Yamato 2202 Chapter 4 Synopsis

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Chapter 4: Destiny Chapter

Episode 11: Dessler’s Challenge!

From the theatrical program book (left side above):

The second coming of the mortal enemy. Yamato‘s crew does not yet suspect.

Under the supervision of an officer named Miru, Dessler leads a Gatlantis fleet on a sortie. Its role is to wipe out the “polluted fleet” of Mazer that is obsessed with a feeling of “hatred.” With an enigmatic smile, Dessler carries out the order handed down from the great emperor, obliterating them with the Dessler gun mounted on his flagship, Nue Deusular. The next target Zordar has ordered is Yamato…which is a partner in Dessler’s fate.

Missiles appear in all directions around Yamato. Having no time to identify the enemy in this surprise attack, Kodai orders them to warp away. But this is a trap set by Dessler.

Yamato is lured into a dangerous dimensional fault, drifting into the remnant of a supernova. Use of the Wave-Motion Engine will build up more energy than the ship can safely contain. Dessler’s unit arrives and two of the Gatlantis ships quickly learn this to their detriment. The other two set off in pursuit.

Yamato detects a cylindrical object ahead and they rush inside to escape. From behind, the torrent of the Dessler Gun wipes out the Gatlantis fleet and surges into the cylinder. Yamato rides the shock wave and escapes into normal space.

Dessler also returns to normal space, fully aware that his foe has escaped. A Garmillas fleet warps in, led by Ghader Talan. A protesting Miru is locked up, prevented from reporting to Zordar. All has gone according to Dessler’s plan. On board Yamato, Hijikata cautions Yuki that they must soon act together to save Kodai from the crushing burden of the Wave-Motion Gun, which he is carrying on his own. Speculating on the energy surge that enabled their escape, Keyman suspects it came from a specific weapon: the Dessler Gun.

“Miru, I will show you some interesting things from here on.”

Episode 11 notes
(from the video booklet)

A hollow, tube-shaped celestial object originally appeared in Yamato 2, Episode 12. In this work, it is reset to be a remnant of the Akerius civilization. It has features that appear to be similar to the ruins on Planet Stravase.

Talan, who served the White Comet with Dessler in Farewell and Yamato 2, appears at last. This is Ghader, the younger brother who followed the character design seen in Yamato 2. The concept of two Talan brothers was established in Yamato 2199.

Episode 12: Astonishing White Comet Empire, Yamato breakout!

From the theatrical program book:

Psychological warfare by a Spy. Yamato gets a glimpse of an empire in its closest encounter with the comet.

A memory: Katsuragi wakes up in a mysterious place, her hair having just been changed from white to black. She ponders her birth.

Kodai and the others do not yet know that Dessler is alive. However, since Yamato‘s position was leaked to the enemy in the previous fight, the presence of a spy on board is suspected. Akira Yamamoto overhears a conversation between Klaus Keyman and Touko Katsuragi, which reveals Touko as the prime suspect. Yamamoto corners her and she escapes, throwing the ship into an uproar.

At that moment, the White Comet appears before their eyes, warping in from the distance. Yamato is dragged in by overwhelming gravity, manipulated by Sabera. An enormous number of ships lies hidden in the whirlpool of the comet, and the shadow of an enormous celestial body lies beyond them!! A resonance reaction occurs between Katsuragi inside Yamato and Sabera inside Gatlantis, and Sabara’s hand stops reeling them in. The gravity wave that caught Yamato lets go and the function of the comet itself goes quiet.

Yamato makes a quick escape from the crisis. On board the ship, Touko’s life has been saved by Keyman. He has covered her in protection, which reminds Touko of a forgotten feeling: “love.” The thought also spreads to Sabera and she suddenly begins to talk of “love” to Zordar…who instantly takes her life. Sabera is the heart of the empire, but no matter how many times she is cloned, her original emotions keep emerging.

On Yamato, Katsuragi and Keyman are recovered. The crew has survived its first close encounter with Gatlantis and has now been ordered to proceed directly to Telezart.

“I am Sabera. The one and only…”

Episode 12 notes
(from the video booklet)

Keyman cooperates with Kodai this time, though it is still unclear if he is a friend or foe. There are still many mysteries left, including the visual that is inserted when he saves Touko, and the past of Sabera and Zordar.

The encounter with the White Comet is a highlight. The situation in which it suddenly warps out follows a scene in the decisive battle at Saturn in Yamato 2, Episode 21. The diameter of the celestial object dimly seen in the white whirlpool is about 6800km. The original city empire was about 15km in diameter. Really…!

Episode 13: Telezart landing operation, fight the enemy missile fleet!

From the theatrical program book (left side above):

Breaking the spell, the Wave-Motion Gun now shines!!

Goland’s Gatlantis fleet is nearly finished surrounding Telezart with a rock shield. All life is exterminated from the final piece in a hunting operation in which Goland teaches his clone Nol how to kill.

On Yamato, Kodai interrogates Katsuragi, who now calls herself “Shifual Sabera.” With a sneer, she mocks him as a “hypocrite” for not firing the Wave-Motion Gun against an enemy.

Yamato reaches Telezart at last. A landing strategy is plotted against the enemy troops stationed around the planet. First, the Space Cavalry unit with their Powered Suits warp past the final piece of the rock shield and Yamato readies to plunge in after them. As the crew prepares for battle, Keyman relives a conversation with Sabera in which she reveals that she’s aware of the Wave-Motion Lattice he planted in the engine. Certain he plans to betray the ship, she vows not to give him up.

The combat situation changes completely when the annihilation missiles of Goland destroy the shield. Yamato is trapped by turbulence caused by interference with the gravitational field. Huge missiles rain toward them. There is now no other way but to fire the Wave-Motion Gun directly at Goland’s fleet.

Kodai takes the firing grip of the Wave-Motion Gun. Shima, Nanbu, Tokugawa, and Sanada carry out the buildup process. They now all participate rather than forcing Kodai to take all the responsibility on his own. It is the decision of those who traveled to Iscandar, combining their collective spirit. The Space Cavalry contributes by pinning their Powered Suits against the hull of the ship to steady it against turbulence.

Convinced that Yamato will not use its ultimate weapon, Goland is shocked when Kodai fires the Wave-Motion Gun against enemy ships for the first time. The single beam of light erases Goland and Nol along with their fleet. The way to Telezart is now clear.

“Everyone fires together.”

Episode 13 notes
(from the video booklet)

Goland’s hunting of sand dragons is an homage to his hunt on the dinosaur planet in Yamato 2, Episode 10. This is performed on the last chunk of rock being used to blockade Telezart.

The warp booster for the Cosmo Tiger II can only be used twice since it is considered disposable equipment for coming and going.

The firing of the Wave-Motion Gun as an antipersonnel weapon becomes the climax of the episode, matching the battle against the Goland fleet in the original story.

Episode 14: Zabaibal’s violent attack, Discover Teresa

From the theatrical program book:

The end of the battle to reach victory. In the depths of Terezarium, Kodai has an audience with Teresa.

In order to open up Telezart, Yamato‘s crew must deploy to destroy the surrounding bedrock. Furthermore, Zabaibal has developed a surface group formed of AI-controlled Medalusas remodeled as ground tanks. A fierce battle is fought between Yamato’s assault team and Zabaibal’s fleet.

Kodai and Sanada set up a Wave-Motion Drill Bullet to destroy the rock mass. Indirect fire strikes at them from a replica of Garmillas’ Reflection Satellite Gun based on Zabaibal’s command ship, the Helbestia. On the Yamato side, Keyman quickly mounts a mission to find the control satellite and turn the gun back on the enemy troops to destroy them.

Saito, who has lost many of his men in this battle, rushes into the Helbestia alone for the final showdown and defeats Zabaibal in one-on-one combat. The Drill Bullet is detonated and the entire rock shell disintegrates, returning Telezart to its former beauty.

Kodai and others descend into Terezarium and meet Teresa at last. For her, a higher-dimensional being, this meeting was ordained. She reveals that Gatlantis is another creation of the ancient Akerians, a protective measure against other life forms rising to violence. But Gatlantis has become what it was created to stop, and must now be countered by an opposing force, a “collective.”

Footsteps are heard from outside the chamber. Before Kodai’s eyes appears the figure of Dessler, leader of Garmillas.

“It’s been a long time, gentlemen of Yamato.”

Episode 14 notes
(from the video booklet)

2202’s interpretation of the fight with Zabaibal replaces ground-based tanks with unmanned battleships in a former seabed. In Episode 1, the Gatlantis bombing vaporized the ocean off the coast of Terezarium, turning it into a wide desert.

The Reflection Satellite Gun, which was stolen from Garmillas, is reprogrammed by Keyman to automatically track the Gatlantis tank group.

Teresa finally appears. It becomes clear that the true identity of Gatlantis is a “destruction device” that wipes out all life.

Stills from the new ending title sequence

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8 thoughts on “Yamato 2202 Chapter 4 Synopsis

  1. I’m surprised that Zordar gave permission to Desslar to destroy the Galantis fleet… It’s been previously speculated on Macross World’s forums that he did it for the LoLz and Zordar didn’t care that he did that…

  2. It’s a bit surprising to learn that Katsuragi is a Comet Empire clone, and yet does not self-destruct when her cover is blown like her collegue, Professor what’s-his-name. But then, I guess she’s still useful as a spy for Zordar, even if a glitchy one. I think we all suspect now that the key to defeating the Comet Empire will be not to destroy its energy center, but its heart· · · Savella. And of course, Katsuragi would probably be the way to doing so (or maybe just send in a suitcase-wielding woman with a black fur hat and an orphan kid, because they’re leaning heavily on Galaxy Express here).

    It’s been speculated, of course, that Desslar himself might be a clone as well. These questions may in part ot whole be answered in the next chapter with Desslar’s backstory. And, speaking of Desslar, as the ending credits insinuate, Yamato 2202 may co-opt the New Journey storyline, and have Desslar join forces with Kodai “in a battle against the Comet Empire” above the skies of Iscandar. I have mixed feelings about this, though it would be a nice way of bringing us full-circle. Will we see Desslar ram a gate in the Gatantis fortress for Kodai to blow through, and will that plan succeed this time?

  3. Hi Tim,
    Just curious, do you know what the reception to the series is in Japan? I love 2199 but 2202 seems over complicated and kinda silly.

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