Yamato 2202 World, Hiroshima (March 2019)

Photos by Daniel George, Yamato World, Nobuyoshi Habara, Yamato Crew, Yamato Production Committee, Mimikaki 76, Analyzer AU09, Boeing Eagle Figh, Kuroyamato 2202, zq395178, Michal38yamato, Quatow 1127, Kamiera 0812, Temasa 2199, Yonemon 525, mkoto BBY01, Shiro Dessler, Hattori, Tare, Amuro 9981, Temasa 2199, Popoki Cat, and Shinji Matsuura

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Ambassador’s reception desk

1/100 Yamato model

First hallway: 2199 and start of 2202

Welcome messages by Director Nobuyoshi Habara and Writer Harutoshi Fukui

“Kodai…get on board Yamato.”

First bridge

Yamato crashed on Zemuria sculpture

Yamatourist Daniel George (on opening day)

Yamato 2202 story panel hallway

Yamato‘s mecha

UN Cosmo Fleet mecha

Meeting space with life-size character art

Habara and Fukui opening day lecture and autograph session

Other characters and design works

Storyboard samples

Souvenir shop

Product pack for 100 visitors, sold with tickets for Habara & Fukui lecture

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