Star Blazers Lambda mecha design

From Star Blazers/Yamato fan club magazine Vol. 7, May 2020

Innovative mecha design from a game of catch between Junichiro Tamamori and Ryuko Azuma

Anti-Seireness fleet Nerfdis

A fleet organized to counter Seireness. The name Nerfdis comes from the gamer slang “Nerf This!” meaning a “I dare you to weaken this.” Each battleship is equipped with a space-time crystal in its core ship, which functions in a way that follows the characteristic of its Topness operator.

The mecha designs shown here are from Mr. Tamamori’s construction stage; fine adjustments and changes may occur in the drawing.

Mark 01 Nelson Ship (operator: Nina Nelson)

Equipped with a large number of drones called Second Sight, which are the eyes and ears of the fleet. By processing and sharing data received from Second Sight, the accuracy of the fleet is greatly increased. Mark 01 has the role of the fleet’s tactical commander.

Mark 02 Missouri Ship (operator: Laine Missouri)

The fastest speedster of the fleet. Its armor is thin, but it evades attacks with a space jump called a Disjunct. Special metal needles called Bind Needles pierce 3-dimensional space and attach to the enemy Seireness.

Mark 03 Richelieu Ship (operator: Hugo Richileu)

Flanker. Equipped with a large number of drones called Thundercloud that can emit a powerful electric shock. Thundercloud can also be retained to fire lightning bolts like a Wave-Motion Gun.

Mark 04 Fraser Ship (operator: Marina Fraser)

Generates a large ice flower called Frost Aster, a shield that can divide the enemy and defend against attacks. It can also switch modes to freeze approaching enemies with a freezer beam. Used as a shield for battleships deployed on the front line.

Mark 05 Mejider Ship (operator: Aisha Mejider)

Healer. Has the role of repairing fleet damage. Damage is scanned and repair materials are instantly released from numerous launch pads. Its 3D printer gun can also generate ribbons that tear up approaching enemies.

Mark 06 Yamato Ship (operator: Yu Yamato)

Equipped with a Wave-Motion Gun, giving it the strongest firepower in the fleet. Firing preparations for the Wave Gun take some time, and it specializes in destruction over a wide area (such as giant Seireness wormholes). Firing the gun can also greatly damage Yu.

Mark 07 Aigis Ship (operator: Linne Aigis)

Performs a counter-function against Seireness’ expanding gravitational fields. Fires a micro black hole bullet that disables an enemy gravity field. It acts as a shield for the fleet, and particularly stands out in collaboration with Yu’s Mark 06.

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