The New Voyage

The New Voyage

Alternate titles: Yamato Shin Tanaru Tabidachi, The New Journey

New Voyage, new menace!
With a new crew, Yamato sets out for a more perilous journey.
The chances that she will win are slim…

With the Comet Empire war behind them, Yamato‘s crew at last looks forward to a bright future. Dessler, too, is ready for a new beginning with the remnants of his Gamilas Empire. But other forces have begun to move, and soon the stars will again be shaken by the thunder of war!

Unknown to Dessler, the aggressive Dark Nebula Empire has invaded his former homeworld. When word of this reaches Yamato, the battle is joined at warp velocity with Iscandar as the prize! The awesome power of the enemy’s ultimate weapon brings the fight to a stalemate which can only be broken by a spectacular act of love and sacrifice!

The New Voyage is the third of the classic Space Battleship Yamato movies, a made-for-TV feature that built on the tremendous wave of popularity created by the first two TV series. This film takes the drama to an exciting new level and sets the stage for even bigger adventures to come!