Yamato 2202 Commentary Index

Compiled by Anton Mei Brandt and Kathy Clarkson

The year is 2202 and Earth has successfully steered away from a path to extinction. Three years after Yamato brought an end to Earth’s war with Garmillas, former enemies now struggle to work toward a lasting peace. Supercities have risen from the ashes, new spaceships are constructed, and Yamato’s journey seems to have been forgotten, along with important promises made on distant worlds.

In the face of this, a message is heard by Yamato’s former crew, as if fate itself was spurring them to action. A woman’s voice echoes throughout the cosmos, begging for their help. In another corner of the universe, a sinister-looking quasar edges closer to the signal, accompanied by the dreadful tune of a pipe organ. The commanding voice of a ruler proclaims, “They require love.”

What kind of love lies in store for our brave heroes? The former Yamato crew kicks into high gear for the sake of all living things in the universe… and everything else.

Helmed by acclaimed sci-fi writer Harutoshi Fukui & directed by Nobuyoshi Habara, this sequel aims to deliver both a satisfying continuation of Yamato 2199 and an exploration of the main theme of Love. But will it succeed?

Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Soldiers of Love begins now!

Click on the episode titles to read a synopsis combined with insights, background, and trivia.

Episode 15

Teresa, Cry for Dessler! (2 pages)

Episode 22

The Fated Showdown

Episode 23

Soldiers of Love

Episode 26

Earth, Yamato is…

Speaker Podcasts

Each episode of the series was covered as the seven chapters were released in theaters. Click on the links below to hear them discussed by host Gwyn Campbell, Cosmo DNA editor Tim Eldred, and occasional guest commentators.

Chapter 1 (eps 1 & 2) | Chapter 2 (eps 3-6) | Chapter 3 (eps 7-10) | Chapter 4 (eps 11-14)
Chapter 5 (eps 15-18) | Chapter 6 (eps 19-22) | Chapter 7 (eps 23-26)


As the theatrical chapters for 2202 came and went and it was not yet known how soon an English edition would appear, Cosmo DNA took on the task of publishing synopses for every episode, which included some extra material not found in the commentaries. They can all be seen here:

Chapter 1 (eps 1 & 2) | Chapter 2 (eps 3-6) | Chapter 3 (eps 7-10) | Chapter 4 (eps 11-14)
Chapter 5 (eps 15-18) | Chapter 6 (eps 19-22) | Chapter 7 (eps 23-26)

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