky stand-ins — Dan hammers cool ( but weaponless ) ship design and the odd oldschool cameo from the series 2 patrol cruiser — none of which were proper EDF Series 3 fleet designs. I’m guessing from the time frame of eps 9 and 10 this was more indicative of maybe the chaos from the episode cuts at the time — The creators may have lost time to make a new and original Bolar Earth defense Fleet — and I’m guessing Tim may have noticed this too in the decision to fill the void and create his own design for a series 3 EDF frontline battleship.

    • The Hood is in the same class as Prince of Wales with a few minor modifications. There were so many perfectly valid designs already in the archive, I felt no need to make up my own. Thanks for your interest!

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