Legacy Years Production Index

When Final Yamato closed out the production years in 1983, most people assumed that the saga was conclusively finished. However, Executive Producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki was already devising a new slate of projects that would bring it back in new and interesting ways. It took longer than he expected, but most of those projects came to fruition, bringing us the renaissance we’re living in now. This renaissance includes numerous games on different platforms with innovative visuals that easily keep pace with their anime counterparts.

With so many different Yamato works to keep track of, some of which didn’t make it to the finish line, let this index be your guide to Cosmo DNA articles that sort it all out.

Dessler’s War
Development, 1983-87

The Quickening
Documentary, 1994

Yamato 2520
Anime, 1994-96

Great Yamato
Non-canon manga, 2000

Dai Yamato Zero Go
Non-canon anime, 2002-07

New Space Battleship Yamato
Development, 2004

Yamato Resurrection
Development, 1993

Yamato Resurrection
Anime, 2009

Space Battleship Yamato
Live-action movie, 2010

Space Battleship Yamato 2202
Anime, 2017-2019

Aquarius Algorithm
Novel, 2021

Star Blazers Lambda
Alternate world manga, 2020

Age of Yamato
Anime, 2021


Playstation games
3 titles, 1999-2000

Playstation 2 games
3 titles, 2004-05

Keystroke Heroes
Typing games, 2000-01

CR Yamato
Pachinko game, 2007

CR Yamato 2
Pachinko game, 2009

CR Yamato 3
Pachinko game, 2010

Space Battleship Yamato
Pachislo game, 2010

Yamato Resurrection Fever
Pachinko game, 2011

Space Battleship Yamato 2
Pachislo game, 2013

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