Yamato 2202 Report 28, part 2

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November 7: Yamato Travelogue Cast Comments

Yamato Travelogue, a news site published by V Storage (Bandai’s video promotion magazine), added six more voice actors to its Cast Comment section, starting with this one. (Others to follow below.)

Yoshimasa Hosoya as Saburo Kato

Tell us about your impressions and features of the character you’re playing.

This isn’t in the details, but there are movies and shows about the Kamikaze Squadron of World War II, and from that I get the impression that he’s a character who “represents individuality.” I think of him as someone who loves his friends and takes on whatever pain he must to accomplish his purpose.

Please tell us about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

I have a vague impression of seeing Space Battleship Yamato on TV when I was young. There is an increasing number of new characters in this work and a lot of beautifully-designed female characters appear, and it feels like a change in the times from the audience’s sensibility from the original Yamato.

What is the appeal of Yamato?

I think it’s an anime that is greatly loved by veteran creators. Their power is to convey the appeal of Yamato to the present age, and there are minor changes that are tailored to the times. I think the “appeal” is something that doesn’t change, and it is conveyed simply because it’s a work people like.

November 9: Promotional Meeting of Love Episode 4

The video talk show series picked up again one week after the premiere, and the gang could now dig deep into Chapter 6 with a spoiler-heavy conversation titled Chapter 6 requires a different form of “Love.” A few product announcements were also featured.

See it on Youtube here.

November 9: Episode 6 on TV

Desperate Struggle•The Eleventh Planet! brought Yamato to the edge of the solar system and into the first hot war with Gatlantis, which coincided with the end of Chapter 2.

See the trailer for Episode 6 here.

November 10: Theater handouts, week 2

The second set of art images was handed out in theaters while supplies lasted. This one included a vintage design image from 1978, the model sheet for the Cosmo Tiger II cockpit.

First stop: Aeon Cinema Kanazawa, November 10 (photos posted on Twitter by the 2202 Production Committee)

November 10 & 11: Week 2 stage greetings

For Chapter 6’s second weekend, Writer Harutoshi Fukui and Director Nobuyoshi Habara appeared live at four theaters in the prefectures of Ishikawa, Osaka, and Kagawa. Voice actor Eriko Nakamura was scheduled to join them, but had to cancel due to health issues.

Second stop: Osaka Station City Cinema, November 10

Third stop: Movix Yao, Osaka, November 11

This whirlwind tour marked a milestone for the traveling Yamato creators; with this, they had made personal appearances at all 35 of the “pilot theaters” showing the series.

Fourth stop: Aeon Cinema Ayagawa, 35-theater victory achieved!

November 15: Yamatalk night

Two Yamatalk nights were held at the Shinjuku Piccadilly in November, the first of which tackled a very interesting topic indeed. The lineup consisted of (L to R) MC Osamu Kobayashi, Writer Harutoshi Fukui, Scriptwriter Hideki Oka, and Kadokawa Editor Tsuyoshi Ishiwaki. Also appearing was manga artist Michio Murakawa (not pictured).

With a gang of those credentials, the topic was naturally about writing and publishing. What came out of it was the announcement of a fascinating new project. Web Newtype published the following information immediately after the event…

The legendary anime magazine OUT will be revived as a limited Number 1 with Yamato 2202!

The tentative title is Yamato OUT, scheduled to be published early 2019. In addition to introductory articles about the anime, Yamato OUT will be made by contributions from everyone. So we are looking for your submissions! Let’s all participate in one memorable book! Submissions are accepted starting December 1.

The original 1977 issue that started it all.
Read a full history here.

OUT was a subculture magazine (which later devoted itself to anime) published from 1977 to 1995. One year before Animage was launched, the first Space Battleship Yamato articles in issues 2 and 5 (written by Ryusuke Hikawa and others) attracted attention from anime fans. OUT started to publish anime articles frequently, also cultivating the field of anime parody. Many well-known manga artists contributed as well.

Application requirements:

Yamato OUT is waiting for your contribution. We need text, illustration, and various columns, so please send whatever you prefer. The basic concept is “Something to make you laugh,” but creative, factual material is also welcome. Other materials may be rejected.

Yamato 2202 staff picks!

The Yamato 2202 staff will choose contributions in six categories.

1. “Praise!” Director Habara praises it!

“Naturally drawn” color illustrations of characters and mecha appearing in Yamato 2202. It is open to those who have never been previously published in magazines or online. Director Habara will give his praise no matter what the illustration is. Submit at postcard size.

2. “Ask Fukui!” The man who knows love deeper than anyone!

A life-coaching corner by Writer Harutoshi Fukui. We are looking for things from troubled Yamato fans. Mr. Fukui will slice it up chop-chop. Maximum 300 characters.

3. “The Strongest Space Battleship You Made!!” Demon remodeling

A plamodel corner with comments from Mecha Designer Junichiro Tamamori. Please send color photos of your Yamato models. The theme is “Strongest Space Battleship,” so remodeling in your own style that diverts from the anime is allowed. Please also describe your modeling intentions. Fightercraft, mobile armor, and full scratch builds are OK. Three photos maximum.

4. “Good Yamato, Bad Yamato, Ordinary Yamato; let’s do it with Yuka-chan!”

Novelizer Yu Minagawa responds to themes in this corner. Please send your answers in the format of: “___is good, ___is bad, ___ is ordinary.” Yu will go case by case, and may combine some responses. Up to 140 characters total.


Yamato side
a. I want to brace the crew ahead of the final battle. What should be added to the cafeteria menu?
b. What new equipment does no one know about on the refurbished Yamato?

Earth side

a. What is the name and features of a new sister ship following Ginga?
b. Andromeda’s Wave-Motion Gun has other functions besides diffusion and convergence. What are they?

Gatlantis side

a. There’s a serious flaw in the white comet that is the size of Jupiter. What exactly is it?
b. Gatlantis people are raised from clones. What is written in their child care manuals?

Garmillas side

a. Talan is thoughtful toward Dessler, but there is trouble when he serves him lunch. What’s the problem?
b. Keyman hid his birth as a member of the Dessler family. What did he do before being picked up by Varel?

5. “How do you do?” Michio Murakawa’s Studio

Staff member Michio Murakawa handles the Yamato 2199 manga and other projects. Please add your favorite line to a manga panel. Do you think your line will pass muster with Mr. Murakawa? Please keep in mind the size of the speech balloon.

(5 panels offered for download; see them here.)

6. Michio Murakawa’s contest

A 4-frame manga corner in black & white. Be sure to use the subject line in one of the panels. There are two themes, and it is fine to send just one of them, but be sure to give it a title. You can do 2, 3, or 4 frames as long as the size ratio is the same.

A general questionnaire was also offered, inviting fans to comment on their favorite parts of 2202, funny or tragic fan experiences, freeform illustrations, and a character popularity poll. The deadline for contributions (either online or by mail) was set for January 7, 2019.

November 15: Yamato Travelogue Cast Comments

Hiroki Touchi as Hajime Saito

Tell us about your impressions and features of the character you’re playing.

He’s a bold and wild man. In spite of that, he’s a soft-hearted character with a gentle side who needs love.

Please tell us about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

Doing the commentary. (Laughs) I didn’t know what to talk about. I think I just talked about unrelated things out of nervousness.

What is the appeal of Yamato?

It’s love, isn’t it? That’s why we live and fight to protect both humans and aliens. What’s the right way? I always appreciate characters who are pushed to choose.

Kazusa Amagai as Shiori Nagakura

Tell us about your impressions and features of the character you’re playing.

Nagakura is the only female in the Space Cavalry. Her image as a fighter is strong, but sometimes you can also see her playful, gentle side. In fact, I think she’s a very feminine character.

Please tell us about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

I get to work with wonderful performers, and during the recordings I can listen and immerse myself in that world. When tears unconsciously well up, I endure it desperately but I can’t get my nose to clear. (Laughs)

What is the appeal of Yamato?

The mecha and music are really cool, and the story and characters are dense and deep. I think it’s a work that touches people in various ways.

November 16: 1/2000 “Shining Ships” Apollo Norm

This was the fourth ship in the lineup of high-quality metal miniatures released by Premium Bandai, joining Yamato, Andromeda, and the Dreadnought set. See the official site for the ship here.

November 16: Promotional Meeting of Love Episode 5

The last episode in this run of the talk show series, titled Chapter 6 mecha also needs love! put the spotlight on the many, many new ships seen on the screen.

See it on Youtube here.

November 16: Episode 7 on TV

The TV broadcast crossed over into Chapter 3 and Kodai crossed a line of no return against the overwhelming power of Gatlantis in A flash of light! The brilliance of the Wave-Motion Gun.

See the trailer for Episode 7 here.

November 17: Theater handouts, week 3

Chapter 6 began its third week in theaters and our favorite triumvirate of villains graced the third handout package, including a vintage Dessler before we knew him as Abeldt.

November 21: Yamato Travelogue Cast Comments

Eriko Nakamura as Mikage Kiryu

Tell us about your impressions and features of the character you’re playing.

I think you can feel the cuteness of this character while she’s active as a girl. Even though soldiers are equipped with discipline and a military attitude, I glad to feel that she holds onto her humanity as a girl in the Yamato crew.

Please tell us about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

I’m thankful for strong and gentle Yamato love and I appreciate everyone who joins us everywhere we go.

What is the appeal of Yamato?

The parts that aren’t just high-minded. When a lot of peoples’ wishes and imagination come together, there will be friction, collision, and misunderstandings. You can’t ignore that. I think the depiction of that struggle has always made Yamato an attractive work.

Aya Uchida as Yuria Misaki

Tell us about your impressions and features of the character you’re playing.

Yuria is a new character who appeared in Yamato 2199, not in the original. She’s a 17-year old twin-tail who is cheerful and energetic, a child of today that contradicts the image of the older work. She started out as a radio DJ on board the ship, haunted by Yurisha and interested in Hoshina. She’s a little noisy, but she’s an honest and strong-minded girl.

Please tell us about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

Because Yuria does radio on the ship, I also had a radio program called YRA Radio Yamato. I got love mail from all the Yamato fans every week, and I was really happy to have a place where we could interact! There was a lot of hot mail every time, and I’ve never heard of another program with such long letters! (Laughs) As a member of the generation who didn’t know the original, I was glad to hear the feelings of lots of Yamato seniors!

What is the appeal of Yamato?

It’s where we are now in such a long history. The production team that’s making Yamato now is made up of the first Yamato fans, and some of you are watching as grandparents, parents, and children. Three generations of fans! Everyone has “their Yamato,” and among them I think it’s wonderful that our generations can see the new Yamato together. That big love is one of the appeals of Yamato!

November 22: Yamatalk night

The topic for the second Yamatalk of the month was one dear to all of us: mecha design. Harutoshi Fukui, Nobuyoshi Habara, and MC Osamu Kobayashi spent the evening in conversation with mecha designer Junichiro Tamamori, undoubtedly revisiting many of the subjects that have been covered in his interviews elsewhere.

November 22: Mecha Collection model kit 8

Ginga was next on the hit list of Bandai’s mini-models, and kit builders in Japan were quick to post their own versions online, with all of those tiny little “windows” magically painted in.

See a photo gallery of finished Ginga kits here.

November 23: Episode 8 on TV

The trap on Planet Stravase! kicked off this 2-parter as the crew arrived at a new world and came face to face with their enemy for the first time.

See the trailer for this episode here.

November 24: Yamato 2199 box set part 2

Funimation finally released the second half of 2199 and the English-speaking world rejoiced. This set contains episodes 14-26 with both Japanese and English audio. The description at Funimation’s website read as follows:

The saga to save Earth continues as the Yamato reaches the fringes of the Milky Way and enters deep space. Hoping the enemy won’t pursue past the galaxy’s edge, the vast emptiness ahead offers both relief and unnerving mystery. But the Gamilans won’t allow the lull to last long. Lord Desler is out for blood and will stop at nothing to prevent humanity’s arrival at Iscandar.

Spelling choices aside, it’s a true milestone for the set to have arrived at last. Chances are good 2202 will follow.

November 24: Theater handouts, week 4

The last art set for Chapter 6 combined a vintage Analyzer with fresh animation layouts of both Yamanami and Berger from key moments. The next time we see a pack like this, the saga will have reached its conclusion.

November 25: Hobby Japan #595

This issue devoted three pages to 2202, two of which covered the freshly-released mini-Ginga.

The monthly news page covered the arrival of Chapter 6 and teased the next round of model kits coming up from Bandai. Speaking of which…

November 28: Bandai announcements

Two model kits were announced for release on March 31 2019, both derived specifically from Chapter 6. First up will be a new edition of the 1/1000 Yamato.

Renamed the Neu Yamato Final Battle Version, it includes new parts for the ship’s upgrade in Episode 22. After receiving elements from the Ginga, Yamato gets additional ordnance, a second pair of aft catapults, and a larger sensor suite. See these pics larger at Taghobby here.

In the criminally-underserved 1/72 scale world, we’ll get a reissue of the Cosmo Zero in Blackbird colors.

In addition to two color options (blue for leader, black for drone) it comes with equipment loadouts to match the hail-Mary attack seen in Chapter 6. See these pics larger at Taghobby here.

November 28: Yamato Travelogue Cast Comments

Kouki Uchiyama as Miru

Tell us about your impressions and features of the character you’re playing.

At first, I thought it was characteristic of someone from Gatlantis not to show much emotion. Because there isn’t much basic change in a severe expression, I thought about how to bring out his individuality when his heart is shaken.

Please tell us about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

Since there are so many characters, there are a lot of cast members at each voice recording. Once I was invited to do a stage greeting, and unlike what I expected, it had a surprisingly soft atmosphere. I remember that it was very easy to speak.

What is the appeal of Yamato?

First, there’s the powerful depiction of battles, and I think it’s also the profound human drama woven by the many characters. Both are very well thought out and have good balance, so I think it impresses the viewers.

November 29: Chapter 7 teaser

Far earlier than anyone expected, the first 30-second teaser for Chapter 7 popped up the day before Chapter 6 closed in theaters. It was probably difficult to choose shots that didn’t spoil things (though at this point there probably aren’t many finished shots at all), which gave added weight to the captions (repeated from the Chapter 7 poster shown earlier in this report) and the one line of dialogue we hear from Hijikata: “Kodai…the next captain…is you.”

See it on Youtube here.

November 30: Episode 9 on TV

The month ended as the game began with Zordar, the devil’s choice.

See the trailer for this episode here.

Also spotted in November

Kio Edamatsu on Twitter

Under the online name “Edakio,” this Yamato 2202 animation artist gave us more looks into the unseen world of animation layouts.

Visit his Twitter page here and see a gallery of his recent posts here

Fan art

With a whole month to respond to Chapter 6, fans stepped up and took their inspiration to new heights. See a gallery of character art here and mecha art here.

Fan models

Now that the Pandora’s box of hybrid ships has been opened in the Yamato universe, fans are ready and willing to follow. See a new round of modeling work here

Hero’s Record art

New campaigns for the 2202 mobile game Hero’s Record always come with new promotional art. See the roundup for November here.

See a TV commercial for the game here.

Model kit prototype pics

Prior to Bandai’s announcement of the “final battle” Yamato on November 28, they teased the kit all the way back on November 1 and invited fans to see the prototype on display at Namba Parks Cinema in Osaka.

The fans obliged, posting their own photos on Twitter that very day.

These angles and lighting make it much easier to see in advance where the upgrade parts fit into the overall structure of the ship. The photo above was posted by Samurai Naokyun.

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