Yamato 2202 Discography

Following his work on Yamato 2199, composer Akira Miyagawa returned to revive his father Hiroshi’s spectacular work from Farewell to Yamato and Yamato 2, but owing to the size of that massive archive, there wasn’t enough time to update all of it. Instead, Sound Director Tomohiro Yoshida painstakingly combed through it to choose key tracks. These were combined with original pieces to refresh the soundtrack for the 21st century. They were released on 3 CDs, giving them a greater overall running length than the discs for 2199.

The song catalog was significantly smaller; the original Yamato theme and the timeless 1978 hit From Yamato With Love were indispensable. Chapters 2-6 each got a new ending theme for a total of five. When 2199 went to TV, additional end themes were written, but with 2202 the theatrical songs were reused.

Here is a complete guide to all music released for the series, followed by translated lyrics for each of the songs.

The Songs

From Yamato With Love digital single

February, 2017

The original 1978 recording of From Yamato With Love by Kenji Sawada was a perfect ending for Farewell to Yamato and became a huge hit thereafter. It was only proper that it be revived as an ending theme for 2202, but it came up surprisingly soon when it was used for Chapter 1. In the end, it was also used for Chapter 7 and restored to its original role as the story’s emotional denouement.

Since it was already widely available on disc, it was made available as a single on iTunes.

Mirror of the Moon CD single

October, 2017

The first official music release for 2202 was this single featuring Mirror of the Moon, Sayaka Kanda’s end title song from Chapter 2. Released by Lantis and Voyager Music, the disc contains versions of the song with and without vocals, and the instrumental Yamato theme used as the opening title for Chapters 1 – 3.

Order it from Amazon.co.jp or CD Japan.

Advertising for the single in a Japanese commuter station

Chapters 3 & 4 CD single

January, 2018

This 6-track disc contains three songs with vocal and non-vocal versions of each. The songs are You, Petal (end title for Chapter 3) by Shino Arima, Crimson Red (end title for Chapter 4) by Yuya Hoshino, and the newly-recorded version of the Yamato theme used as the opening title for the remainder of the series starting with Chapter 4.

Order it from Amazon.co.jp or CD Japan.

Chapters 5 & 6 CD single

October, 2018

This disc contains two end title songs: Youranka [Lullaby] by Arima Shino (from Chapter 5) and Great Sum by Koichi Yamadera (from Chapter 6). Vocal and non-vocal versions of both are included.

Great Sum was especially notable for being performed by Koichi Yamadera, the voice of Dessler. It was not written from Dessler’s point of view, but from the much wider perspective of humanity itself. The initial announcement was accompanied by a promo video that can be seen here.

Order it from Amazon.co.jp or CD Japan.

Original Soundtracks

Volume 1

January, 2018

Filled with a glorious 53 minutes of newly-recorded content, this disc should be on the shelf of every Yamato music collector. Naturally, most of the pieces are rooted in Farewell to Yamato and Yamato 2, but there are some new compositions by Akira Miyagawa and fresh versions of pieces originally created for the classic Symphonic Suite Yamato. The CD booklet contains an interview with Miyagawa and Director Nobuyushi Habara, which can be read here.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Space Battleship Yamato 2202 · New Overture
2. White comet main theme
3. Andromeda
4. Hero’s Hill
5. Cosmo wave
6. Remembering others (scat)
7. Tsubasa ~ fading life
8. Strenuous Yamato
9. Yamato faces the sunset
10. Teresa’s theme
11. Salute to Yamato
12. Kodai and bronze statue of Okita
13. Great love (Obe & Fl)

14. White comet theme (Variation 1)
15. Uneasy Yamato
16. A sense of urgency
17. White comet theme (brass)
18. Approaching star
19. Memory of Okita
20. Hope for tomorrow
21. Tsubasa ~ fading life ~ Piano solo
22. Ark of Destruction
23. Hands waving farewell
24. Great Emperor
25. Overture
26. Approach

Order it from Amazon.co.jp or CD Japan.

Volume 2

March, 2019

The long-awaited second soundtrack CD delivered beyond expectation with two discs containing 71 tracks totaling nearly two hours. This includes reduxes of Hiroshi Miyagawa’s score from 1978 and new compositions by Akira Miyagawa.

Order it from Amazon.co.jp or CD Japan.

This introduction was included in the disc booklet:

Space Battleship Yamato Music Talk

Sound Supervisor Tomohiro Yoshida

The BGM configuration for Yamato 2202 has the same backbone as that of Ark of the Stars; Earth and Garmillas both fighting Gatlantis. Along with re-recordings from Farewell to Yamato and Yamato 2, it follows the flow of Yamato 2199 with new compositions by Akira Miyagawa.

The body of work for Farewell and Yamato 2 had an enormous number of BGM tracks, close to 250. I read the scripts for 2202 and narrowed it down to 50 pieces that could be recorded within our schedule as floating tracks (and I shed tears over omitting so many others). There are arrangements for new elements in 2202, such as Zordar’s past and love, the Ark of Destruction, the Ginga, battle music for the second half of the story, and a BGM arrangement of Great Harmony (from Ark of the Stars) was added as a new piece. We concluded by re-recording pieces from 2199. This time, arrangements were done freely at Mr. Miyagawa’s discretion, and he also re-recorded Overture and Birth from the 1977 Symphonic Suite.

Three orchestral recordings were held at the Sound Inn in Kojimachi. Based on the overall picture, the first recording covered about 70 pieces, mainly from Chapters 1-3. The second recording was about 10 pieces for Chapters 4 and 5, and the third contained about 10 pieces for Chapters 6 and 7. In addition, about 10 pieces were recorded on pipe organ at the time of the first recording. The original [1978] pipe organ tracks were recorded at Musashino Music University’s Beethoven Hall, but it was in a state of repair and could not be used, so instead the new pieces were performed at the Sumida Triphony Hall in Kinshicho. I wanted to make a mark with an impressive example of film scoring (recording in sync with a picture), but storyboards were not available when the new pieces were composed, so it became BGM with priority given to musicality, the general approach to all the tracks.

In retrospect, the new story elements do not expand until after the first eight episodes, so new pieces were reduced in all areas except for Kato’s drama. Since the older pieces related to Dessler and Teresa could not be used yet, it’s a point of personal reflection for me that in some places the BGM lacked variation and novelty. However, there were no such restrictions going forward from Episode 9, and it becomes more impressive when new pieces become fully active. Along with the previously released Ark of the Stars soundtrack and Yamato 2202 Volume 1, I hope you will enjoy the music world of 2202 with a total of three products and four discs.

Disc 1 (* = new recording of a track from 2199)

1. Silent First Movement of the Universe (Ginga)
2. Birth
3. Dessler’s Destiny
4. Dessler’s Ambition
5. Lonely Dessler *
6. Assault!
7. Chance Encounter with Teresa
8. Dessler’s Death
9. Dogfight
10. Shifal Sabera
11. Joyful Reunion!
12. Emergence!
13. Time of Fate
14. Tsubasa ~ anguish and sadness ~ piano solo
15. White Comet Theme (treble + bass)
16. Appearance of the White Comet
17. Tsubasa ~ anguish and sorrow
18. Ginga main theme ~ launching
19. Great Love (farewell)
20. Okita and Kodai
21. The Ark of Destruction (humming)
22. An Endless Battle
23. Yamato Dyed in Red
24. Theme of Love
25. Theme of Sadness
26. Yamato Symphony
27. Death and Prayer
28. Great Love (pipe organ)
29. Last Track
30. Great Harmony BGM

Disc 2 (* = new recording of a track from 2199)

1. Across the Beautiful Ocean *
2. Silence of the Cosmos *
3. I Saw the Stars
4. Abandoned City *
5. Yamato Bolero *
6. Yamato Departs from the Earth *
7. Sorrowful Yamato *
8. Sorrowful BGM *
9. Desperate Situation *
10. Yamato Pathetique *
11. Enter Dessler *
12. Attack of the Enemy Spaceship *
13. Send Out the Probe *
14. Warp *
15. Grief (Death of Okita) *
16. Hero’s Hill (brass only)
17. Ruins
18. Desperate Yamato
19. Mystery of the White Comet
20. Disturbing BGM
21. Yamato Bridge
22. A Refreshing Sense of Urgency
23. Devastated Bridge
24. The Bridge of Death
25. Suspense of the Darkness
26. A Satisfying Battle
27. Yamato Solemnly Departs
28. Tears
29. Thunderous Noise
30. White Comet Theme (Variation 2)
31. White Comet Theme
32. Garmillas National Anthem *
33. Psychological Suspense BGM *
34. Battle to Stalemate *
35. A Dictator of Garmillas’ Anguish *
36. Truly Scarlet Scarf *
37. Dessler Attack! *
38. Yamato U-boat Style *
39. Great Emperor Zordar (piano)
40. Azure Crystal *
41. Great Harmony BGM (Short) *

Yamato 2202 Theme Song Collection

March, 2019

This CD contains 19 tracks: eight full-length songs (two versions of the opening, plus six ending themes), with shorter versions of seven and TV-size versions of four. The only tracks that weren’t reprinted from previous CD singles are non-vocal versions of the end themes.

Order it from Amazon.co.jp or CD Japan.

1. Mirror of the Moon
2. You, Petal
3. Crimson Red
4. Lullaby
5. Great Sum
6. Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Main Theme
7. Space Battleship Yamato 2202
8. Mirror of the Moon (Short Size)
9. Kimi, Hitohira (Short Size)
10. Crimson Red (Short Size)

11. Lullaby (Short Size)
12. Great Sum (Short Size)
13. Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Main Theme (Short Size)
14. Space Battleship Yamato 2202 (Short Size)
15. Mirror of the Moon (TV Size)
16. You, Petal (TV Size)
17. Crimson Red (TV Size)
18. Great Sum (TV Size)
19. From Yamato With Love

CD clear file

March, 2019

OST Volume 2 and the Theme Song Collection were first available at theaters with the Chapter 7 premiere on March 1, 2019 and went into general release the next day. Participating stores offered this clear file to fans who bought both. It featured artwork on both sides to match the CD jacket art for the OST and song collection.

Symphonic Suite Yamato 2202

January, 2021

Akira Miyagawa had long been thinking about eventually creating his own Symphonic Suite to plant a flag next to his father’s famous original, and on this day it finally arrived. What’s more, we may actually have Covid-19 to thank for it, since the pandemic wiped out Miyagawa’s 2020 performance schedule and gave him all the time he needed to write. He discussed the process at length in an extended interview that can be read here.

The album is bright, lively, and inventive with a roughly even mix of classic and modern compositions. It explores a range of styles, delivering unexpected twists and turns that keep you surprised and riveted all the way through. (Yes, this is a shameless and unqualified endorsement.)

Order it right now from Amazon.co.jp or CDJapan.

Hear samples at the Japanese music site e-onkyo here.

Commemorative clear file, a bonus item at participating stores

By Yoshie Terunari, Lantis

Here is a summary of this album’s track titles and the songs included. Please consider it a supplement to the main part of the music and the interview with Akira Miyagawa.

Chapter 1 / Earth

This is not an introduction, but the first chapter. It is already a part of the story. It includes The Galaxy’s Embryonic Movement ~ Overture to Birth, Silent First Movement of the Universe, The Abandoned City, Salute to Yamato, and Yamato 2202: New Overture. It is a glimpse into the drama of a devastated Earth and its people. After Andromeda comes Yamato Launch and Original Yamato Theme. We can see Yamato flying away from the earth, carrying with it various conflicts and human dramas.

Chapter 2 / Teresa

Starting with From Teresa to the Humans, we move into Battle to Stalemate and Teresa’s Theme. The postscript is from Cosmo Wave. This song was taken from an older composition at the time of production and was tentatively titled Teresa’s Theme when it was produced.

Chapter 3 / White Comet

The Genealogy of the White Comet (dedicated to Keith Emerson). When Akira Miyagawa made this album, he felt a great influence from Keith Emerson while connecting the White Comet theme with Roma folk music to create the Traveler’s Theme for the 2019 Close To You Tonight concert.

He wanted to share the musical lineage of Keith Emerson, his father Hiroshi Miyagawa, and the descendents who performed with him in this work. It is probably not a coincidence that we feel the main theme of Gatlantis, which creates successive generations through cloning. An organ plays a leading role in the melody leading to Great Emperor Zordar, although it is not a pipe organ.

Art card by Nobuteru Yuuki, bonus for preorders (approx. 5″ x 5”)

Chapter 4 / Darkness

A Dictator’s Anguish (Dessler) is the same as Berger’s Sorrow. When First Contact connects with Yamato U Boat Style, it becomes “someone who submerges.”

Chapter 5 / Tsubasa ~ Always Here

Sorrowful Yamato is connected to Tsubasa ~ Fading Life. The melody for Tsubasa was a theme in 2202 from the beginning, an impressive original melody by Akira Miyagawa. It was inspired by a similar arrangement of notes in his B melody in Space Battleship Yamato.

Chapter 6 / The Power to Fight

In this chapter, the score is divided into several parts, and the recording was done in several sessions. Wings of Determination (Dogfight) is a new name based on a connection from the previous chapter. You may remember many scenes as you hear Attack on Gatlantis, Encounter in the Void, The Ark Awakens (Shambleau), and The Endless War. Then comes Yamato Into the Maelstrom. Yamato‘s brave figure is there, fighting through various obstacles.

Chapter 7 / Love

First Embryonic Movement of the Galaxy is back again with Great Love. Where this theme should be played in 2202 is an important point. We feel again that it is really important to have this song at the end, not in the battle. And then we come to Final Song. There is a vast universe that accepts everything and expands infinitely.

Curtain Call

This chapter from Scarlet Scarf is complete fan service [a fresh remake from the 1977 Symphonic Suite]. It was only after all the other recordings were finished that Akira Miyagawa said he wanted to record it. This song was composed and recorded in between the BGM work of Yamato 2205. That’s why we didn’t reveal the title, and wanted it to be a surprise for first-timers.

This chapter is one of the most important aspects of Yamato‘s music by Akira Miyagawa. Even if there was no mention of Disney, Quintet, or Matsuken Samba II, it is a fact that Yamato is supported by music and the power of his god-given talent to make people smile.

Song Lyrics

All translations by Kafka-fuura. See original text and translator’s notes here.

Mirror of the Moon

Chapter 2 end theme

Composition & lyrics: SENS Project
Vocals: Sayaka Kanda as Teresa

Find it on Youtube here

sumiwataru kaze wo sotto atsumete
gin’iro no ko rasen’ ni mau hikaru kage

tawamureru yuragu tsuki no kagami
kokoro tokasu yuubi na kami no itazura

uchi ni himeta awai omoide ni
iki wo fukikomu no michiteyuku made

hibiku anata no mune no kodou
watashi hitori ja nai

yomigaeru haruka na tooi kioku
kikoetekita kasuka na hoshi no sasayaki

ikiru koto wa ai suru koto da to
hohoen’de mahou kakete yuku yo

hibiku tashika na kibou no ashioto
watashi ippo fumidasou

yume ni mukatte tamerawazu ni
tsukamitoru kono te de

saewataru sora ni inori
atarashii ichinichi no maku ga aketeyuku

Gathering clear winds in its midst
Silver dust dances a spiral — a glimmering shadow

Ripples frolick in the mirror of the moon
A heart melting beauty in a whim of the gods

It breathes life into faint emotions
Hidden within me, until they are made full

Feeling the beat of your heart
I know I am not alone

Distant memories are resurrected
As faint whispers of stars reach my ears

“To live is to love,” I’ll say
Casting my spell with a smile

Hearing the footsteps of hope
I will take my own step forward

Facing my dreams without hesitation
I will grasp them in my own hands

As I send a prayer into the clear sky
The curtain rises on a new day

You, Petal

Chapter 3 end theme

Lyrics and Vocals: Shino Arima
Composition: Michio Kawano

kienaide aoi tsuki yo terashidasu kimi, hitohira

nani hitotsu kawaranai monotone iro no hibi
un’mei ga tsuretekita kimi no meni koi wo shita

chikaku ni kan’jitai yo atatakai te ni furete

massugu ni kotoba ga dekitara kon’na ni aishiteru
kakurenaide koigokoro yo kimi dake terashiteru yo
kon’ya nara sou ieru

hitonami ni nomikomare surechigau dake no hibi
un’mei ga aru no nara oritekite hohoen’de

negai no nagareboshi ga michibiita kimi no tonari

iromeite kurushii kimochi wa kon’na ni aishiteru
sorasanaide sono hitomi wo itsudemo koko ni iru yo
kon’ya kara sou zutto

kienaide aoi tsuki yo terashidasu kimi, hitohira

itami sae itoshisa no kakera kon’na ni aishiteru
osorenaide kokoro no koe subete wo utsushidasu yo
kon’ya no tsuki wo idaite

Do not disappear, O blue moon — for you, beloved, it shines

Into my monochrome days, where nothing had ever changed
Fate brought me you, and seeing your eyes I fell in love

I want to feel you close to me, feel the warmth of your hands

If only it were so simple, I would have told you how much I love you
Do not hide, O heart of mine — upon you alone, beloved it shines
If given the chance tonight, I will tell you.

Swept away each day by waves of others, we never seem to meet
Fate, if you truly exist, please come down and smile upon me

When I wished upon a shooting star, it led me to your side

What I feel, a pain tinged with color, I feel because I love you so much
Do not look away — I will always be here beside you
Tonight, and forevermore

Do not disappear, O blue moon — for you, beloved, it shines

But even the pain is but a fragment of love, for I love you so much
Do not be afraid, O heart of mine — let shine all that you are
Embracing the moon tonight

Crimson Red

Chapter 4 end theme

By Yuya Hoshino and S.E.N.S. Project

togireyuku manazashi wa yuuja no tashika na rashin’ban’
yakusoku wa nai mama ni yatsura mo ikari wo agedasu

kowarekaketa kono sekai wa
te wo sashinoberu hito no na wo
namariiro no kotae ga
kurayami ni tsumetaku tsukihanasu

inochi wo tsumuide
tokoshie no tabi kibou no kuni e
otoko no sadame ni
seigi tsuranuki torawareta ashita wo sukuu no sa

hibana chiru himeta toushi
mugon’ no taiji wa shin’en’ de
matou kage yami ni magire
mune ga harisakesou ni naru

me wo korasu hitosuji no
hikari no naka ukabiagaru
furikaeru ushirosugata
tamashii ga atsuku furueta

hakai to souzou den’setsu no kake
yatsura mo onaji sa
tatakai no hibuta towa ni kirare
sakerarenai ten’mei tsukusu no sa

shuuen’ ni mukaeba
itsuka rifujin’ na sekai ga
kurenai no sakazuki de
otagai no yuuki tataeyou

hakai to souzou den’setsu no kake
yatsura mo onaji sa
tatakai no hibuta towa ni kirarete
honoo no okite

kodoku to shouri ga
mekurumeku uchuu no hate made

The gazes of the martyred guide the hero’s compass true
Unbound by promise, they weigh anchor — as do I

How does this broken world
handle the names of those who offer help?
Its leaden answer
thrusts them coldly out into the darkness

Weaving life, it is an eternal journey
off to the land of hope and dreams
True to man’s calling, we will do what is just
and rescue our imprisoned future

Sparks fly from a hidden fighting spirit,
and wordless confrontation occurs in the abyss
Cloaked in shadows and treading through the darkness,
the experience is enough to tear you apart

But looking closely,
I saw a single beam of light rise from the dark
When I saw a figure looking back at me,
my trembling soul was set ablaze

Destruction and creation,
they and I are both part of the same legendary wager
The spark of unavoidable war will be struck time and again
we have only to follow our destinies

As we face the end,
one day this unreasonable world will
Raise its crimson cup
and toast to courage of both sides

Destruction and creation,
they and I are both part of the same legendary wager
The spark of unavoidable war will be struck time and again
it is the law of the flame

Both victory and isolation
lie strewn about
From end to end of this dazzling universe


Chapter 5 end theme

Vocals: Arimashino with MayTree
Lyrics and Composition: S.E.N.S. Project

Find it on Youtube here

are wa itsu darou natsukashisa oboeteita
haha no mune ni idakareru you na yasuragi mo

sotto oyasumi nasai osanago no you na toiki
itsu made mo soba ni iru kara mabuta tojite

mirai no kibou to yorokobi hakobu
mamorinuku yo tatoe subete nakush’temo

itsudemo waratteitehoshii to negau
muku na egao kan’jiteitai

sore wa takaramono katai kizuna nakama-tachi
hikari no umi hane no you ni mai chikaiatta

hidamari no tokeru you na yasashisa
tsutsumikomu yo shiawase umidasu chikara

yurari fuwari fuwa-fuwa yume no naka
omoihaseru yorisoi nagara

itsudemo waratteitehoshii to negau
muku na egao tayasanu you ni
itoshii hito yo

When was it I last felt this way? I wonder, reaching into the past
Feeling a sense of ease, as if I were being held to my mother’s breast

Good night, a mother whispers to her child, breathing softly
Close your eyes. I’ll be right here beside you, always

I carry the hope and joy of the future
I will protect you, even if I must lose everything else

I wish for you to be smiling, always
I want to feel your innocent smile

For it is a treasure, as are the strong bonds of friendship
We pledged in a sea of light, like feathers dancing in the wind

A warm flowing kindness, like what pours out of a pool of sunlight
I will embrace around you, a power from which kindness is born

As I rock back and forth in a cradle of dreams
My thoughts race as I draw close to you

I wish for you to be smiling, always
May your innocent smile never be broken
You, whom I love so dearly

Great Sum

Chapter 6 end theme

Vocal: Koichi Yamadera
Lyrics and Composition: S.E.N.S. Project

Find it on Youtube here

hanabira harari chiru wakagusa moeru koro
kaze ni noru kaguwashi kaori tadayou

tooku de kikoeteru shizuka na yoru no naka
fuurin’ no oto aa natsukashii samayo

tomaru koto naku jiyuu na sekai e
yukute habamu kokoro
maiasa noboru taiyouni yume kasanete

kanarazu otozureru mada minu eiko
bokura no jin’sei no monogatari wa ima hajimaru

sora takaku nagareru kieyuku wata no kumo
ryou te wo age aa senobishita rakuyou

akari tomoru mado
waraiau hito ni aitai to omou
sou kanau hazu sa
kiseki no deai ni ai saken’da

kagayaku jin’sei no meguriawase tsumuideyuku
bokura no jin’sei wo tayumazu ni susumitsudzukeyo
bokura no jin’sei no monogatari wo saa hajimeyo

Flower petals dissipate beautifully and fresh grass grows
As a pleasant fragrance rides upon the wind, floating ever on

In the distance, through the quiet of night I hear
Familiar notes of wind chimes as I wander

As I venture steadfast toward a world of freedom
Though my heart gets in the way
Every morning I reaffirm my dreams upon the rising sun

One day our glory will come
The story of our lives begins now

Wispy clouds vanish as they ascend into the heavens
With both my hands I reach out and grasp at falling leaves

When I see lit windows at night
I think longingly of the people I would laugh together with
But knowing my dream will one day come true
I proclaim my love to the miracle of our first meeting

Weaving together brilliant lives brought close by fate
Let us march onward and unwavering in our lives
Let us begin now the story of our lives

From Yamato With Love

Chapter 1 and Chapter 7 end theme

Vocals: Kenji Sawada
Lyrics: Yu Aku
Composition: Katsuo Ono

Find it on Youtube: Original studio recording | Live performance, 1978 | Live performance, 2008 | Live performance, 2016

Sono hito no yasashi-sa ga
hana ni masarunara
sono hito no utsukushi-sa ga
hoshi ni masarunara

kimi wa te o hirogete mamoruga ii
karada o nagedasu neuchi ga aru
hitorihitori ga omou koto wa
aisuru hito no tame dakede ii

kimi ni hanas’koto ga aru to shitara
ima wa sore dake kamo shirenai

ima wa saraba to iwa senaide kure
ima wa saraba to iwa senaide kure

itsunohika kuchibiru ni
uta ga yomigaeri
itsunohika hito no mune ni
ai ga yomigaeri

kimi wa te o hirogete dakuga ii
tashikani aishita akashi ga aru
tōi ashita o omoukoto wa
aisuru hito no tame dakede ii

kimi ni hanas’koto ga aru to shitara
ima wa sore dake kamo shirenai

ima wa saraba to iwa senaide kure
ima wa saraba to iwa senaide kure

If she is more gentle than a flower
If she is more beautiful than the stars
You will willingly die
to reach out and protect her

You have reflected upon this
And act willingly for the benefit
of the one you love
You speak as if this all this were so

If there is something I must tell you
Then perhaps that is all for now

Let’s not say goodbye now
Let’s not say goodbye now

Some day a song will return to her lips
Some day love will return to her heart
You spread your arms in an embrace
and proved your love

Though tomorrow seems distant
You act willingly for the benefit
of the one you love
You speak as if this all this were so

If there is something I must tell you
Then perhaps that is all for now

Let’s not say goodbye now
Let’s not say goodbye now

5 thoughts on “Yamato 2202 Discography

  1. I have been trying to find the name of the track that plays towards the end of episode 15 when Klaus Keyman reveals that he is a Dessler. It’s appears to be a violin version of a Dictator’s Anguish, but I can’t find it listed anywhere.

    *I don’t think it’s “Track 35; A Dictator of Garmillas’ Anguish” in disk 2 of the 2nd OST, which is another cello version.

    • Hello there Jasper!

      For 2202, Akira Miyagawa not only returned to compose the music, he also chose to conduct it.
      This change began with Ark of the Stars; the 2199 movie depicting Yamato’s journey back home from Iscandar. Ark’s score had a few variations of tracks already present in 2199, but this time re-orchestrated by Akira himself. Some completely new ones, while others were callbacks to Farewell Yamato and New Journey. Ark’s soundtrack is considered part of 2202’s score and so its tracks are interspersed throughout the sequel.

      The BGM playing towards the end of episode 15 is “Friendship”, a cello variation of the “Garmillas National Anthem”. In Ark, it was used during Berger and Kodai’s confrontation. The other two times it’s used are in episode 8; when Keyman’s followers kneel for him, and episode 17; when Klaus talks to Toko in solitary confinement.

      • Thank you very much!! I’ve been trying to find this track for years, but I never thought to look in the soundtrack of Ark of the Stars. I always thought it was just some variation of a Dictator’s Anguish that didn’t get released with the main 2202 OST.

  2. I think it’s a crime not to have included Teresa Yo Towani in the soundtrack of the Empire Comet remake, 2202. This beautiful song is Teresa’s real theme.

    • It’s a beautiful song.

      For 2202, “Mirror of the Moon” became its spiritual successor and an image song for Teresa. It’s performed by Teresa’s VA – Sayaka Kanda – for this reason.
      Similarly, “CRIMSON RED” became “The Rival” ‘s successor.

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