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For years, a certain sector of SF fandom has occupied itself with puzzling out real-world explanations for what we see on our screens. Unsurprisingly, Yamato has been dissected many times over in various books and articles published by the “Dream-Science Laboratory,” also known as “Kusolab.”

Writer/Researcher Rikao Yanagita has been publishing books and delivering lectures for decades, bringing a scientific perspective to what we see in anime and manga. Below are various essays that shine a scientific spotlight on what we see in Space Battleship Yamato.

Melting the Moon

How much energy would the Comet Empire need to do this, and what would be the result?

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Artificial gravity in space

How could artificial gravity be created for a working Space Battleship?

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Yamato vs Arcadia

How might a matchup between these two legends play out?

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Dessler’s old-fashioned language

Why do villains like Dessler talk the way they do?

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The Science of Warping

How can we get to Iscandar and back in one year?

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The mysterious revival of Captain Okita

Did he actually die, and what kind of doctor does that make Sado?

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Rikao Yanagita
Chief Researcher, Dream-Science Laboratory

Born on Tanegashima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture. Dropped out of the University of Tokyo. He is the chief researcher of the Institute for Dream-Science, which scientifically examines the worlds of anime, manga, and folk tales. He has verified more than 1,000 cases so far.

His main publications include The Dream-Science Reader, Junior Dream-Science Reader, Pokemon Dream-Science Reader, and others in the series. In 2007, he started The Dream-Science Library News for school libraries nationwide. It continues to be distributed weekly, free of charge.

He also actively posts information on Twitter and YouTube as “KUSOLAB” and is a concurrent lecturer at the School of Science and Technology, Meiji University. His recent books include The Dream-Science Reader I, II, and III which are best-of collections of his previous works. All are published by Kadokawa.

Find them on Amazon.co.jp here.

Find more of Yanagita’s articles on Yahoo Japan here.

Visit the Dream-Science Laboratory website here.

BELOW: Dream-Science illustrations as printed in an Italian edition:

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