Yamato 2199 Timelines


The run-up to the series begins with the official announcements in November 2011 and culminates with the first wave of interviews and public events. Chapter 1 premieres in theaters April 2012 and the next two follow with tremendous acclaim and a massive promo campaign. See it all here.


Chapters 4-7 lead a constant stream of products and events throughout the year. The first TV broadcast begins in April, and the twin streams of cinema and TV conclude within a week of each other in September. But this is only the end of the beginning with much more to come. See it all here.


As the spinoff movie Ark of the Stars goes into production at the start of the year, Star Blazers 2199 arrives in the US, and the deluge of products and events continues to break records without slowing down, culminating in the busiest single month in Yamato history. See it all here.


Ark of the Stars hit like a planet bomb and brought 2199 to a close. While fans waited to find out what would come next, the series went on in the form of merchandising and special products. See it here.


With news brewing at the end of 2015 about a sequel series, 2016 is likely to be last year of Yamato 2199 activity. Follow it here as it unfolds month by month and we transition into an entirely new world.

Timelines for other parts of the Yamato saga can be found in their own sections on the website.

See all of the production years (1973-1983) here.

See all of the legacy years (1984-present) here.

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