Comet Empire character designs

Movie designs: Tomonori Kogawa. TV designs: Kenzo Koizumi

Read about the design process here

Emperor Zordar, movie version (original name: Emperor Gatlantis)

Emperor Zordar with color notations

Emperor Zordar, TV version with color notations

Sabera, movie version

Sabera with color notations

Sabera, TV version

Gatlantis officers, movie versions

Genitz, movie version with color notations

Genitz, TV version

Razera, movie version with color notations

Razera, TV version

Razera, TV version with color notations

Goland, movie version with color notations

Goland, TV version

Goland officer, TV only

Baruze, movie version

Baruze, TV version

Miru, movie version

Miru, TV version

Zabaibal, movie version with color notations

Zabaibal, TV version

Zabaibal officer, TV only

Destol, TV only

Mazer, TV only (original name: Baki)

Cosmodart Naska, TV only

Naska officer, TV only

Fleet officers, TV only (episodes 19 and 20)

Foot soldier, movie version

Ground troop, movie version

Pilot, movie version

Imperial guard design by Leiji Matsumoto

Storm Baraberam pistol

Asmat laser rifle

3 thoughts on “Comet Empire character designs

  1. Hi Tim – thanks for cataloging the Comet Empire designs. In your research, have you ever come across a given reason why Sabera has a human-like tone while all the other Comet Empire denizens are greenish?

    • In the original Japanese version, she was Zordar’s consort rather than his daughter. So we can assume she was “acquired” on some conquered planet. (Think Thanos/Gamora.)

      • Thanks Tim, I don’t remember there being an explanation in the canon so I guess it’s up to us to speculate. She may even be from Earth for all we know. Possibly Eastern Europe if the Invidia accent is to be believed. ^_^

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