Space Battleship Yamato 2205 Report 8

2205 activity got a huge boost with the Chapter 2 premiere as a dramatic new turning point was added to the remake universe, giving us a lot to sort out until the next adventure begins. Here’s what went down in the busy month of February…

February 2-4: Online interviews continue

Picking up from the last week of January, Japanese entertainment sites continued to publish interviews with voice actors leading up to the premiere and beyond, all the way to February 12. They included talks with familiar friends such as Koichi Yamadera (Dessler), Kikuko Inoue (Starsha) and Daisuke Ono (Kodai)…

…and newer members of the team such as singer Ayaka Hirahara and the rookies who truly made 2205 into a new voyage. All of these interviews (and some leftovers from Chapter 1) will appear here at Cosmo DNA in future updates.

Start with multiple Yamadera/Inoue interviews here.

Read interviews with Daisuke Ono (Kodai) and Director Kenji Yasuda here.

Read an interview with Writer Harutoshi Fukui here.

Read an interviews with Voice Actor Cho here.

February 3: Original soundtrack released

The glorious 2-disc CD soundtrack for the entirety of 2205 hit stores the day before Chapter 2’s premiere, and it’s another rock-solid addition to the growing catalog.

Those who preordered from online sources received a mini clear file with the
album art by Kia Asamiya. (Photo posted on Twitter by G_EAGLE)

Order your copy from here or CD Japan here.

Liner Notes by Sound Supervisor Tomohiro Yoshida

The soundtrack of Yamato 2205 is quite varied, and we added to it some BGM from Ark of the Stars and 2202. I started by reading the script of the eight episodes several times, and listed the tracks that I heard in my head in addition to those that were requested in the script.

I divided them into six groups. The first group was a re-recording of the original New Voyage. The second group was a re-recording of Hyperon Bomb from Be Forever Yamato as a preview for the next work, 3199. The third was re-recordings from Yamato III, since 2205 incorporates some of its elements. The fourth was a new piece by Akira Miyagawa.

The fifth consisted of three songs from the old work: the TV series opening, Yamato!! The New Voyage, and Parting, all using the original sound sources. The TV size version of Space Battleship Yamato has been newly edited from past material due to its length.

In addition, since the BGM for Yamato 2199 was recorded before the mix of Age of Yamato, two tracks were re-recorded: Infinite Universe and Gathering the Fleet. This was the sixth group.

It is a soundtrack that encompasses a wide range of series, including old pieces from the beginning to Yamato III, plus new ones by Akira Miyagawa. Since I’m running out of space, I’ll skip the familiar old songs (and re-recordings), and briefly mention eight new pieces by Akira Miyagawa.

Copies on sale at Tower Records, Tokyo

Domon is a variation of three pieces centered on Ryusuke Domon’s feelings for his father.

• The themes related to Iscandar, in which the truth is revealed. The motif of the blue crystals was used for The Truth of Iscandar and the memory keeper Sanctel.

Dezarium Hammer is a battle song for the enemy that starts with a Mini Moog solo.

Battle of the Garmillas Fleet, a battle song of the Earth and Garmillas allied fleet.

Days with Love, a variation of Great Love that depicts the daily life of Kodai and Yuki.

As an aside, the classical records that Meldars listens to in the movie are Debussy’s Clair de lune, Chopin’s Nocturne No. 2, Debussy’s Dream, and Mozart’s Fantasia in D minor.

Track Listing

01 Last Hope (re-recorded)
02 New Voyage (slow)
03 Dessler’s Anguish
04 Space Battleship Yamato (Isao Sasaki)
05 Bolar (suspense)
06 Days with Love
07 Meditation – With Love
08 Afternoon Rest
09 Salute of the Young
10 Domon (suspense)
11 Love that sustains Dessler
12 Yamato! The New Voyage (Isao Sasaki & Feeling Free)
13 Domon
14 Domon (lonely)
15 Young Wings (from “Cosmo Tiger”)
16 Shadow of Goruba
17 Loneliness
18 Goruba, its Appearance
19 Continuing Tension
20 Reinforcements Arrive
21 Battle for the Future

01 The Ocean of Sorrow
02 Feelings Fade Away (piano solo)
03 Goruba, its Appearance (sadness)
04 Goruba, its Appearance (eerie)
05 Gravely, Yamato goes
06 Yamato Meditation
07 Wandering Iscandar
08 Dezarium Hammer
09 Sanctel
10 The Truth of Iscandar
11 Parting (Mitsuko Horie)
12 Starsha
13 Battle of the Garmillas Fleet
14 Dawn of the Great War
15 Feelings Fade Away
16 The Coming Hyperon Bomb
17 Love is Still Light (Ayaka Hirahara)
18 Wandering Iscandar (oboe solo)
19 Feelings Fade Away (violin solo)

Liner Notes by Writer Harutoshi Fukui

For the ending theme song of 2205, I asked Akira Miyagawa to write the melody first, and the production method of adding the lyrics later was adopted.

We had already decided at an early stage to ask Yukinojo Mori to write the lyrics. At that time, we had a lot of discussions about what kind of story 2205 would be and what kind of theme it would contain. I presented the following prose to aid in understanding:

There was once a war.
We were poor. We worked hard.
When things got a little better, you were born.
Misery and sorrow are memories of the distant past
Illuminated by the lukewarm sun
Swaying in the peaceful, gentle wind
You just bloomed there
Because you are a child who lives in happiness

Many years have passed since then.
You left school, learned to work.
When I became a little older, everything started to break down.
Unhappiness and sorrow are the daily news.
What was normal is no longer normal
The “worst” is updated every year
It’s so hard just to live
I should have been a child who lived for happiness

I lost so many things
I only have the feeling that I’ll lose more.
But what I regret more than anything is you.
I can’t keep the misery and sorrow away
I’ve never known lukewarm sunshine
I don’t know the peaceful, gentle wind
I’m just staring at an uncertain tomorrow.
I can’t say that I’m a child who lives for happiness.

The history we once looked up to
We are living in a cruel time
The great harmony is far away
But I can hear the harmony
Let’s sing and connect for the future you’ll live in

Many years from now
When you leave school and learn to work
Remember when you became a parent
This melody of misery and sorrow
Let the lukewarm sun shine once more
Peaceful and gentle breeze again
The sound of the future that I looked for
Because you are a child who lives in happiness

It is literal prose without any rhyme or melody. In addition (1) I wanted to incorporate Yabu’s line from the story, “When you’re at rock bottom, it means something great is waiting to happen” and (2) the prelude should feel like “light spreading out into darkness” to synchronize with the ending. (For an example, I mentioned the prelude of the insert song Mirror of the Moon from 2202.)

These two points are all that I requested from both craftsmen regarding the theme song. This is how the song was created. I’m sure you’ll be impressed with the quality of the music, including the vocalist Ayaka Hirahara.

(Find a translated version of the end song Love is Still Light here)

On the other hand, this prose…I’ll just offer the excuse that it’s not my main job. I’m including it here only for its documentary value. After reading it, all Akira-sensei said was, “It’s heavy. I’d like to give the listeners a little more of a souvenir.”

February 3: Pop-up stores announced

Yamato-themed pop-up stores sound like a great new idea, but in fact they go all the way back to the 70s when temporary displays turned up in malls and department stores to tie into movie openings. Two of these were announced for late February and late March at Marui department stores in two different cities. Original production materials would be displayed alongside limited edition and original products to be revealed later. Keep reading for more.

February 4: Hideki Oka on Twitter

Premiere day unofficially began with Scriptwriter Hideki Oka firing off a Tweet that read as follows:

Space Battleship Yamato 2205: Starsha finally starts today. It’s been a difficult time for us. But the film will not falter. Please watch it in your own time and in your own way! I’m sure these two (Director Yasuda and Mr. Fukui) are thinking that. Maybe.

And so, Yamato 2205 is on its way!

Pics posted on Twitter by air_messiah0829, konpeki601, Snow_Rabbit0212, guitarist_Jack, WatanabeRailway, and gigagiga100000

February 4: Yamato 2205 Chapter 2 premiere

Starsha opened in 36 theaters, delivering an action-packed and revelatory finale to The New Voyage. It ended approximately where the original 1979 version did, cueing up a rematch for the Dezarium Empire to come in REBEL 3199. These descriptions for the four episodes were posted on the official site later in the month (skip to the next entry to avoid spoilers):

Episode 5: Urgent Order! Yamato, shoot Iscandar!

After reaching Iscandar, Yamato and its two companion ships join up with the Dessler fleet. In order to warp Iscandar further, Dezarium is targeting the planet Garmario in the Bolzon solar system as an energy resource. In order to block this strategy, Kodai decides to destroy Garmario with the Wave-Motion Gun…

Episode 6: Operation Rescue of the Immigrant Fleet – Go Beyond the Dimensional Barrier!

The Earth and Garmillas fleets, helpless in the face of the Autolanet Goruba of Dezarium, decide to prioritize the rescue of everyone on Iscandar. However, Kodai, feeling guilty about using the WMG, refuses to be dissuaded by Starsha. Dessler hurls words of contempt at her.

Episode 7: Iscandar: A Dying, Sad Planet

Starsha invites Kodai and Dessler into the expansive sanctuary of Sanctel underneath Iscandar. In the great vault where the elements of the stars are stored, Kodai is reunited with his late brother, Mamoru. What is the truth about Iscandar’s “salvation” that brings peace to all intelligent life, and what is the truth about Garmillas?

Final Episode: Hello Sasha

Out of love, Dessler shouts to Kodai to fire the WMG in order to strike back at Goruba. As Kodai is about to accept this reality, Domon’s youthful enthusiasm moves him. “Save everyone!” In order to carry out Domon’s plan, Kodai rushes to Starsha in the experimental Dimensional Submarine Cosmo Hound.

February 4: Chapter 2 theater Blu-ray

Ticket holders who bought the Blu-ray for Chapter 2 could immediately take it home for a second viewing. They could also watch a nice set of extras, including trailers, audio commentary on two episodes, and complete versions of two stage discussions that accompanied 2205 Chapter 1. The disc also came with a 12-page booklet; see it from cover to cover here.

The bonus items that made this an exclusive edition were twin booklets containing storyboards and the script for the final episode (130 pages and 36 pages respectively).

The standard edition (without the bonus booklets) rolls out on March 29. Preorder your copy today from or CD Japan.

February 4: Chapter 2 program book

The program for Chapter 2 was a glorious 40-pager, jam-packed with all the goodies we’ve come to expect. See the whole thing from cover to cover here.

Read an interview with Writer Harutoshi Fukui and Director Kenji Yasuda here.

Of particular significance was the introduction by Harutoshi Fukui, which picks up from Chapter 1 and travels down a heavy road…

The truth about Iscandar is now being told. Then, Dessler will…?

Does the Yamato remake invoke the dream of the original?

I wrote in the previous program book that the original Yamato series after The New Voyage has no theme.

No, Be Forever, Yamato III, and Final Yamato were trying to derive their theme from the first series. Especially in Yamato III. There were signs that they were hastily trying to spin an answer to the dichotomy of “a ship loaded with weapons but carrying an anti-war thesis.” Whether or not this was due to the production being discontinued, the tea was muddied by the development of the climax. Two new characters were killed who didn’t seem to need killing, and the voice that was supposed to reach us fizzled out in the void near the sun. Well, I can only hope that a different fate awaits Domon and the others in the remake series.

When I was approached to produce a sequel to 2202, I had a hard time at first deciding how to set the theme for a remake. I would like to think about it again here.

For those of you who know the original, was there really no theme in Yamato after The New Voyage? Immersed in the atmosphere of the early 80’s, when people innocently believed that peace and prosperity would last forever, it spoke from on high to us young people, saying, “You’ve got to do it!” Was it nothing more than a film steeped in expediency and commercialism?

Because I wrote this, I wish I could say the answer is no. They were films that didn’t say very much. Nevertheless, there is a common aspect in Yamato after The New Voyage. I’m sure all of you fans are well aware of this. The words suddenly turn serious and speak eloquently, even if they disrupt the overall balance: “Don’t settle for the status quo, aim for an ideal world.” This is an unrestrained and powerful message.

It is the same message that can be heard in the song by Akira Fuse at the end of Be Forever. And on planet Shalbart, which achieved perfect peace in Yamato III. Or the words of the Queen of Aquarius in Final Yamato; humans must continue to suffer in order to progress, “love” is a trial given to all things by the universe, and so on.

It’s hard to swallow after living through 30 years of continuous trials. It is a message that, even when wrapped up in nostalgia, overflows with euphoria. But when reworded, it seems to have more weight in today’s world. “The present is not everything. There is room for people to reach greater heights.”

Centerpiece painting by the great Naoyuki Katoh

The future that we can see from 2022 is not a bright one. All kinds of data show that if people continue to live as they do now, there will be no survival after a hundred years. The only way to sustain the world is for mankind itself to change. That’s the story of 2202, isn’t it? Is that still true in 2022?

It’s a time when jokes are no longer jokes. We are no longer young people drifting in the eternal moratorium of postwar Japan. We are now facing the unprecedented dangers of the 21st century. We are adults destined to fight a battle to continue this blood and wisdom for a hundred years to come. We are in the midst of a whirlwind where every move can make a difference in the fate of humans and the planet.

Since the dawn of time, we have been making progress to fight off pain and sorrow. We are destined to continue walking toward an ideal world. Part of a continuum called humanity. In these harsh times, we pray to live. We are a helpless but strong species that cannot help but express our wishes in fiction.

People and society cannot survive unless they change. In this age we feel that this is undeniably true. The story is spun in a time when the middle-aged and the elderly, have no place to go. A story about the pursuit of an ideal world. I can’t help but ask whether it’s worth aiming for in the first place. Prayers and wishes resonate more urgently at a time when everyone is hurting. Ever since the former theme song Yamato! The New Voyage was embedded in 2205, such words began to solidify in my mind as an innocent hymn to peace reinterpreted as a prayer.

It is an updated version of the theme inherent in the original Yamato from The New Voyage onward. This could be the height to which the remake series should aspire. Based on this belief, our staff produced 2205. And now, we are planning to take you even further.

To live is to keep changing. Starsha and Kodai both say this. There are some things that are absolutely non-negotiable, and if you are asked to give them up, resist with all your might. This leads to the next work, 3199, and it seems the resistance for people to remain people has already begun. Regardless of what it looks like, let me just tell you that next time it will be a long one.

We will not betray the expectations of those of you who have continued to entrust your wishes to the fiction called Yamato. The entire staff will do its utmost to make this a success. Please give us some time to bring it to you. The newborn Sasha still needs her sleep.

February 4: Chapter 2 theater goods

The number of Chapter 2 products sold in theater gift shops was noticeably smaller than previous outings, likely due to reduced theater traffic in general. They also sold out quicker with many items disappearing in the first week, especially in the apparel category.

See a complete gallery of all the products here.

February 4: Chapter 2 week 1 theater handout

Nobody who saw Chapter 2 in its opening weekend went home empty-handed; just buying a ticket earned you a free set of art cards in a facsimile of Studio Satelight’s production envelopes. The images for week 1 were Meldars, Yuki, and Starsha. There were three more sets to come.

February 4: Official website updated

In addition to news announcements, the official 2205 website added three new entries to its character and mecha pages. They were as follows…

The Being Called Sasha

A “capsule containing a light ball” that is kept in a room of the Crystal Palace on Iscandar. The light sphere continues to shine, sometimes strongly, sometimes weakly, as if it has a life of its own. Starsha and Yurisha call this light “Sasha.”

Cosmo Hound, prototype dimensional submarine

A special ship that can travel back and forth between normal space and subspace, and can navigate in both. It is capable of observation and reconnaissance across the realms of normal space and subspace. Dimensional submarine technology was put to practical use on Garmillas, and was brought to Earth in the form of technology licensing.

The stabilizing wing is equipped with a multi-dimensional phase ballast tank for breaking through dimensional boundaries and diving, just like a dimensional submarine. The name “Cosmo Hound,” given to the prototype model, comes from the code name “Hound,” which was given to the UX-01 during its operation as a dimensional submarine.

Length: 39.4m
Overall height: 20.0m
Overall width: 7.6m
Main Engine: Modified Dimensional Wave Engine + Ga-200 type Dimensional Submergence Device
Auxiliary Equipment:
Cosmo Turbine x 2 (for normal space navigation and dimensional diving)
Linear spike type Cosmo engine x 1 (for normal space navigation)
Since it was developed as a prototype for experimental purposes, it has no armament.

Cavalry Combat Boat

One of the variants in the “Landing Craft” category, produced based on the regular armored combat boat for the purpose of deploying space cavalry wearing the Type 5 Mobile Space Armor to an operational area.

The “Cavalry Combat Boat” is a common name, and its official name is “Type 5 Space Cavalry Combat Boat” (identification number B2/CFV-05). The boat type is “Armored Personnel Carrier.”

Length: 17.3m
Overall height: 4.2m
Overall width: 11.4m
Crew: 8 people
Loading deck: 6 members of the Space Cavalry Mobile Armor Squadron
Cockpit: 2 members (a captain/pilot, and a radar operator/gunner)
Double-barreled machine gun x 1
Rapid-fire ray gun (pulse laser) x 1
Missile bay (anti-space and anti-surface missiles x 3)
Machine gun x 2 (retractable)
Other personal firearms of the loaded mobile armor

Click here for complete translations of everything on the official character and mecha pages.

Photo posted on Twitter by hancho3142

February 5: Chapter 2 stage greeting

The morning after premiere day, staff and cast members gathered to greet the fans, and Japanese entertainment media was all over it. Here’s what they had to say…

Yamato 2205, Starsha commemorative stage greeting event report released!

Published at the official 2205 website (see the original post here)

Theater: Shinjuku Piccadilly (Tokyo)
Date: February 5, 2022 (Saturday)
Speakers: Daisuke Ono (Susumu Kodai), Koichi Yamadera (Abelt Dessler), Kikuko Inoue (Starsha), Harutoshi Fukui (series composition and script), Shoji Nishizaki (Executive Producer, Supervising Author), MC Eriko Nakamura (Mikage Kiryu)

Daisuke Ono (Kodai)

The event started with greetings from the speakers.

Mr. Fukui said, “Now that the second chapter of the film is here, I’m really looking forward to the next work, 3199“.

Mr. Nishizaki said, “The production of this film has been full of ups and downs, but we have finally reached this day.” He expressed his joy at being able to screen this film and his enthusiasm for the next series.

Mr. Ono said, “It’s been about ten years since I played Susumu Kodai in Yamato 2199. I’ve been on a long journey, working on this ship not by myself, but with the help of everyone. I am filled with the feeling that we have finally reached this grand finale.”

Ms. Inoue said, “When the subtitle Starsha was added in the second chapter, I felt pressure, but after receiving the script, I was able to absorb the meaning of the subtitle. I was able to perform with all the emotions I had experienced and all the thoughts I could have.”

Mr. Yamadera also expressed his passion for the work, saying, “I was amazed by the rapid succession of developments. I am full of gratitude to the staff who made this work possible. I would like to ask each and every one of you what you feel when you see it.”

Next, the talk focused on the new crew that joined the story in 2205.

Voice recording was done one by one for virus control. Mr. Ono said, “Kodai is often recorded first, so I was a little worried about how the other cast members would perform.” But when he saw the finished video, “Everyone in the new crew was really impressive. They were more receptive to my acting than I expected, and they gave me back their passionate performances.”

Next, the actors introduced some of their most memorable scenes from the film.

Ono said, “The part where Dessler carries everything on his own, and the final scene where all the emotions are expressed. I realized once again that 2205 is a love story between Dessler and Starsha.”

Ms. Inoue said, “When I received the script for the scene where Starsha tells the truth, I couldn’t stop crying. The meaning of the scene can change with just one word, so I performed the scene while focusing on the character’s emotions and the meaning of the script.”

Mr. Yamadera also mentioned the last scene of the film: “I had to worry about how to express the emotions that were burning inside.”

Next, they talked about Be Forever Yamato, Rebel 3199.

Mr. Nishizaki said, “With each series, the unique Fukui style is becoming more and more brilliant. I want him to continue to take on Yamato in the next series.”

Mr. Fukui said, “If I have to say only one thing, it would be that the volume of the series will be about the same as that of 2199 and 2202 so far.”

Mr. Ono concluded the event by addressing the fans in the hall: “I have been working on Yamato for the past ten years, and I’ve been thinking about the staff and cast I’ve met along the way. I feel that we have come this far with the feelings of the crew that we sadly had to say goodbye to along the way. I am proud to be a part of the Yamato crew once again. Let’s continue to fly with Yamato toward the future.”

L to R: Eriko Nakamura (MC), Daisuke Ono (Kodai), Kikuko Inoue (Starsha),
Koichi Yamadera (Dessler), Harutoshi Fukui (writer), Shoji Nishizaki (producer)

Kikuko Inoue: Tears from the Yamato 2205 script, and Starsha as “the big sister of the universe

Published by Mantan Web (see the original post here)

There has been much talk of Starsha telling the “truth” in Yamato 2205.

Ms. Inoue said, “I was given a very important role to tell the truth. How much of Starsha’s thoughts could I express? I was very nervous. When I received the script, I couldn’t stop crying. I wondered if all the sadness and hardships in my life were for the purpose of saying Starsha’s lines. I’ve always thought to myself, ‘I want to be a big sister,’ and I’ve become a big sister of the universe.”

Koichi Yamadera (Dessler)

Koichi Yamadera on playing Dessler: “It was tough” and “I was really tired”

Published by Mantan Web (see the original post here)

Mr. Yamadera talked about Dessler’s activities in 2205.

He said, “From Dessler’s point of view, a lot of difficult things happened one after another, and I was really tired. If it wasn’t for Dessler, I wouldn’t be able to keep my mental health. I can’t talk about the ending. Thank you very much for creating so many showcase scenes for me!”

Daisuke Ono, who plays the role of Susumu Kodai, commented on Dessler’s performance: “It was great to see Dessler’s emotions, feelings and movements. They made me happy to be a Yamato fan.”

What will happen in 3199? Harutoshi Fukui: “It will go to a higher level”

Published by Mantan Web (see the original post here)

Harutoshi Fukui, the series creator and scriptwriter, said, “I’m really excited. All of us are working hard for 3199.”

The catchphrase of 3199 is “The future, change it. The enemy is…Space Battleship Yamato.” No details have been announced yet, but Mr. Fukui is proceeding forward.

“With this work (2205), I think Yamato has finally become something that adults can watch and relate to with the years they have lived. This was something that could have been done before with anime, but was not. I want to take it to a higher level with 3199. It will take a little time, but I’ll do my best. I’m looking forward to working with everyone.”

Backstage before the event. Photo published on Twitter by the Yamato Production Committee

Daisuke Ono and Susumu Kodai’s changes, 2205 is “a story of rehabilitation”

Kikuko Inoue (Starsha)

by Masakazu Isobe

Published by Cinema Today (see the original post here)

On February 5, a stage greeting was held at the Shinjuku Piccadilly theater to celebrate the latest work in the series, Yamato 2205, Starsha. On stage were the voice actors Daisuke Ono, Koichi Yamadera, Kikuko Inoue, Harutoshi Fukui (series composition and script), and Shoji Nishizaki (executive producer and supervisor). Eriko Nakamura served as MC. They all shared their passion for the work.

This film is based on the 1979 anime The New Voyage. This is the second part of a complete new work that depicts an interstellar war on a galactic level in two chapters. In the second part of the story, the enemy Dezarium tries to destroy Garmillas and take its twin planet Iscandar. Dessler and Yamato, who used to be enemies, team up to fight against them.

Daisuke Ono, who plays the role of Susumu Kodai, said, “Compared to my previous works, this series is shorter with only eight episodes, but it was a long journey for me. I felt as if everything that Yamato has become is depicted in this journey.”

He continued, “The story up to 2202 was about saving Earth. This is a story of Starsha and Dessler that goes beyond that. I think it’s a work that depicts the love between two people in a big universe.”

Special guests backstage: 2202 director Nobuyoshi Habara
and animator Kia Asamiya. Photo posted on Twitter by
Yamato Production Committee

Yamadera, who voiced Dessler, said, “When I look at it from Dessler’s point of view, I’m tired because a lot of things happen one after another.” He thanked the production team, saying, “Thank you for making so many showcase scenes for me.”

Inoue, who played the role of Starsha, the queen of Iscandar, said with a mysterious look on her face, “I was given a very important role in telling the truth about Garmillas. When I received the script, I couldn’t stop crying. I was very nervous, wondering how much I could say as Starsha and whether I could speak well.”

However, despite the pressure, she was able to overcome it all. “I’ve always wanted to be everyone’s big sister, and with this work, I’ve become the big sister of the universe,” she said with a radiant expression.

Ono, who described the film as “the story of Starsha and Dessler,” said, “I finally got to see Dessler’s emotions. That’s what made me the happiest as a Yamato fan.” He also mentioned that Kodai became the new captain of the ship in this movie, and described the change: “I felt that Kodai’s lines were clearly reduced in Mr. Fuji’s script.”

More backstage photos published on Twitter by Kikuko Inoue and the Yamato Production Committee.

Mr. Fukui said, “This film is a story of rehabilitation for Kodai, who went through such a terrible experience in 2202. It’s a period of time for him to recover as a human being and be able to face his surroundings again.”

He went on to explain, “With this work, Yamato has finally become an anime that can adults can watch and relate to with the years they have lived. It’s something that should have been done before in anime, but hasn’t been done yet. I want to use this as a step to connect it to 3199.”

February 9: 1/350 Diecast Gimmick Model Vol. 156

Parts for the giant Hachette Andromeda model kept on coming, though slowed to a biweekly pace by supply chain issues (as reported last month). This volume was the mirror image of Vol. 154, giving builders a lateral hull panel and bulge for the opposite side of the ship.

See Hachette’s instruction video here

See an unboxing video here

See a modeler’s blog here

February 10: Live online Yamatalk

A unique experience could be had today by people in the right time zones: the chance to watch a live Yamatalk on Youtube from anywhere in the world. For those in the “wrong” time zones, a recording can be watched here.

The host was Chisai Morinaga (the voice of Caroline Raiden), and the participants were Writers Harutoshi Fukui and Hideki Oka, along with Director Kenji Yasuda at a separate location. The program ran for an hour, incorporating questions supplied by fans, the first viewing of a new trailer, and some more tidbits on REBEL 3199.

Specifically, Hideki Oka held up a cover sheet from a proposal by Fukui that put both Yamato 2205 and REBEL 3199 together as a single body of work, indicating that development of both began simultaneously. Fukui confirmed for the record that it will run 26 episodes. He also confirmed that Dessler and his people will have an active role (unlike the original Be Forever Yamato).

Two more interesting announcements: First, another special legacy issue of OUT magazine is in the works for Yamato 2205, similar to the one published for 2202. Fan contributions are welcome. Second, the audio CD that will accompany the Amazon edition of the 2205 Chapter 2 Blu-ray will have a Q&A section for fans, so questions are being solicited via Twitter.

February 11: Audience trailer

The day after the live Yamatalk, the new trailer that had been incorporated into the program was released by itself. Quickly assembled after opening weekend, it’s a “word of mouth” trailer that runs close to two minutes and includes testimonials from emotional viewers.

It starts with a particularly dramatic scene in which Kodai tells Starsha, “I don’t know how it is on Iscandar, but on Earth if someone loves your brother they become your family. You loved Mamoru. That makes you my sister. And I won’t lose any more members of my family! SISTER!”

The audience members who appeared on camera spoke about how normal people with busy lives tend to forget honest expressions of love like this one. None of them made it through the film with dry eyes.

The trailer ends with the following caption: “A human anthem of loss and rebirth for a time when everyone is hurting. Even adults can seriously cry once in a while.”

See it on Youtube here.

February 11: Star Blazers Lambda Chapter 22

The stakes go through the roof in this chapter of the Space Battleship Yamato NEXT manga. Mikhail’s attack on Linne leads to mind-blowing consequences both in space and on the moon base, where Alexei’s cold war against Nirvana suddenly goes red hot. With all the pieces scrambled on the board, it becomes a whole new story from here.

See this riveting chapter with description here.

February 11: Chapter 2 week 2 theater handout

The second week kicked off with a new handout for theatergoers, this time with three mecha images: Yamato, Deusula III, and Goruba (in cruise mode).

Another gimmick that brought fans back for a second viewing was a first in Yamato history: an audio commentary you could hear through your phone (via headphones) while viewing the film. It was made available through an app called Hello! Movie. The commentary was provided by the director, writer, and several voice actors, and was exclusive to the app, different from commentaries found on Blu-ray.

February 14: Yamato 2199 & 2202 on Family Channel

They certainly make it easy for everyone to get caught up in Japan. The cable satellite network Family Channel started yet another rerun of Yamato 2202 on February 14, and followed up with 2199 on February 26. Both were split in half with followups in March.

February 15: Official Tweet

As you may have gathered from years of past reports, the Yamato Production Committe has a very active Twitter account. Last year, a new account manager named Fujioi came forward as a self-described newbie to the world of Yamato, and was excited to learn all about it.

This Tweet was a result of that research, sharing a concept devised by SF/science advisor Shinya Ogura. Now that the characters are split between three ships in the “Yamato fleet,” a new identification system was designed for their consoles that specifies their name and the ship they’re on. You have to look closely to see it, but it’s there.

Here’s a full view of Aihara’s screen from that shot, without a trace of Japanese on it. Which represents a whole extra level of work, when you contemplate it.

See the original Tweet here.

February 15: Keisuke Masunaga online auction

Artist Keisuke Masunaga surfaced again via Mandarake’s online auctions, offering this original Sasha illustration with a starting bid a little under $500. The piece closed for a bit over $700. But the jpegs are always free.

Masunaga planted his Yamato flag as the character designer and animation director for the Playstation games, and contributed to many more Leiji Matsumoto anime projects afterward. Read an interview with him here.

February 18: Wireless earphones announced

Heads up, super collectors; there’s a new target on the field. Starting today, preorders opened for the first-ever Yamato earphones, to be released in June. Manufactured by Klipsch and sold through a distributor named Onkyo, they promise unprecedented fidelity and wireless functionality.

They will come in a metal case that doubles as a recharger. Oddly, the “preview model” has a typo on it, but it’s been reported that ENCF will be corrected to EFCF on the finished product.

Here’s the outer box they will be shipped in, and below is a full-up product display at the Onkyo Direct Anime Store in Akihabara, Tokyo. (Photo posted on Twitter by aoi2199.)

So what does a super collector do to get a pair of these babies? First, scrape up about $200. Second, get further info on the Onkyo website here and here. They don’t ship overseas (of course), so you’ll need a Japanese friend to obtain them for you.

February 18: Kazutaka Miyatake Gofundme campaign

Here’s a heartwarming story of fandom giving back. Kazutaka Miyatake is one of the towering masters of mecha design. As a member of the trailblazing Studio Nue, he participated in Yamato mecha design from the very start, then went on to revolutionize the craft with Farewell to Yamato and Macross and countless other titles we all know and love.

In 2021, he tragically lost both his beloved wife and his home studio to a fire and lacked sufficient insurance coverage to rebuild. Wanting to help him, a group of diehard fans launched a Gofundme campaign with the hope of raising $18,000. They hit that goal in less than 24 hours and it just kept on rising. As you can see from the screenshot above (dated March 1), it went beyond $50,000 and didn’t stop there. Well done, fandom!

It may still be ongoing as you read this. Click here to find out.

February 18: first Pop-up Store opens

The first of two pop-ups opened at the Yurakucho Marui department store in Tokyo, staying there through March 6. Merch for sale consisted mainly of apparel items, in addition to a set of six buttons newly-made for Marui. Those who bought more than 3000yen (about $30) of goods with a specific credit card were entered into prize lotteries for various postcard sets.

The bigger draw for longtime fans was vintage production art that turned the store into an art museum. Photos from inside were prohibited, but fans posted plenty from outside. See a gallery here.

February 18: Chapter 2 week 3 theater handout

Characters were the art images handed out to theatergoers at the start of Chapter 2’s third week: Yurisha, Kodai, and Yabu, all seen from moments near the end of the story. One more set was still coming, which had yet to be revealed to the public.

February 23: Ensemble Vega concert

Akira Miyagawa and his Ensemble Vega collaborators reunited at Gangnam Cultural Center Pipia in the small town of Kumagaya for an afternoon concert that included the Space Battleship Yamato Montage for Chamber Music, which stubbornly refuses to show up on CD. Still waiting…

February 23: 1/350 Diecast Gimmick Model Vol.157

The parts in this volume allowed builders to continue the starboard side of the hull just below the command tower, including another explosion of fiber optic spaghetti. This left 13 volumes to go, to conclude in August if the schedule stays biweekly.

See Hachette’s instruction video here

See an unboxing video here

See a modeler’s blog here

February 25: Chapter 2 week 4 theater handout

Our final entry for February coincides with the final handout to theatergoers as Chapter 2 began its last week (thought it was announced shortly afterward that three theaters would hold it over for a fifth week). The last art images were all mecha: Cosmo Hound, Goruba in attack mode, and Great Pleiades. These were the only ones not revealed before they appeared, maybe because someone thought they were spoilers. But they’re not, really. So don’t worry about trying to unsee them.

Also spotted in February

Fan art

The inspiration of a new Yamato film in theaters had an instant impact in online fandom, giving us an astonishing wave of creativity. See a character gallery here and a mecha gallery here.

Fan models

Not to be outdone, modelers cranked out one masterpiece after another in February. See a roundup here: Gallery A | Gallery B

Still more toothpaste in the tube

A fan with the Twitter name tori_san_2013 posted this photo of a newspaper clipping from September 25 1980. It promoted a TV special titled Space Battleship Yamato: All About Its Love and Adventure. The tagline reads, “Battle scenes from two TV shows and two movies, the love affair of Susumu Kodai and Yuki Mori, and the first preview of a new work that will launch this fall!” (Referring to Yamato III, which began in October.)

In other words, there’s yet another vintage TV special that isn’t available anywhere. As far as we know…

Photos posted on Twitter by 01_sazanami, karuha_hrflute9, and Sarashina_BB277

Historic snapshot

Three different Twitter users all spotted this unique poster at the Keisei Rosa theater in Chiba, Japan. It has the theater logo printed on it, so it may be one of a kind. For the first time anywhere, it lines up every single flyer image from every single film going back to the start of 2199. That’s 19 separate releases in just under ten years, a number only matched by the MCU.

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