Final Yamato

Final Yamato

Alternate titles: Uchuu Senkan Yamato Kanketsu-hen, Space Battleship Yamato the Final Chapter,
Space Battleship Yamato the Final Battle

End of a saga, beginning of a legend!
The time has finally come for the Space Battleship Yamato, which bestowed
courage and hope to all throughout the years, to truly rest…

Galaxies collide! An empire crumbles! An entire planet is flooded! Yamato‘s crew is attacked and defeated! And that’s just the first 15 minutes! Final Yamato is not only the concluding chapter of the classic saga, it’s also one of the biggest SF adventures ever conceived.

It is the year 2203. The ancient planet Aquarius, which once gave life to the Earth by flooding it with water, has been diverted from its long orbit around the galaxy by the fearsome Dengil Empire. Using their powerful warp technology, they are now driving Aquarius straight for Earth to flood it again, wiping out all of humankind forever! But an unexpected hero steps out of the shadows of history to lead Yamato on its last, greatest voyage!

Brimming over with excitement and majesty, Final Yamato is still the record-holder as the longest animated film in history. Every minute of this masterpiece is more breathtaking than the last as Yamato approaches its final destiny!