2021-2023 Timeline

About this list: this is a work-in-progress with the goal of assembling as complete a timeline as possible of the entire Yamato/Star Blazers phenomenon. Data will be added and revised as new information becomes available. As the entries on this list receive coverage elsewhere on this site, links will be added to help you find them. If you notice missing, incorrect, or incomplete items on this list, please contact us and make noise!

Timelines for Yamato 2199 and Yamato 2202 can be found in their own sections.

No-class 2021
No-class JAN
online 15 Article on Yoshinobu Nishizaki (Magmix)
BOOK 17 Leiji Matsumoto: Essays on the Manga and Anime Legend (McFarland)
No-class FEB
RIP 28 Amy Howard Wilson (voice of Nova in Star Blazers)
No-class MAR
BOOK 1 Showa Anime Card Chronicle (Tatsumi Publishing)
online 25 The History of the Star Blazers mini-documentary (Toy Galaxy)
No-class APR
event 9 Isao Sasaki 60th anniversary concert
online 22 Online poll, favorite Leiji Matsumoto manga (Netlab)
music 25 CD: Departing Ship: a Baritone’s Collection of Hiroshi Miyagawa Songs (BKM records)
No-class MAY
online 1 Cartoon Barroom podcast covers Yamato
online 13 Oldtaku no Radio podcast covers Yamato
online 10 Article: The Science of Warping (Kusolab)
No-class SEP
RIP 7 Eiichi Yamamoto (writer)
music 8 CD: Always ~ Masterpiece Story by Ikuko Kawai (Sony Music)
online 16 Online poll, favorite space manga (Voice Note magazine)
BOOK 27 Dawn Chapter, Aquarius Algorithm novel (Kadokawa)
No-class OCT
BOOK 8 Star Blazers Lambda manga Vol. 3 (Kadokawa)
online 17 Article on Yamato melody at Kure train station (AERAdot)
No-class NOV
event 13 Yamato exhibits at Yokosuka Sea Anime Carnival
online 19 Article: The Revival of Okita (Kusolab)
RIP 26 Makoto Hirahara (musician)
No-class DEC
online 12 Online poll, favorite Kei Tomiyama character (Netlab)
RIP 19 Sayaka Kanda (voice of Teresa in 2202)
No-class 2022
No-class JAN
event 16 Yamato Montage for Chamber Music performed by Ensemble Vega
event 19 Be Forever Yamato, Rebel 3199 announced
No-class FEB
online 15 Online auction, art by Keisuke Masunaga (Mandarake)
event 23 Yamato Montage for Chamber Music performed by Ensemble Vega
No-class MAR
online 14 Shinya Ogura interview about Farewell to Yamato (Febri)
No-class APR
event 8 Animage & Ghibli exhibition at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
event 10 Yamaket 19 fan event
event 25 Yakitori Yamato restaurant closes
online ? Yamato Montage for Chamber Music posted on Youtube
No-class MAY
on air 7 Radio Suite Be Forever Yamato broadcast
online 13 Space movie popularity poll (Voice Note magazine)
event 14 Yamato music performed live at Shizuoka Hobby Show
No-class JUN
online ? The Lost Journey webcomic completed
No-class JUL
online 4 Online auction, art by Keisuke Masunaga (Mandarake)
online 7 Fan poll: favorite Kodai lines (Akiba Souken)
on air 21 Yamato model appears on Mass Production Rico TV series
No-class AUG
online 12 Star Blazers Lambda concludes serialization (Comic Newtype)
event 14 Yamato theme performed at Anime Japan Fes 2022
event 20 Yamato Montage for Chamber Music performed by Ensemble Vega
publication 25 Studio Nue 50th anniversary covered in SF Magazine (Hayakawa Shobo)
No-class SEP
on air 3 Masato Ibu appears on No Car, No Life TV series
event 17/18 Yamato models exhibited at Doro Off Exhibition X
book 19 The Lost Journey limited print edition
No-class OCT
online 5 Yamato vs. Arcadia article (Kusolab)
on air 15 Isao Sasaki appears on Singing Battle 2022 Autumn TV series
event 24 Yasuhiko Yoshikazu receives Film Lifetime Achievement award from Japan Agency of Cultural Affairs
event 30 Yamato music performed live at Ensemble Vega concert
online 30 Fan poll: favorite vintage mecha (Akiba Souken)
event 30 Yamaket 20 fan event
No-class NOV
event 1 Nobuhiro Okaseka Illustration Exhibition (through Nov 10)
online 8 Dessler’s language article (Kusolab)
BOOK 10 Star Blazers Lambda manga Vol. 4 and 5 (Kadokawa)
online 16 Online auction, art by Shinya Takahashi
on air 17 Isao Sasaki appears on Showa Songs Best Ten DX TV series
event 18 Yamato music performed live at JSDF Music Festival ’22
No-class 2023
No-class FEB
ONLINE 6 Yamato examined in Dream-Science Laboratory column
ONLINE 13 Isao Sasaki interviewed by Zakzak
RIP 13 Leiji Matsumoto dies of heart failure at 85
RIP 15 Voice Actor Shozo Iizuka dies of heart failure
EVENT 23 Yamato Meets Classics concert (Fukuoka)
ONLINE 24 Final Yamato character popularity poll (Akiba Souken)
ONLINE 27 Yamato examined in Dream-Science Laboratory column
No-class APR
ONLINE 13 Online poll, favorite Final Yamato mecha (Akiba Souken)
ONLINE 6 Leiji Matsumoto retrospective article (The Comics Journal)
EVENT 8 Yamato music performed live at Movie Music XIV concert (Kawasaki)
ONLINE 9 Ryusuke Hikawa interview (Houchi Shimbun)
ONLINE 20 Shiro Sanada analysis article (Shizuoka Shimbun)
EVENT 23 Yamato music performed live at Koriyama Brass Band 50th Anniversary concert (Koriyama city)
ON AIR 25 Isao Sasaki performs Yamato theme on Uta-con (NHK)
ONLINE 28 Yamato Grand Symphony analysis article (NOTE website)
No-class AUG
EVENT 15 The World of Takashi Yamazaki, Film Director exhibition opens, Matsumoto City Museum of Art (through Oct 29)
ONLINE 5 Online poll, favorite Farewell to Yamato mecha (Akiba Souken)
ONLINE 12 Shinya Takahashi art at Yahoo Japan Auctions
EVENT 13 Isao Sasaki performs at AJF2023 concert (Nagano)
PUBLICATION 15 Yamato goods listed in Mandarake Zenbu #117
EVENT 23 Sarah Alainn performs Yamato song in concert (Tokyo)
CINEMA 25 Advance tickets for Space Battleship Yamato and Farewell to Yamato in 4k
ONLINE 29 Trailer for Yamato movies in 4k
PRODUCT 28 50th anniversary Osachi preorders open

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