Star Blazers Rebirth

Comics: Star Blazers Rebirth

A black hole bearing down on Earth ensures the Star Force’s rebirth…

Written, drawn, and colored by Tim Eldred, 2005-2007.

25 years after the original mission of the Star Force, a black hole approaches the Earth and threatens to destroy the entire solar system in one year’s time. Most of humanity has migrated away to colony planets and are now being attacked by a mysterious enemy. With the Earth Defense Forces scattered, only one ship remains to call upon: the Argo. Captain Derek Wildstar is called out of retirement to lead a new Star Force, consisting of both veterans and new recruits, including Wildstar’s own daughter, Miyuki. The rebuilt Argo launches into space, carrying a deep secret that no one suspects…

This unique webcomic series was produced from August 2005 to August 2007. By all enthusiastic accounts, watching it unfold online was as suspenseful as watching the original series on television. Now that it is finished, Star Blazers Rebirth can be enjoyed time and time again just like its predecessor. Its 18 chapters are all accessible via the links below, and all readers are encouraged to share their thoughts in our forum.

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