Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Report 52

October was a quality-over-quantity month. Despite overall activity dropping to about 2/3 that of September, we got several unexpected treats including the first teaser for the Age of Yamato movie, another 40th anniversary, the return of Yamaket, and (of all things) an unofficial endorsement from a legendary starship captain. That and more made it a month where you had to wonder what was coming next.

October 2: Shinya Takahashi auction art

In case you don’t remember, Shinya Takahashi was a character designer back in the original production years. His first contribution was Sasha in Be Forever before he covered the entire cast in Final Yamato. He re-emerged back in August when he put up some original art for sale on Yahoo Japan Auctions, and it must have gone well because he did it again this month with the art shown above (Sasha and Miyuki).

October 4: Movie Walker Press

Just over a week after the Age of Yamato movie announcement in September, Movie Walker Press published a roundup of news that read as follows…

Space Battleship Yamato, Love Live! and Girls & Panzer are coming one after another…gathering up all the anime news for two weeks!

Text by Triworks (see the original article here)

Here we review the anime-related news that became a hot topic among fan voices from mid to late September. We’ll introduce new information on popular anime such as Space Battleship Yamato and Love Live!

The Age of Space Battleship Yamato, Selections from 2202 theatrical screening is decided

It was announced that The Age of Space Battleship Yamato, the latest work of the masterpiece Yamato anime series, will be screened in theaters and released on a limited edition Blu-ray and by digital sale. In addition, a teaser visual was also released with the Battleship Yamato progressing against the setting sun.

The Yamato 2199 series was broadcast in 2013, and the 2202 series, which used Farewell to Yamato (1978) as its motif, screened in seven theatrical chapters from 2017 and was also broadcast on TV Tokyo.

This time, 2202 Writer Harutoshi Fukui creates two new works. Age of Yamato is a special reconstructed compilation of 2202 with new scenes. From the great voyage to Iscandar in 2199 to the Gatlantis War of 2202, it centers on 2202 with a record of battles recorded throughout the human history and in space. It will be screened for three weeks from Friday January 15 in 36 theaters nationwide. The Blu-ray will be released at participating theaters and the A-on store. It will be digitially distributed on Amazon Prime.

A comment about the work was released from Mr. Fukui: “The world of the Space Battleship Yamato remake series depicted in 2199 and 2202 is not just an update of the original work, it is a “world” constructed of metaphors and allegories for reality. People’s lives are confused by division, misunderstanding, and unwanted changes. Reaching the moon, settling on Mars, the first contact with an alien civilization. It is an unknown journey that diverges from reality with a new image and leaps out of the galaxy. Fans, if you are given to dismiss this as a compilation, you should take another look.”

It can be understood that this is not just a compliation that summarizes the two works.

From here, the Movie Walker article continued to examine three other new releases: Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club (TV series, debuted in October), Girls & Panzer Final Chapter Episode 3 (of 6 movies, to be released in spring ’21), and Sword Art Online Progressive (no release date given).

Photo posted on Twitter by Aznable

October 7: 1/350 Diecast Gimmick Model, Vol. 89

Hachette’s first volume for October was a modest one with almost nothing to assemble, a motor and gear for the aft shock cannon. As can be seen from the photo below (posted on Twitter by momo-chi), there is increasingly less to assemble now that we’re about twenty volumes to the end.

See Hachette’s instruction video here

See an unboxing video here

See a modeler’s blog here

October 9: Star Blazers Lambda Chapter 6

This chapter of the Space Battleship Yamato NEXT manga was an all-action installment with another attack from the alien Seireness. The pilots of NerfThis have to deal with a curve ball when the enemy brings a classic Gamilas tactic to the fray, and we learn a little more about Marina Fraser in the response.

See all the pages with description here.

October 11: Yamato III 40th anniversary

Magmix is a cleverly-named entertainment website in Japan, in which the “MAG” stands for Manga, Anime, Game. (Too late to jump on it, they thought of it first.) Since this was the 40th anniversary of Yamato III‘s broadcast premiere, and the approach of Yamato 2205 is generating renewed interest, they published the following lookback at this part of Yamato history…

It’s been 40 years since the broadcast of Space Battleship Yamato III. It was full of highlights for the villain Dessler…what is its relationship to the new movie?

See the original post here

The latest work, Yamato 2205, The New Voyage is scheduled to be released in 2021. The Yamato series is still loved by many fans, and this year the TV anime Yamato III celebrates the 40th anniversary of its 1980 premiere. Along with its new crew and highlights for the exceptional villain Dessler, what is its relationship to the new movie?

The appearance of a new crew is one of the highlights

October 11, 1980. Exactly 40 years ago on this day, the third Space Battleship Yamato series, Yamato III, got started. Unlike the first series, there has been no theatrical version, and unlike the second series it was not a TV version of a movie. When it comes to the Yamato series, some think a TV version is interchangeable with a theatrical version, but that is a misunderstanding about this work.

The story begins with the incident of a planetary destruction missile hitting the sun like a stray bullet. This causes the sun to expand, leaving Earth in a state where humans can only survive for one year. Therefore, Yamato leaves for space to search for a second Earth. However two giant interstellar nations are vying for supremacy in the galaxy, and Yamato gets caught up in the fight.

There are many notable things in this work. First, Susumu Kodai is no longer the deputy captain, he becomes the official captain. As a result, the story advances while centering on the growth of a new crew member.

Ryusuke Domon is at the center of the new crew. He has a vigorous personality, and is said to resemble Kodai during the journey to Iscandar. He earned top grades for weaponry in the academy, but is assigned to kitchen duty in the life support group on board Yamato. It is a trial given by Kodai in expectation of Domon’s skill, and after gaining experience on the voyage Domon eventually matures enough to fire the Wave-Motion gun.

Another central figure is Takeshi Ageha. He is on good terms with Domon, and they often work together as they encounter various events. He belongs to Yamato‘s fighter squadron and shows the full potential of the Cosmo Tiger. At the end of the story, he gets the spotlight when he interacts with Princess Ruda, Shalbart’s successor.

In addition to the new characters, previous characters also get some highlights. Among them, Aihara comes to the forefront in a romance with Akiko, the granddaughter of Commander Todo.

Of course, there is also a showcase for the main character, Kodai. Attention is paid to the anguish of his duties as captain, which was not seen in other series, and to the part of Yuki Mori as the lover who supports him.

Keep an eye on Emperor Dessler, all his appearances are a showcase!

In the end, the overall highlight of the Yamato series is its battle scenes. Thus, the role of the villains is also important. The forces that appear this time are the Galman-Gamilas Empire and the Bolar Federation, interstellar nations that divide the galaxy in two.

At the time of planning, there was also a force called the United States of Zeni, led by President Gorman. It seems to have been conscious of the Cold War at that time. But considering that Yamato represents Japan and Gamilas represents Nazi Germany, the arrangement is also reminiscent of World War II.

At the beginning of the story, Yamato is hostile toward the Galman-Gamilas Empire and helps a battleship on the Bolar side, but it turns out that Galman-Gamilas is a newly-founded nation run by Dessler, who has a friendship with Kodai. Dessler has the image of a ruthless dictator, and has come a long way from his past experiences.

When his subordinates fail, he gives them grace and shows the ability to motivate them with lines like, “If you fail two more times, you will be sentenced to death.” In earlier times, they would be sentenced to immediately drop through the floor. (Laughs)

In the final battle against the Bolar Federation, he leers at Prime Minister Bemlayze and says, “Where should your funeral ceremony be held?”

An even better line than this was, “Did you see it, Talan? The beautiful flower that bloomed after that boy of Earth give his life? We mustn’t allow that flower to scatter in vain.” After that, Dessler annihilates Bolar with the Hyper Dessler Cannon. In fact, Yamato hardly fights at all in the climax and Dessler takes the spotlight with battleship scenes.

The original producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki liked Dessler and increased his highlights from the second feature film onward. You can’t take your eyes off him in this work, so all of his appearances are a showcase.

Of course, there are many other highlights and characters for your attention, but the one I recommend most is Frakken, also known as the Galman Wolf. He is a powerful person who becomes the first to capture Yamato. Perhaps because of his popularity, he appears in the remake work, Yamato 2199.

Actually, 2205 is the year Yamato III begins (described as the early 23rd century in the narration), and I notice the title of the next remake series is Yamato 2205 (scheduled to debut in 2021). I don’t know what their relationship is at the moment, but I think it’s fun to think about it before the start of the new series.

Photo posted on Twitter by TakeChannel36

October 14: 1/350 Diecast Gimmick Model, Vol. 90

Another small step forward this week with the third shock cannon turret (but no means to connect it to the deck yet).

See Hachette’s instruction video here

See an unboxing video here

See a modeler’s blog here

October 18: Yamaket 16

The one-day Yamato mini-con (part of a larger event called Torilozi) returned for another go-round in Covid world. Twenty fan circles assembled to sell and swap their doujinshis and other DIY projects.

Click here to see the Twitter stream.

Click here to see a photo gallery from the event.

October 20: William Shatner on Twitter

Nobody saw this coming. NOBODY. He even went with a Japanese spelling.

Photo posted on Twitter by TakeChannel36

October 21: 1/350 Diecast Gimmick Model, Vol. 91

This week, the parts arrived to attach the aft shock cannon to its deck and wire up its motor.

See Hachette’s instruction video here

See an unboxing video here

See a modeler’s blog here

October 22: The Age of Space Battleship Yamato teaser trailer

Almost four weeks after it was first announced, the teaser trailer was on our screens. Take a look at it on Youtube right now!

It’s only 35 seconds long, but it’s fully packed. True to promises made, it’s loaded with visual cues that the movie will be more than a compilation of 2202; it quotes the historical timeline we saw in September, and shots from different time frames create an overarching view of humans in space from the 20th century onward. There also seem to be enhanced shots from 2199‘s opening battle.

Several entertainment sites promoted the trailer, boosting it with a new official comment from Yuka Minakawa, novelist for 2202 and co-writer of the screenplay for the new film:

One day, my cousin who was boarding at my home was going to a movie. He took me along that morning when I was still in the first year of junior high. The movie theater in Shibuya [Tokyo], which was over an hour away by train, had a huge line. Standing in line took longer than the time to get there. I really liked my “older brother” and it was fun to hear talk about manga and science-fiction. The movie we saw side by side together was Space Battleship Yamato. I remember it more than 40 years later. Even when I was writing the script this time, I felt like I was watching a series with my “brother” that was rebooted in the 21st century. I passed the age of my “brother” from back then long ago, but I’m still stuck on it. Why is that? Because, after all, Yamato is good.

Read another article about the teaser at Anime News Network here.

Photo at left posted on Twitter by Chihiroo2202

October 22-25: Kio Edamatsu exhibition

As a designer/layout artist who frequently posted his work on Twitter, Kio “Edakio” Edamatsu became a regular reference point for us while 2202 was in release. In October, he pulled his originals together for a small, four-day exhibit in a renovated Tokyo apartment.

Photos weren’t allowed, unfortunately, but once these things get started they tend to carry on in one form or another. (For example, he previously created an exhibition in 2015.)

October 24: Akiba Souken song poll

This poll covered considerably less ground than others we’ve seen from Akiba Souken, since it was only a referendum on favorite songs by Yuya Hoshino. Crimson Red from Yamato 2202 came in at #5, while his as-yet-unreleased rendering of From Yamato With Love came in 7th place. The favorite was a ballad called Heart of Red Wine, which can be seen on Youtube here.

See the complete poll results here.

October 26: Fonts for download

How much do you want to type words on your computer and see them as if they came from Garmillas, Iscandar, or Gatlantis? What if all you had to do was click here to download them for free, courtesy of Japanese fan “Mirenel Linke”?

I guess we’ll never know…

Photo posted on Twitter by TakeChannel36

October 28: 1/350 Diecast Gimmick Model, Vol. 92

To cap off October, this volume allowed users to finish wiring up the aft guns and attach the aft deck to the superstructure. This baby’s getting BIG.

See Hachette’s instruction video here

See an unboxing video here

See a modeler’s blog here

Also spotted in October

Clear files

This form of merchandising has become very common over the last several years, so it’s very easy to miss a few. Such is the case with these four.

The artwork is close to the style of what we’ve seen in 2202 mobile games, so that is the most likely source. But without corroborating logos, all we can do is admire the outcome.

Game Art

Speaking of mobile games, Yamato 2202: A Distant Journey celebrated its sixth anniversary by posting the art above and below on Twitter.

The game originally debuted under the Yamato 2199 umbrella, in case you were wondering how a 2202 game could have predated the 2202 anime. And yet, to this day, there is no website or archival source for game art. Until that day, we’ll always have…

Fan art

The fan art posted on Twitter in October was nothing short of spectacular. See a character gallery here and a mecha gallery here.

Fan models

Modeling continued to pour out of Japanese workshops like a firehose. See the latest finds here (Earth ships) and here (fighters and others).

Doro Off 2020

This modeling exhibition is one of the highlights of the fall, showcasing some of the finest craftsmanship anywhere. The pandemic turned this year’s version into a virtual event with photos posted on Twitter. In other words, pretty much the same as usual for everyone outside Japan.

See the Twitter page here.

Kindle books

In Report 51, we learned of a forthcoming Space Battleship Yamato reference book for Kindle, ostensibly the first of its kind. Upon further inspection, it turns out to actually be the fifth. Four previous books exist, all written by Akira Kawamata and published by PD Company, Ltd. Like this website, they are almost certainly unauthorized and unofficial.

One by one, they are:

The dirt you didn’t know behind the hit and downfall of Space Battleship Yamato
First published 2014, expanded edition in April 2020

A critical look at the social climate that led to the original Yamato and the remakes.

The truth you didn’t know about the Space Battleship Yamato Roman Album
June 2018

The author goes on an unprecedented deep dive, comparing 14 different (according to him) variants of the first Yamato Roman Album.

The truth you didn’t know about Space Battleship Yamato‘s copyright; the unknown swamp of the 70s
First published December 2018, expanded edition in May 2020

Here the author examines and attempts to untangle the numerous and byzantine licensing practices of Yamato merchandise.

Space Battleship Yamato is dead
March 2018

This ominously-titled volume claims that Yamato wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be in terms of its position in otaku culture, probably in an attempt to widen the context.

Each of these books can be purchased for download onto Amazon Kindle, but this reporter has no idea if they will work on a non-Japanese platform. Regardless, the text is sure to be entirely in Japanese. Until that changes, access is extremely limited.

Young Guitar magazine

So what’s THIS doing here? Once in a while, obscure items slip through the Cosmo DNA radar, to be picked up much later. (Which is what keeps this hobby so interesting.) Here we have the March 2012 issue of Young Guitar magazine, published by Shinko Music Entertainment. Four months before it came out, Animetal USA released a debut CD of anime song covers in speed metal form – including the Yamato theme. (Order it the disc here or get it on iTunes. Really!)

The magazine published guitar scores in every issue, and this one came with the insanely packed score for Animetal’s Yamato theme. And because you’ve been good little fans, the entire thing has been scanned and compiled into this PDF right here. Download it, print it, shred it, and share the results with us at our Facebook page!

Excellent parenting

We close the month with a salute to Mr. Don Bell, who took his entire family off to outer space on Halloween in what is, hands down, the most memorable cosplay of the year. Don posted these photos on Facebook (and gave permission to reprint them here) with the following explanation…

Here was our attempt to convert “Akira Yamamoto’s” stroller into the Yamato so she could trick-or-treat with her older sisters Yuki and Misaki. Ran out of time, so we had to just draw some of the features on, like the gun turrets. Oh, well. At least we got the Wave-Motion Gun to work.”

Continue to Report 53

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