Treasure Island, January 1978

The Revived Space Battleship Yamato

The year is 1977. The animated picture Space Battleship Yamato, Yamato Nadeshiko, Yamato Spirit, Yamato. How many days until the end of the Earth? From today, there are only three days left until the destruction of Buddha. A three-day monk farted on the folding screen….

Excuse me!

If he only farted, it would be fine, but how could he become Iscandar? Really, a carp climbs higher than a yane, higher even than Japanese money, the yen! En is a thing of taste, and the key to taste is ajinomoto… Ajinomoto-san, please give me a promotion fee….

Excuse me.

The year is 1977. In a tiny apartment, a mountain of striped underpants. In the closet, “salmatake” mushrooms are growing. A fart in the cockpit of a Zero Fighter echoes through the pages of Big Comic Original. Is it the man’s fault for deceiving me, or am I stupid?

It’s lonely when people make fun of you, and hard times are still easier than lonely times. If a camel takes over in the desert, the takeover is a kind of revolution. I thought I would write about a revolution, but there seems to be no demand for it. It could even lead to the destruction of Earth.

There was a surprisingly large number of girls at the theater for the Space Battleship Yamato movie. I heard that a fan club was formed at the university. I wonder if manga has become a kind of philosophy.

If we consider Sartre’s existentialism and Marxism, if a log can sink, then why can’t a strange shape like that fly through the universe? I don’t understand why Saburo Kitajima is doing a commercial for Natto soup, just like Elvis. Mr. Nagatanien, please pay me for promoting you.

Leiji Matsumoto’s anime depicts the future in a fantastical way, but I think it’s a bit too much. I wonder if the movie is something that can only be done in anime. In this day and age of hyper-real and anti-gag manga, I am strangely nostalgic for the world of Matsumoto.

“You are free to think what you want, Matsumoto-sensei.” I didn’t think this work was very good, but business talk is realistic, and it seems the burdens and profits are ambiguously related to him. It also seems that he and the producer are still arguing about whether they can start the second film or not.

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