Series 3: The Bolar Wars

Series 3: The Bolar Wars

Alternate titles: Uchuu Senkan Yamato III, Space Battleship Yamato III, Star Blazers series 3

To save the human race, it is imperative to find a new Earth within one year.
Yamato is sent on this┬ádesperate mission into a cosmic battlefield…

A planet-destroyer missile, crashing into Earth’s sun, has brought about a dangerous increase in nuclear fusion. With the annihilation of humanity near at hand, the crew of Yamato sets out again, accompanied by a group of new recruits hungry for action–and they’re going to get more than they ever dreamed!

Beyond the edge of the solar system, two fearsome empires have arisen, and in their struggle for territory, they have torn the galaxy in half. Unaware of this, Yamato is about to enter the fray…

Yamato III first appeared on Japanese television in 1980 and later came to American screens as the third Star Blazers series in 1985. Because of limited exposure, this was long considered to be the “lost” series until it was revived for home video. Today, The Bolar Wars is an essential part of the quintessential anime saga.