Star Blazers Episode 39 script

This was originally produced in Japan as Episode 13 of Yamato 2, marking the halfway point of the series. For comparison, you can see the complete storyboard for that episode (with translated text) here.

Point of order: “A far distant galaxy” should have been “A far distant planet,” but if we get bogged down in science mistakes we’ll never be finished…

The notification to “cut titles” refers to the on-screen Japanese episode title. To avoid interrupting the accompanying music, the Star Blazers editor simply paused on a still frame and let the soundtrack play through it. In the original Japanese broadcast, the opening “recap” footage was tacked onto the opening title and the show went to commercial after the episode title came up. Star Blazers just proceeded into the main body of the episode.

Here, the “Title Shot” refers to an onscreen caption labeling Skorge’s headquarters. If you ever wondered why we don’t see as many establishing shots in Star Blazers as we probably should, onscreen captions in Japanese were the reason.

Here we have a genuine deleted scene. It was scripted to match the original Japanese version, but ultimately cut from the episode. Probably for time.

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