OUT magazine fan art, October 1977

Special thanks to friend-of-the-website Minoru Itgaki for descriptions

Upper left: callout for penpals from “perverted reader Sanae Seo”

Upper right: baby Dessler points a gun at baby Hyss and says “DIE.”

Center right: Lupin the Third, now a teacher, tells his student Susumu Kodai to “run up to that constellation” (a parody of Star of the Giants). Kodai is motivated, but Lupin thinks that it is diamonds that are shining. Mazinger Z forms Yamato‘s bridge tower while Ultraman forms the Third Bridge.

Lower left: Dessler parody cel

Lower right: Okita can move his hair freely. “Mom, what’s that? I wonder what happened to my hat…” Parody of the movie Proof of Humanity.

Untitled comic strip: Yamato doesn’t quite shoot down the giant Gamilas missile.

Okita collapses immediately after warping, but it turns out he was just trying to beat his record for holding his breath. (His new record is 2 minutes)

“Earth! Yamato is back!”

Just before arriving at Earth, Yamato‘s engines run out of control, and the ship is on a collision course with Earth. Okita orders Kodai to shoot the Earth with the Wave-Motion Gun. Earth is destroyed and Yamato is safe to go… somewhere…

Yamato Children: the characters playing like kindergarteners.

“The returning Ultraman”

A defense team attacks a monster, ignoring civilian homes. The inhabitants die, but the monsters escape. They are “MAD.”

An unidentified flying object approaches. MAD intercepts it with the Wave-Motion Gun. But it turns out they shot down Ultraman.

6-page story: “Space Battleship Yamato: Migrant Worker Dessler Chapter”

Sadosha of the planet Ikezundar mocks the Earth, which is coming to an end. Dessler of the planet Gomidas (Trash-das) wants a cosmo cleaner for cleaning. She offers to sell it to him for 30 million yen.

Joe the Condor (a fusion of Condor Joe and Tomorrow’s Joe) and Dekasegi Tiger Mask (Dessler), a wrestler who makes a fortune, start a fighting match.

The fight continues…

Dessler wins and uses the prize money to buy a Cosmo Cleaner.

It’s just a broom. Dessler starts to go mad. Sadosha says the real Cosmo Cleaner is on Earth.

Dessler spots the Cosmo Cleaner being used on Earth (a vacuum) and launches an attack to get it back.

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