Space Battleship Yamato 2205 Report 2

One of the best things about being a Yamato fan is getting blindsided by a full-power promo campaign. That’s what happened to all of us on August 9 when a brand new 2205 trailer flew in from nowhere and delivered an infoblast right up the middle. Here’s a complete analysis of what’s in it.

Poster Art

The teaser image of a defeated-looking Dessler has run its course, and now we’ve got a new poster. And it actually IS a poster. On Friday August 13, a new round of advance tickets went on sale, and this poster was the incentive to buy one. (A continuation of the 2202 campaign, in which such a poster was offered for each of the seven chapters.)

The captions on this one read as follows:

Center: I don’t expect anything more from adults. (almost certainly spoken by Ryusuke Domon)

Upper left:
Seeking the future they should have, young people boarding the legendary ship shout their disruption. The new Yamato, time to fly!

On its surface, this sounds like an extension of the theme that began in Yamato 2202, regarding those who feel “betrayed by the future.” Harutoshi Fukui pursued that theme as an allegory for the Yamato generation itself, which grew up with the promise of a bright future that was then squandered by one government misstep after another. Now it is the younger generation’s turn to make their own version of that statement and “shout their disruption.” (An alternate translation could be “turbulence” or “upset.”)

More specifically, it looks like Ryusuke Domon is the focal point character for the grievances of youth against the adults who deprived them of their potential. To someone like Domon, every adult would be equally responsible. His original counterpart in Yamato III also came into the story with a chip on his shoulder that had to be mellowed over time, but his grievances stemmed from the tragedy of losing his family and being “screwed over” by Kodai’s decision to start him off in the lower ranks. Today’s Domon has more universal axes to grind.

The image was added to the home page of the official website on August 9, and also adorned a new flyer given away in theaters (below).

The art is by character designer Nobuteru Yuuki. See a textless version at the end of this page.

Character Design

We got a very brief look at Dezarium Commander Deda in the teaser released on June 24, and on August 9 his full mug went on display. The original 1979 version is shown at right. The voice actor for Deda is Masuo Amada. See his entry at Anime News Network here.

As we learned from the Yamatalk event at the end of June, the original name for the enemy, Dark Nebula or Black Nebula Empire, is now “Dezarium.” That name derives from their home planet as seen in Be Forever Yamato.

On this same day (still August 9), Masuo Amada posted his first Tweet as an officially-announced cast member. It included the photo at right of a recording script for the fourth episode (part 4 of the first movie). He simply said, “I’m Masuo Amada, who plays the role of Deda. Please take a look.”

The title of this episode (as per the script cover) reads
Save Iscandar! The rebellion of the brave youth.

From this we can deduce that the first movie will reach the end of the original New Voyage storyline and pave the way for a reboot (if we can call it that) of Be Forever.

Mecha Design

Also revealed on August 9 was the final design for Deda’s flagship, the Dezarium Battleship Great Pleiades. It’s a spikier version of the 1979 design by Mitsuki Nakamura of Office Mecaman studio.

Read all about the making of the original New Voyage here.

The Trailer

Thanks to friend of the website Minoru Itgaki, we have a full translation of the dialogue heard during this impressive minute-long presentation. It’s all included in the following analysis.

See the trailer on Youtube here.

Close on Deda’s eye. He taps his temple and a digital effect spreads over his skin.

Deda: “The collection process follows the timeline without delay.”

His command chamber opens and a cape billows out from his uniform. (Nanotech?)

Deda: “Any noise not present in the recording will be erased. Great Pleiades, move forward!”

A shot of Great Pleiades leading its fleet, followed by Dessler yelling orders. The clouds outside the window indicate he is over a planet, probably Iscandar.

A closeup of Great Pleiades with contrast adjusted to reveal intricate detail. Posted on Twitter by AdieuGE999_2199.

Garmillas dive bombers fly into a hail of gunfire.

General Talan: “Fighter squadron, launch!”

A Bolar general shouts, “What has Dessler done!?”

Ryusuke Domon speaks to someone off-screen (maybe Kodai): “Can you carry this on your back? The fate of all earthlings?”

Kodai reacts. New crew members squabble.

Yabu reacts to something surprising. Then we see Deda in his command seat.

Dessler’s voice: “Who are you?”

Another voice: “We are Dezarium.” Title logo over Yamato launching from the sea: Yamato 2205, The New Voyage

Images of Berger and Frakken, shocked by something seen off-screen (probably Garmillas being destroyed)

Another voice: “you weaklings who will have no effect on history…”

Deda concludes: “…DISAPPEAR!”

Deda’s ships open fire. Dezarium fighters descend on Iscandar.

At left: for comparison, here’s the original design for the fighters seen in that shot. Fleeing people are blasted from above by gunfire.

An energy drill goes to work smashing through the surface of Garmillas.

Deda voice: “For the dream of 1,000 years of Dezariam…”

Berger in battle mode. Dezarium ships firing at an offscreen target.

Another voice: “…all we need is Iscandar.”

A modified Lambda-style Garmillas carrier evades enemy fire and shoots back.

A very angry Ryusuke Domon. Yamato‘s shock cannons fire and recoil in a way we haven’t seen before.

Voice over (new character): “Why is Ryusuke on the first bridge?”

UNCF combat carrier Hyuga deflects incoming fire. Same color as Yamato‘s beams, which means this could be a training exercise. Floating debris looks like leftover Calaklum wreckage from the Gatlantis war.

Dessler speaks: “We must save as many Garmillas citizens as possible.”

Surface wreckage and casualties (probably on Garmillas).

A closer look at the tragedy. Dezarium ships firing away at something.

A blast from the Dessler cannon rips them apart like paper! It took this long in the original saga for us to see his prime weapon do real damage to a target, so that’s holding up.

A last shot of Deda. Then we see Domon at Yamato‘s helm.

Kodai’s voice: “But Yamato is more than just a battleship.”

Quick shots of Hyss and a Cosmo Tiger II flying through an asteroid cloud (probably the training flight).

Quick shots of Yamamoto in the cockpit and a mysterious artifact, maybe a new Wave-Motion Core.

Kodai continues: “It is a symbol of the hope of the human race.”

Quick shots of a worried Starsha and Yurisha, then Garmillas ships warping in.

Another shot of Yabu, probably looking at the destruction of Garmillas. Yuki makes eyes at Kodai.

Kodai orders Yamato to launch. Domon is rigid at the helm (taking the place of Kitano in the original).

Kodai’s voice finishes: “The will of those who never, ever want to lose hope.”

Domon pulls back on the sticks and the ship takes off. TITLE: Beginning Part TAKE OFF

We close with Starsha looking up at the burning Garmillas. At right, the same shot from the first teaser trailer, released in June. Things have amped up quite a bit since then.

Spoiler Zone

Remember when lucky fans in Japan got to see the first six minutes of Yamato 2205 when they went back to see Age of Yamato in late June? Want to know exactly what was in those six minutes?

One viewer posted their description of the footage online. Click here to read it in English…if you dare.

7 thoughts on “Space Battleship Yamato 2205 Report 2

  1. Thanks for the translations of the dialogue!

    In that frame with Starsha (5th row from the bottom), I believe that is actually Sasha next to her, not Yurisha. Their hair color and outfits are pretty different, and we saw what appeared to be Sasha’s concept art in a Yamato magazine you posted in the 2205 Report 1. If that is Sasha, then I’m curious what her role is going to be, since they’ve kept the “Iscandarians age pretty fast” concept from Be Forever Yamato

    • There are three significant reasons why that’s probably not Sasha. First, she’s still an infant at this point in the original story. Second, it would be bad craftsmanship to design her in a way that could be confused with Yurisha. Third – and most important – she’s one of the five most popular characters in Yamato history. When they unveil her, it’s not going to be in a fleeting cameo like this. It will be done in a way that leaves no doubt.

      • Personally I also think it could be Sasha, if I consider the color of the eyes, different from Yurisha (but I admit we don’t see well on the image). Also, as the story seems to have “New voyage” and “Forever Yamato” in the same year 2205 (with elements of the Bolar war obviously), I think they won’t show that part where Sasha is an infant (she’s already 4 or 5 years old at this point of the story, considering she was conceived in 2199 and born in 2200, so it’s old enough for a Iscandarian to be adult, if I remember). But is she really a popular character? I mean she appears only in a movie, so to me she was relatively secondary (but I don’t know how it is in Japan or the US)
        But well, anyway we’ll see soon, and I hope they’ll do Yamato III somehow in the future (if there is one that has to be rewritten, it’s that one, in my opinion)

  2. Do we know how long chapter 1 will be yet? I’m trying to predict how the story will play out and if its just remaking The New Voyage (with elements of Yamato III in it) or if it’ll include (at least parts of) Be Forever as well.

    • Two movies consisting of four “episodes” each. Based on the latest info, it feels like they’ll cover New Voyage in the first movie and Be Forever in the second. With Yamato III elements added.

      • I personally don’t think that Be Forever will be adapted with 2205. At most 4 ‘episodes’ would be around the same run length as Be Forever.
        It would likely involve cutting original content (wouldn’t be to sad to see the sasha/kodai plot go or changed) and not including all too much new content.
        I think that Be Forever will be adapted in a 2206 or 2207 or even a 2205: Be Forever. A similar 2 chapter movie set Like 2205 is.

        From the trailers, i personally think Take Off will be half bolar conflict, half dark nebula conflict with the cliffhanger being the destruction of Gamillas or the departure of Iscandar.
        Those are my 2 cents at least.

        • 2205 is composed of two separate parts, each containing four episodes. The first four episodes (TAKE-OFF) will likely cover a mixture of remaining New Journey elements, Yamato III concepts and some brand new ideas. Maybe some from Be Forever too. 2205’s second part (Name unknown) will likely explore a similar mixture of ideas, but this time some Be Forever ones as well.

          Bear in mind that New Journey and Be Forever were stories with a very different and slower tempo than what modern anime productions are used to. Many elements from both these works have also been explored in the reboot already. Whether that be Mamoru Kodai’s lingering attachment to Iscandar in NJ or Yuki and Kodai’s troubled love in BF. Lt. Alphon’s conceptual origins as “Keyman” or Dessler’s commitment to finding a new home planet. These are big ideas that already have to be revamped for 2205.

          That said, we’ll just have to wait and see where this next work goes!

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