2021 Timeline

About this list: this is a work-in-progress with the goal of assembling as complete a timeline as possible of the entire Yamato/Star Blazers phenomenon. Data will be added and revised as new information becomes available. As the entries on this list receive coverage elsewhere on this site, links will be added to help you find them. If you notice missing, incorrect, or incomplete items on this list, please contact us and make noise!

Timelines for Yamato 2199 and Yamato 2202 can be found in their own sections.

No-class 2021
No-class JAN
online 15 Article on Yoshinobu Nishizaki (Magmix)
BOOK 17 Leiji Matsumoto: Essays on the Manga and Anime Legend (McFarland)
No-class FEB
RIP 28 Amy Howard Wilson (voice of Nova in Star Blazers)
No-class MAR
BOOK 1 Showa Anime Card Chronicle (Tatsumi Publishing)
online 25 The History of the Star Blazers mini-documentary (Toy Galaxy)
No-class APR
event 9 Isao Sasaki 60th anniversary concert
online 22 Online poll, favorite Leiji Matsumoto manga (Netlab)
music 25 CD: Departing Ship: a Baritone’s Collection of Hiroshi Miyagawa Songs (BKM records)
No-class MAY
online 1 Cartoon Barroom podcast covers Yamato
online 13 Oldtaku no Radio podcast covers Yamato
online 10 Article: The Science of Warping (Kusolab)
No-class SEP
RIP 7 Eiichi Yamamoto (writer)
music 8 CD: Always ~ Masterpiece Story by Ikuko Kawai (Sony Music)
online 16 Online poll, favorite space manga (Voice Note magazine)
BOOK 27 Dawn Chapter, Aquarius Algorithm novel (Kadokawa)
No-class OCT
online 17 Article on Yamato melody at Kure train station (AERAdot)
No-class NOV
event 13 Yamato exhibits at Yokosuka Sea Anime Carnival
online 19 Article: The Revival of Okita (Kusolab)
RIP 26 Makoto Hirahara (musician)
No-class DEC
online 12 Online poll, favorite Kei Tomiyama character (Netlab)
RIP 19 Sayaka Kanda (voice of Teresa in 2202)

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