Yamato 2205 rough teaser art (from Concert 2019 Blu-ray)

Susumu Kodai

Yuki Mori

Ryusuke Domon

Tasuke Tokugawa

Standard Aircraft Carrier

Cosmo Marine Powered Armor

Cosmo Hound

Garmillas Battle Carrier

Dark Nebula fightercraft

Dark Nebula space battleship

Dark Nebula space fortress Goruba

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3 thoughts on “Yamato 2205 rough teaser art (from Concert 2019 Blu-ray)

  1. Great they redesigned the EDF carriers closer to the original…better than that Andromeda class with a hat deck

    • That begs the question, will Contrail (Ageha) pop up too? There are so many questions 2205 leaves open and I can’t wait for it to finally drop.

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