The Making of Final Yamato, Part 8

Preproduction, February 1982

In the wake of the three-day writer’s summit in late January 1982, there was an enormous amount of story information to be processed. The next step was to wrangle and streamline all the ideas into a single narrative with all the dots connected. Once refined, that narrative would become the basis for a script.

The first body of work from February to be documented was this list of followup notes. No author was credited, but the likelihood is that it was written by Aritsune Toyota in his role as SF concept consultant. Since he did not participate in the third day of the summit, these notes may have constituted his after-the-fact input.

Note: with the exception of the diagrams, none of the art shown below existed at the time these documents were written. It is used here for illustrative purposes.

Supplemental Concepts

February 1, 1982

• Hyper Thermonuclear Missile
Fired from the Wave-Motion Gun to punch through the armor of an enemy battleship. It should not be a streamlined shape. (sketch at right)

• Phase Drill (or Phase Beam)
Makes a hole in the sea of Aquarius. It could be a beam. It will be like Moses parting the Red Sea. (sketch below left)

• Obstacle 1
In a gravitational eddy in the asteroids, there are many derelict shipwrecks. In the meantime, a net has been formed. It is the nest of a space spider that consumes the energy of a space ship. The name Astro Spider is possible, too. There may be such a legend.

• Obstacle 2
Fake Aquarius. The water mass drifts one light year ahead of Aquarius. There could be a mysterious creature that takes the form of a beautiful woman (holograph = 3-dimensional image).

• Heavy Water is loaded onto Yamato
A tank inside the ship. If a beam penetrates it from a hostile craft and tachyon particles leak out, a huge explosion will occur.

• Rise in sea level
It would take approximately 1.2 trillion tons of water to raise the sea level of Earth by 10 meters. In this case, it is possible to use the expression, “If Aquarius comes close, hundreds of trillions of tons of water will flood the surface of Earth.”

• Attention
Appropriate expressions for the “Roche Limit” that was discussed in the idea meeting are “gravitational interference point,” “maximum gravity point,” and “the perigee with Aquarius.”

• Heavy Hydrogen (Deuterium)
The Isomeric form of hydrogen H. The chemical property is the same as hydrogen, but the mass is double. It is written as D.

• Heavy Water
It is D20 whereas ordinary water is H20. The chemical nature is the same as water. (It is used for fusion reaction and thermonuclear [hydrogen] bombs.)

• Thermonuclear [hydrogen] bomb (sketch at right)

• Life Revival Device
Thanatology is a means to revive the dead (thanatos = death), or simply a means of resuscitation. The compound term Thanatos therapy (revival treatment) is also possible. We could say the new technology of Thanatos therapy is based on cloning.

• Strategy of Earth vs. Aquarius
Asteroids are gathered between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter to stop Aquarius.

It is very easy to set off a thermonuclear reaction in the heavy water at the core of the planet, but it is stopped just before implementation because it will kill all the inhabitants.


With the above list as a coda, it was finally time to write the narrative that would become the backbone of everything to follow. Again, no author was credited with this document, but the outline of the finished film can be clearly extrapolated from this text.

Organization of Concept Notes

February 5, 1982 Based on the script meetings on January 28, 29, and 30

Part 1. Story

(First block – 50-60 minutes)

1. Why is Earth the only planet in the solar system with water? According to space legend, the water was brought to Earth by gravity about 4 billion years ago when the water planet Aquarius, which came from outside the Milky Way galaxy, passed within striking distance when Earth was still burning rock. This became the ocean and the source of life, in which bacteria evolved and from which humanity emerged. Now the water planet is approaching Earth again.

2. Main title

3. The year is 2205. There is a huge accident in the Milky Way. Suddenly, a dimensional fault opens and a different galaxy appears which intersects with ours. It disappears back into the fault, but many stars collide at the galactic core systems because of this crossover.

4. The home planet of Emperor Dessler’s Galman Empire is in the galactic core. Although Yamato receives Dessler’s SOS and rushes there, they find only the tragic figure of Dessler’s palace in ruins along with the Galman Empire. Both the Galman Empire and the Bolar Federation have been destroyed by the collision.

5. Yamato is swallowed by a black hole created by colliding stars.

6. At about that time, Aquarius passes by the planet Vulcan (tentative name), approximately 3,000 light years from Earth. Water is pulled by gravity to become a torrential downpour on Vulcan.

7. Yamato is thrown out of the black hole just in time to witness Vulcan being flooded. They observe that it was caused by Aquarius, and though it will pass near the Earth dozens of days later, they predict it will not have the same effect on Earth. The timing of its approach to Earth is due to the shock caused by the galactic collision. Yamato transmits this information to EDF headquarters. Headquarters orders Yamato to return, but Kodai descends to planet Vulcan to try and help the people there who will be wiped out by the massive flood. At the cost of some Yamato crew members, only a lone boy is saved.

8. Although the Vulcan boy is an alien, his physical composition is identical to Earthlings, and his language and culture is reminiscent of ancient Sumer. If the Vulcans are descendants of Sumerian humans, why were there human beings in space 5,000 years ago? But there is more important than ancient history. According to the boy, a space battleship escaped from Vulcan just before the flood.

9. During the return trip to Earth, Yamato is attacked by a mysterious space fleet. The enemy’s mind waves shower over Yamato‘s crew and everyone passes out. Although Yamato is now unmanned, automatic navigation and defense devices activate as if alive. They fight back against the enemy and escapes the crisis by warping.

10. Yamato returns to Earth. Yuki Mori, who boards Yamato along with the EDF commander, is shocked to see the figure of her beloved Kodai completely changed. Because others wore combat uniforms and a helmet, the effect on them was temporary. But because Kodai was not, his brain waves stopped and he is dead. As Yuki grieves at his side, the commander is angered by Kodai’s inadequacy as captain.

11. Yamato was attacked by the space fleet of the Vulcan king, who escaped from the planet just before it was flooded. The Vulcan king and his mighty army gain control of Aquarius using the aircraft carrier of their gigantic city satellite. The population of Aquarius is small and weak, only a few thousand women lead by a queen. The Vulcan king manipulates the trajectory of Aquarius with super-science, conspiring to cause Earth to be flooded. Human beings will be wiped out, and the Vulcans can emigrate there accompanied by the women.

12. Kodai receives a revival treatment called Thanatos therapy. This treatment is forbidden by law as something that violates the dignity of death, but in the face of a crisis it is carried out by special order of the EDF commander (maybe Okita). Earth learns from observation data that Aquarius is on a course to flood the Earth, and the Earth Federation government starts a tentative evacuation plan for the human race. At that time, the solar system defense line is broken by the space fleet that attacked Yamato, which now approaches Earth. Earth is in a state of panic over the flood crisis. A few rich people try to escape quickly by private rocket, but they are all shot down by the enemy fleet. The human race is trapped on Earth.

13. What awaits the revived Kodai is a competency hearing of the ship captain whose erroneous observations of Aquarius have invited death. Kodai takes responsibility and resigns as captain, becoming a private soldier who participates at the front.

14. The enemy is strong, and the EDF forces are beaten one after another. Aquarius approaches moment by moment with human extinction just days away!

15. Earth receives an SOS from the Queen of Aquarius. They learn that Aquarius is under the control of the attacking army. If they can defeat the main part of the enemy and discover a way to change the orbit of Aquarius, Earth can be saved from the crisis.

16. Only Yamato is capable of carrying out this duty. The restoration of Yamato after its previous battle is completed. Kodai agonizes. It was Yamato that saved his life, but just as he comes to recognize this ultimate mecha as his greatest friend, he is not able to go on board. His suffering is relieved by Okita. He was the first subject to be pulled back into the living world by Thanatos revival therapy. Although he was resting in the remote countryside, he now returns as Yamato‘s captain on the occasion of this crisis. He appoints Kodai as the combat group leader in the battle against Aquarius.

(The second block)

17. Yamato smashes the fleet surrounding Earth.

18. The Vulcan king prepares to strike back. Their real nature as the descendants of Sumerians may be revealed.

19. During the battle between Yamato and the Vulcans, Kodai shows his mettle as a soldier, surpassing Okita.

(The third block, 10 minutes)

20. Yamato smashes the giant aircraft carrier that is the main body of the enemy, and the Vulcan king dies. The Vulcan boy aids Yamato and also dies. In addition, Dessler, who was thought to be dead, appears with his fleet and saves Yamato from a crisis.

21. Yamato rescues the Queen of Aquarius and destroys the orbital control mecha of Vulcan.

22. Aquarius enters the solar system and approaches Earth. There is only one way to escape the crisis of flooding. A large column of water will attack via gravity, and the solution is to disperse it with a large explosion. Yet, the thing used as an explosive must be powerful enough to destroy an entire planet. Where can such explosive power be found?

23. Okita decides to use Yamato as the explosive. It is fully loaded with heavy water from the core of Aquarius and will be detonated by the Wave-Motion Gun. Okita secretly negotiates the offer for heavy water with the queen.

(The fourth block, 40 minutes)

24. Only the queen knows of Okita’s decision. The heavy water is loaded.

25. Yamato warps to the explosion site.

26. Yamato arrives and waits for Aquarius. Okita orders all personnel but himself to abandon ship. Kodai learns of Okita’s purpose and strongly objects to destroying Yamato. Okita adamantly refuses.

27. Aquarius approaches and a huge column of water reaches out for Earth. Okita fires the Wave-Motion Gun, which has been sealed up. Yamato is shattered. Although the large column of water falls on Earth as a downpour of rain, its scale is reduced. Aquarius passes by. Kodai, Yuki, and the others have watched everything from a space boat, and bow respectfully.

28. Later, Kodai realizes the true intention of Okita. Yamato‘s love was truly to be used for the sake of human beings. Kodai becomes one with Yuki. He begins to grow from a man who fights to a man who loves. As if watching this warmly, the Queen of Aquarius, Yamato, and Okita appear in space. The queen embraces them as they look back at Kodai and the others. The ecstacy of Kodai and Yuki. The beautiful Earth…

29. End title

Part 2. The theme of the work

The theme of this work is for human beings to live in accordance with the natural laws of space in order to cultivate the future. This is the theme that runs through all the works of Yamato. Typically, Kodai faces a crisis of Earth and opens up a way out of the situation, so we have depicted the drama of his growth as a man who fights. In this work, by adding sexual love to the fighting for the first time, it can be said that he lives in accordance with the providence of nature. Both Okita and Yamato existed to bring this out in Kodai, and it is natural that they fade away when they see the adult Kodai emerge.

Part 3. Structure and main setting of the work

The story of this work is built on a combination of two big settings. The first is the concept of Planet Aquarius, Planet Vulcan (tentative name), Planet Earth, and water. The second is the concept for Kodai.

In the first concept, people have diverse ways of life. Being alive means becoming entangled in love, hatred, egoism, philanthropism, and the conflicting ethical view that human beings are inherently good or human nature is basically evil. Kodai, the human race, and even the Earth is such a character. Condensing the good way of life on Aquarius and the bad on Vulcan clearly defines good and evil.

As for the water planet Aquarius, it is slightly bigger than Earth and made up of only water. Heavy water causes nuclear fusion at the center and serves as the planet’s source of energy, a blue globe that glows like a lantern when seen from outside. It is surrounded by a thin ring of ice crystals. The surface has some floating continents where the inhabitants live. The residents are only women. Reproduction becomes possible by giving birth to a male child only at a certain time. Although the life form is half aquatic, there or no fins or tails. They have a mysterious queen with supernatural power. The planet’s orbit goes around (outside) the edge of the Milky Way galaxy and passes close to Earth. Its water was given to Earth 4 billion years ago and drove the evolution of the human race. Therefore, the roots of Earthlings and Aquarians are the same.

It seems that Aquarius often passed by Earth often since then. For example, about 300 million years ago, there was much rain from the Devonian period to the Carboniferous period in the Paleozoic era. There was a large marine transgression in the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era 100 million years ago. The fourth time was 50 million years ago, during another transgression in the Eocene epoch of the Cenozoic era. Additionally, there was the flood of Noah described in the Bible. Whenever it passes, water is given by the gravitational attraction of Earth. It makes such an excursion again in 2205.

In the story, Aquarius is a condensation of good. It is love, life, and beauty. But the important thing is that these are by no means only sweet. They also have a severe, painful, and fearful face. The future is only born out of conflict. Although Aquarius brought heavy rain to Earth and some creatures were wiped out, human beings and other things of dynamic value were created. Thus, it has a dual nature of trial and blessing in this way. Both destruction and life-giving compassion rotates around it like Samsara, and it is providence of the natural order of the universe. Aquarius is a symbol.

The planet Vulcan is about 3,000 light years from Earth, and is slightly larger than Earth. Since the surface is mostly rock and desolate wilderness, science developed abnormally, and people live with an overemphasis on its omnipotence. The people of Vulcan are actually descended from the people of Sumer on Earth. In 2800 BC, the Earth was hit and deluged by a large, heavy rain. Aliens from Vulcan happened to be passing by in a rocket and landed in a city of the ancient orient to rescue them. They were killed by a strong group that stole their craft. The group escaped the flooding of Earth and invaded planet Vulcan, murdered its people, and established their own kingdom. Thus, descendants of the Sumer civilization and the scientific Vulcan civilization became mixed. A kind of religious science civilization was formed.

In 2205, planet Vulcan was impacted by the galactic collision when it was flooded by water from Aquarius, which made a sudden excursion through their solar system. At that time, the Vulcan king left behind the women, children, and elders as his ancestors did, escaping with a space fleet carrying a number of strong, aggressive men. They gain control of Aquarius. They plan to bring about the destruction of human kind by flooding Earth with Aquarius’ water, then emigrating there. If Aquarius is a utopia of pure good, Vulcan is an empire of evil.

Hatred is considered to be the foundation of the Vulcan way of life. They believe hatred to be the most noble-minded thing. They view hatred as the origin of progress that produces culture, but believe there is no progress from love. Even if oneself is good, others do not care. Here, a virtue on Earth is considered to be a vice. When the Vulcan king meets the queen and Kodai, it is a new meeting with an alien culture. Unrest occurs in the mind of the king as a descendant of the human race, and he fights to push his logic to its ultimate conclusion.

It is a reunion with Earthlings from elsewhere in space. The reunion is either in harmony or war. The concept of the Vulcans is a satire, a mirror of our fears.

Yamato‘s mission is to fight an act that is contrary to the providence of heaven, that of artificially changing the trajectory of Aquarius. This is because the theme of this story is for people to live in accordance with the providence of heaven.

This Yamato story also depicts the growth of Kodai as a human, and it can be said that the role of Yamato and Okita is to cause his growth.

The meeting of Kodai, Yamato, and Okita began with the fight against Gamilas in Part 1. Kodai was a junior high student at the time, a quiet and ordinary boy who intended to become a biologist in the future. He became a soldier because his parents were killed by a Gamilas planet bomb. He burned with revenge against Gamilas and put everything aside to become a space soldier. Under Captain Okita on Yamato, Kodai was remarkably successful as a combat group leader. Okita trained him as a soldier, and he became the acting captain after Okita fell to illness. He finally destroyed Gamilas.

One of those who surrounds Kodai is Yuki Mori. Her gentle compassion soaked into Kodai’s violent heart. They fell in love with each other and were bonded to the last. At the same time a human must fight for self-preservation, they can become a full-fledged human being by loving and being connected to others. It is the providence of nature.

Part 4. Other Concepts

1. The galactic collision
The reason this is set up at the beginning is to wipe out the Galman Empire and the Bolar Federation from the last series. The cause of the colliding galaxy’s appearance is a dimensional dislocation by the slip of a dimensional fault. It passes through at super light-speed during a short period.

2. The water planet Aquarius (addendum)
Although Aquarius is a symbol of the natural providence of the universe, a queen symbolizes it. She has supernatural powers. Her image is to be strictly mysterious.

3. Planet Vulcan (addendum)
The design of Vulcan culture combines ultra-futuristic mechanisms with a strange mystique. The Vulcans are obsessed with science. The king is a high priest, and his palace is a temple in a city of temples. The design policy succeeds ancient Sumerian culture. The king is 38 or 39, 5 years from 44. [Translator’s note: in Japan, the numbers 9 and 4 are considered bad omens.] He has supernatural powers and a large body over 2 meters tall. He carries out his control over the queen of Aquarius like a gentleman, with intellect and intelligence in addition to evil and vulgarity.

4. Yamato Captain Juzo Okita
The revival of Okita is based on merit for his performance. In addition, it holds to the meaning of “Yamato is a ship and space is an ocean.” The ship is moved at the captain’s command, the captain shares in the fate of the ship, and only Okita can handle this important role. Although Okita died of radiation sickness, he was a hero and is revived by cloning via Thanatos therapy. Okita’s revival was kept secret, and he lived a quiet life of recuperation in the countryside.

5. Emperor Dessler
When Yamato is caught in a pinch against the aircraft carrier city satellite, which is the main body of the enemy, Dessler’s fleet appears at that moment to help. The interplay of Okita and Dessler will be a highlight.

6. The boy of Vulcan
His age is around 11 years old. Because the gravity of Vulcan is slightly stronger than Earth’s, he can jump high when he comes to Earth, and is very agile. Because a virtue on Vulcan is a vice on Earth, the boy’s malicious behavior is bad from an Earthling’s perspective. The audience should understand the character of the Vulcans from the actions of the boy. He receives a culture shock from his contact with Yamato‘s crew, and dying is his last way to do a good thing.

7. Yamato crew
Sanada, Aihara, Tokugawa, Kato, Nanbu, Ota, Sado, Analyzer, etc. Any can be killed if it is necessary to the story.


After the concept notes were written, the next step was to distribute them to the writer’s circle for further input. The first response came a few days later…

Meeting Memo
by Hideaki Yamamoto

February 11, 1982

Highlights of the story

• Stars in the core solar systems collide from the galactic collision, which causes great explosions. Yamato has rushed into the situation to investigate, anxious about the safety of the Galman-Gamilas Empire and their ally Dessler, carefully watching for danger.

• Dessler’s palace lies in ruins.

• During the return trip to Earth, they are hit by a surprise attack from the enemy. The crew faints. Although it appears Yamato is out of control, an automatic control device suddenly switches on. It is as if Yamato controls itself.

• While the EDF is concerned about whether the missing Yamato is alive or dead, Yamato warps into the solar system. Pluto base detects them quickly, and everyone is relieved. But there is no response at all from Yamato.

Yamato returns to Earth with damage all over its hull. Yuki enters to see the sight of Kodai dead and the entire command crew unconscious. Yuki is struck by shock and grief.

• Kodai is revived by resuscitation equipment. Waiting for him is harsh interrogation by the EDF leaders. Kodai resigns as captain.

• Yuki, Shima, and other members of the crew encourage a disappointed Kodai. Yuki thinks what Kodai needs now is a warm home.

• The first emigration ships depart from Earth. Kodai shakes off Yuki, who tries to hold him back, and marches onto an escort ship as a pilot. (Cut to the surprise attack by Vulcan.)

• The EDF corps is defeated before the Vulcan attack. Even the emigration fleet is destroyed. Kodai is hit and is taken onto a survival ship. Earth is in a major panic. People reject government control, hijack and launch emigration ships, and are wiped out.

• The reunion of Okita and Kodai. Yamato launches, carrying the two men. The EDF leaders watch and pray.

Yamato breaks through one natural obstacle after another.

• A fierce battle against the city satellite of Vulcan. Dessler’s fleet suddenly appears and aids Yamato in the fight. The Vulcan boy dies.

Yamato forces a water landing on Aquarius and rescues the queen. Okita gets permission from the queen to load heavy water onto Yamato.

• Okita orders all personnel to abandon ship. Kodai is strongly opposed to Okita’s preparations to self-destruct Yamato. Knowing of Okita’s determination, Kodai and others block up the muzzle of the Wave-Motion Gun in tears, then leave on a rescue ship.

• A heroic suicidal explosion of Yamato

• The Vulcan city satellite is blown away and the trajectory of Aquarius is changed.

• Kodai salutes solemnly.

• Dessler also sees the last of Okita and Yamato, and leaves with words of farewell to Kodai.

• The Queen of Aquarius appears, floating in space and speaks to Kodai and the others. An image of Okita approaches the queen step by step. She extends her hand to Okita. Kodai watches and is deeply moved.

• The rescue ship returns to Earth. Kodai is awaked to the true love of Yuki.

• Kodai and Yuki have sublime sex.

• The majestic figure of a courageous Yamato.


While all the above was going on at the topmost level of West Cape Corporation, the editorial staff of fan club headquarters was hard at work on issue 27 of the Yamato Fan Club Magazine, which was published on February 25. Naturally, the progress of Final Yamato was the hot topic for the issue, starting with an essay from none other than Exec Producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki.

Yamato “The Final Chapter”
in production

A special message to Yamato fans from chairman Nishizaki, who burns with the fight to make “The Final Chapter,” which has finally been decided for March 1983!

What is Yamato, and what dreams were applied to Yamato? And what sort of things will be depicted in “The Final Chapter”!?

I want the Final Chapter to be the crowning glory of Yamato‘s ten years!

Since the first Space Battleship Yamato TV series was broadcast in 1974, the ardent support of the audience lead to three TV series, a TV special, and three movies. Because I started the plan in 1973, in 1983 it will be exactly ten years since I started making Yamato. Therefore, I am producing a feature film next March to be released in commemoration of the tenth anniversary, and I want this fourth movie to be the final chapter of a story that has been going on for a long time. (The film will open in March 1983 at 120 theaters in the Milano Pantheon chain.)

With this work, Yamato concludes ten years. While taking responsibility for this work as a producer, I want to give an answer to the question that has continued since Farewell; what is Yamato for me, really? Moreover, when we clearly learn what it was for you, I believe I’ll have a Yamato which can play an active part as the crowning glory.

Passionate romance exists in the distant universe

I have always lived with dreams. It can be said that the opportunity to create Space Battleship Yamato was the dream of a lifetime. It began from the spectacle of a ship flying into the sky. A huge seagoing ship is remodeled into a giant spaceship. Boys and girls stake their life on the voyage. At one time, during the age of discovery, people traveled to unknown lands, and the desire for adventure expanded the fortunes of mankind. Now, this cannot be realized on Earth and space has become the new frontier.

Through my dream about a ship that can run freely throughout space, I tried to ask about the infinite potential of human beings. In this way, I grew and expressed this dream through Yamato. At the time I first perceived this dream, I was about the same young age that your generation is now. Yamato has consistently depicted a world of passionate human romanticism that exists in distant space beyond the cold, inorganic world of science. Earth is saved by being connected to that, and human beings gain a future.

By trusting in human beings and believing in the future, we do not succumb to any hopeless situation, and give our all to the fight. It was explained that this would always open up a way out. Love, friendship, solidarity, humanism, and sacrifice are important problems in the battle, and I intend to talk about them in this work.

As the hero, Susumu Kodai emerges as one of the people who represents the theme of Yamato. It can be said that Yamato is the story of Kodai’s growth as a human being. By riding on Yamato, Kodai has learned that life is a battle. Kodai suffers during the struggle and learns that it is important to love other people.

I want to appeal to the essence of “love” through Yamato!

Love is an easy thing to say, but is difficult to perform. Also, love is by no means entirely sweet. We can be hurt because we love someone, and may fall to pieces. Love sometimes even brings destruction and ruin. It can be a severe, terrible thing. But if we get on board and fight through these difficulties, there is happiness for the first time. Another way to describe it is as a trial. Great trials are the most important thing for humans, and it may also be said that love is God’s blessing upon human beings.

Someday Kodai will be called to step off the mighty space battleship Yamato and confront life with the power of oneself, just as a growing child grows must leave the bosom of parents and enter school. Then there is a grace period until a student finishes, and goes out into the world to become a member of a demanding society.

Even Kodai must leave Yamato and his captaincy to come of age in a life with his lover Yuki Mori. As I conclude the story of Space Battleship Yamato over ten years, you know well the essence of such love. Through Yamato, Susumu Kodai, Yuki Mori, and the others, I’d like to fully realize the growth of a human being. Susumu Kodai and Yuki Mori will become independent as soldiers of love; you are they, and they are you.

In producing such an image of human beings, Yamato ends its true mission. By making The Final Chapter for the above, I would like to give this message to everyone as the producer.

The production engine is at full throttle for a March ’83 release

Next, I want to report on production progress for The Final Chapter. The staff has started production with the engine at full throttle for a release in March of next year. It can be said that the script is in its final stage. A script is the root work not just for anime, but also for a movie, but it doesn’t really matter how much time is spent on this part.

Until now, it has been about kneading and kneading that root. We’ve come to a place where we have a firm foundation. “The water planet Aquarius. Planet Dengil. The blue Earth.” Yamato‘s relationship with them, and the universe that enwraps them all. The story of The Final Chapter unfolds with this.

I still can’t talk in detail about the content of the story, but I promise to announce other information to you first, such as settings and designs. Also, I think fragmentary information has become available from outside in various ways, and I’m worried about that because I know it can cause confusion. I can say at this point that when this work is completed, you will understand everything and know that this was just needless anxiety. I can say this with confidence.

The new Yamato record is a Prelude to The Final Chapter

Incidentally, in parallel with the main volume of The Final Chapter, I have spent about a year planning a record called Space Battleship Yamato – Prelude to The Final Chapter. (It will be released by Columbia Records on May 21. A new poster will be given away with pre-orders.)

When producing the music of Yamato, I never thought about it independently. I always viewed the story part, the visual part, and the musical part as a whole. In other words, the plot stage is about what happens on screen. That’s when I decide what kind of music is necessary for the image. With this method, I created a unified world of Yamato. By making full use of music, the expression of an unknown place and the expression of feelings can be depicted in three dimensions.

Unless it is based on all of the above, it ends in simple BGM. This time, by releasing a record prior to the movie, I think it can be more clearly conveyed to you what happens to Yamato next, what sort of things in that world connect to Yamato, and space that spreads out into the universe. This is because I’ve already determined the basics in my head, including the visual part.

Space Battleship Yamato – Prelude to The Final Chapter is planned based on the main points, the framework, and the overall structure of the movie. I think the screen image carried out on this record is in accord with the screen image that will appear in theaters next year. By listening to this record, you’ll be able to understand the deep meaning of Yamato.

From now until the release next year, in addition to production work, I intend to walk across the country for gatherings with everyone. I look forward to the day when we can meet. At that time, let’s talk about Yamato and life together.

– Producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki

Next came a short blurb that undoubtedly perked up everyone’s interest. It had been floated in a previous issue that a big-scale event was in the works to bring Yamato fans together before the last hurrah. In issue 27, it was finally announced for real:

Large gathering of Yamato fans!!

At fan club headquarters between winter and summer vacations, we are planning to hold fan club gatherings across the country!!

Let’s chat with Chairman Nishizaki!

You can speak with Chairman Yoshinobu Nishizaki, the true parent of Yamato, in Q & A form. Those who want to hear and learn things about Yamato are all welcome at the meetings. Of course, any fan who wants to know more about The Final Chapter can participate!

Full of fun events, such as screenings and a lottery!

The meetings will once again include the excitement of Space Battleship Yamato screenings, and fun events are planned for Yamato fans such as prize lotteries. It will be exciting! We are working now in the hope that all the members will be satisfied. Additionally, please understand in advance that screenings and lotteries can be performed in some areas only if convenient!

Please send in your comments and hopes

To investigate the locations, we want to know the number of participants. Please help. Please provide your contact information and indicate participation or non-participation. Please send your comments and opinions about fan club gatherings to “Space Battleship Yamato fan club headquarters, fan club gathering organizer.” Yamato products will be awarded by lottery to those who lend their cooperation. More details will be announced in volume 29.

The last of the Final Yamato-related material in Fan Club Magazine #27 was an interesting cross-section of reader mail. In the previous issue, opinions were solicited on the series of Brainstorming articles that was reproduced in part 1 of the Final Yamato Time Machine. Naturally, some fans had very specific feedback. In retrospect, it’s not hard to imagine how these particular writers reacted to the final product in 1983.

The Final Chapter Reader Predictions

As part of the brainstorming article in volume 26, the editorial department of the fan club reasoned out their own plan for The Final Chapter. Reaction from readers was greater than expected, which lead us to understand everyone’s extraordinary interest and expectations for The Final Chapter. Our summary in volume 26 was just a guess about the content of the film, but we think it will prove to be pretty close. For now, let’s hear the opinion of you, the members. Thank you, everyone, for your passionate expectation!!

B Posture, C Posture!

Here’s what I’d like The Final Chapter to do. Since the “Combat A Posture” is good, I’d like you to build B poster and a block C posture. For example, in the B posture, the Cosmo TII is the vanguard and the Cosmo Zero is the rear guard. I think that would be good because it’s unique to Yamato. Since it is said that The Final Chapter will feature a mighty expedition with a grand fleet, we should see the private life of the crew on a ship in the midst of the voyage; maintenance of the planes, communication with family, etc. For my third request, I’d like to see a character who is not manly, such as Yabu from part 1. Someone undesirable who complains. For example, saying “this is no good,” or “I don’t want to die” during a battle. It’s a selfish thing to request, but thank you anyway.

-Hiroyuki Tanaka, Iwate

Give it a happy ending!!

After reading the brainstorming “summary report” in volume 26, my guess is that The Final Chapter will end with the wedding of Kodai and Yuki. In volume 26 it was written that “spring has finally come for them,” and I think it’s a way of saying that will be the ending. Until now, although Kodai has always had the last line, I think Yuki will say it this time. Finally, I am also now making a Yamato story, too. I’m now writing the part where Yamato launches, and the setup in this story is that the children of Kodai and Yuki are on Yamato. They are twins; the boy’s name is Shinji Kodai and the girl is Mio Kodai. The children of other former Yamato crew appear, too. If I finish it, I’ll send it to the fan club headquarters.

– Hiroyuki Yumoto, Tokyo

A lover for Shima-kun!

I have a request for a character. I believe in Mr. Udagawa’s power for characters, but I’d like you to bring out the individuality of each character, as in Be Forever Yamato. If it’s possible for you to do it, I’d like Shima’s younger brother to appear. Jiro hasn’t appeared at all recently, and doesn’t play an active part. Since this is the finale, I hope you’ll allow the characters that appeared in part 1 to be seen again. And one more thing, to tell the truth Shima is my favorite character in Yamato, and he lost his beloved Teresa several years ago. I also want him to have a happy ending. That’s my wish!!

– Junko Anbo, Akita Prefecture

Juuzo Okita should not revive

Unfortunately, it is said to have already been decided for The Final Chapter and it is probably unavoidable. I want you to make a good movie. When I read about The Final Chapter in the fan club magazine, it seems Juuzo Okita will become the captain once again, and I am absolutely opposed to it. How could a human being who died once be brought back to life? Even now, Farewell and Yamato 2 have blended, and the works after The New Voyage are regarded as sequels to Farewell, so a lot of people say the Yamato crew are like zombies.

As long as “Juuzo Okita” died in “Yamato 1,” it is probably impossible to revive him no matter how much ridiculous reasoning is attached to it. If he is forced back to life, criticism of Yamato will increase even more, and the aversion to Yamato will continue. Moreover, if it is said that it’s his child or younger brother, it will just be a lookalike and it will produce the same result. It should be assumed that everyone in his family died in part 1. If The Final Chapter is a sequel to Yamato III, naturally Susumu Kodai should be the captain, and clearly there is no need to think about another one. Otherwise, I don’t think I want The Final Chapter to be made.

– Keiichi Fujiki, Niigata


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