The Lost Journey webcomic

Introduction by the author, Dasha KO

The Lost Journey begins after the Bolar Wars arc. This is a “classic adventure” in the spirit of the Iscandar series. There’s a mystical techno-planet hiding a menace and the crew will have to discover its secrets. Yamato is sent not to a battle, but an exploratory campaign. Yamato has fought enough and deserves a short break.

Of course, where there’s research to be done, there’s engineer Sanada. In the classic series, he had the role of not just a technical engineer but a scientist with a wide range of knowledge. Therefore (and also because he’s my favorite character), he has a key role in this story. But I enjoy drawing all the characters because I haven’t paid enough attention to them in my art before.

The story was conceived in 2021. I should have started my Yamato fancomics with it, but I was intimidated by the large plot and the techniques (detailed drawing and full color). I started and dropped it several times (and I will definitely post the sketches on Patreon). I decided that I need training, so I made The Green Hills of Earth based on Yamato 2199. I liked the result. In the summer of 2021, I decided to get serious.

I wanted to keep its atmosphere closer to the classic Yamato. The main point was to make a story that could be a part of or a continuation of the original. After the remake era started, people draw retro Yamato too rarely. So this is my tribute to the original Yamato, the one where it all began. I tried to follow the canon to make it look like part of the classic series, but with elements of cyberpunk, darkness and seriousness.

I’m very glad that The Lost Journey project has been finished and I want to thank everyone who’ve been helping and supporting me with it or just read the ongoing story. And a special thanks to my friends from UCLUCLYA (russian Yamato fan community) and Tim Eldred for his help in editing the English version.

I would be happy to get some feedback from you, the readers.

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