The Making of Final Yamato, Part 10

Preproduction, April and May 1982

The March 1983 release date for Final Yamato was announced about a year earlier, at which point every aspect of production went into countdown mode. Since the staff’s agenda was now to make the single biggest anime feature film ever (to this day, its running time has yet to be surpassed), even a 12-month window probably offered little comfort.

By the time April rolled around, the major story points were set in stone and conceptual design was well underway, having commenced in March (see works from this period in previous articles). The next body of text, according to Westcape Corporation’s Final Yamato hardcover book, came right from the top in the form of an outline by Executive Producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki. The purpose of this document was to summarize previous drafts and lay out the individual “beats” as a guide for the scriptwriter, Kazuo Kasahara.

Plot Composition by Yoshinobu Nishizaki

April 15, 1982

1. A great expanse of space

2. Earth’s genesis – main title

3. Intergalactic space – the sudden collision of galaxies. Stars in the galactic center are thrown into a crisis.

4. Yamato rushes to the center of the galaxy.

5. Inside Yamato – intense rolling and pitching. Shima desperately maintains control.

6. Yamato goes into warp.

7. An area of outer space (Galman-Gamils territory). Yamato emerges from warp.

8. Yamato‘s bridge – the ruins of Dessler’s palace are sighted. Kodai’s memories of Dessler.

9. Thrown by a large explosion – a blast from the collision of two stars creates a black hole.

10. Yamato goes into the black hole – loses control and is pulled down and down.

11. Planet Dengil on the galactic frontier – the water planet Aquarius passes nearby and floods it with water. A huge object escapes from there.

12. Outer space (near Dengil) – Yamato is thrown out of the black hole.

13. Yamato‘s bridge – great confusion. There is little damage. Kodai orders a rescue of Dengil.

14. Planet Dengil – many of Yamato‘s crew members become victims. One boy is rescued.

15. Yamato changes course for Earth – Kodai is shocked at the loss of his crew. Earth is informed about Dengil and the water planet. Surprise that the boy who was rescued has the same biology as an Earthling.

16. An explosion – Yamato is suddenly attacked by an unidentified space fleet of Planet Dengil.

17. Yamato‘s bridge – Earth is informed of the attack. Damage is steadily mounting.

18. Outer space – a hyper thermonuclear missile penetrates Yamato‘s armor.

19. Inside Yamato – the crew passes out one after another, including Kodai. A call comes from Earth.

20. Outer space – Yamato is about to crash. One last shot penetrates inside the bridge.

21. A switch activates an auto-protection system and the ship rises again. Yamato goes into a warp.

22. Earth Defense Headquarters – there is no response from Yamato. Yuki is anxious.

23. Somewhere in outer space – Aquarius passes by. The figure of the giant city satellite Uruk follows behind it. The fleet that attacked Yamato returns to Uruk.

24. Wide overview of the city inside the satellite Uruk.

25. Inside a temple – Great Emperor Lugal greets the soldiers of the armored division. His son reports on the explosion of the mother planet Dengil and details about Yamato.

26. Inside the temple – Lugal leads a staff conference and decides they will emigrate to Earth. By utilizing Aquarius to approach Earth, they will launch an attack to flood the planet and annihilate the human race.

27. Outer space – the solar system attack fleet and the Aquarius engineer corps moves out (the warp engineering of Aquarius begins; the approach to Earth hastens).

28. Earth’s base on Pluto – Yamato‘s message about the presence of a drifting planet is confirmed.

29. Great city satellite Uruk – the warp engineering work of Aquarius is completed. Earth will be flooded in 20 days.

30. Outer space – Aquarius and Uruk disappear into warp.

31. Earth’s base on Pluto – an increase is detected in Aquarius’ speed. It will pass near Earth and cause a flood crisis in 16 days.

32. The commander of Earth Defense Headquarters receives the appalling report. The shadow of a fleet sneaking toward the radar network occasionally appears. It is identified!

33. Headquarters lobby – Yuki is overcome by grief and sadness over Yamato.

34. The edge of the solar system (near Pluto) – the damaged Yamato comes out of warp.

35. Earth Defense Headquarters – Yuki is relieved at the news about Yamato.

36. The edge of the solar system (near Pluto) – Yamato advances toward Earth. Yamato is silent.

37. Earth Defense Headquarters – the staff watches anxiously. Yuki is uneasy.

38. Earth naval port (fleet dock) – Yamato comes in to land. Yuki and emergency crews rush in. The crew is in an apparent state of death. Yuki is shocked when she sees Kodai and tries to commit suicide in desperation.

39. Federal Central Hospital – Kodai’s surgery. Yuki prays to God in the hospital waiting room. The edge of the solar system (near Pluto) – the solar system attack fleet is commanded by the son of Lugal. He is ordered to confine the humans for 14 days until Earth can be flooded/the strategy starts.

40. Earth Federation Government – plans are made to evacuate Earth’s population to the space colony and other planets.

41. Space port – all ships (the evacuation fleet) are gathered.

42. The operating room at the hospital – Kodai’s surgery is successful. Kodai and Yuki embrace each other in delight at his revival.

43. Hospital room (the next day) – Kodai feels responsible for the death of his crew members. Kodai offers his resignation to the commander.

44. Space port – the first evacuation fleet takes off with its escort fleet.

45. Hospital room – Yuki prepares Kodai for evacuation. Kodai is severely depressed. The Galman-Gamilas Empire is in ruins – Dessler is remembered.

46. The edge of the solar system (near Pluto) – the solar system attack fleet begins its invasion. Earth’s space colony and planetary bases are overpowered.

47. Earth Defense Headquarters – surprise that water is not their only enemy. The earth fleet launches.

48. Fleet dock – Yamato‘s repair work is intense. Sanada studies the hyper thermonuclear missile.

49. The edge of the solar system (near Pluto) – the Earth defense fleet is annihilated and the evacuation ships are destroyed. Medical treatment and recuperation center on Earth – the Dengil boy reacts to the hostile craft on TV. Kodai’s hospital room – the same hostile craft are seen. Sanada stops Kodai from impatiently rushing to the fleet dock.

50. Earth, Megalopolis city – to gain control of the solar system, the enemy launches a global attack. They complete a blockade of Earth and bring the human race just to the verge of destruction. city satellite Uruk – there are 9 days left until the flooding of Earth.

51. Earth Defense Headquarters – the commander is shocked by the intentions of the enemy. As panic breaks out everywhere, he telephones a certain person.

52. Fleet dock (night) – a visiting Kodai clings to Yamato. The dramatic reunion of Okita and Kodai.

53. Earth Defense Headquarters – a meeting is held focusing on Okita. Yamato‘s mission is decided.

54. Fleet dock – The commander swears in Okita as captain.

55. Yamato‘s first bridge – preparations for launch. Enemy aircraft suddenly attacks the dock.

56. Fleet dock – Yamato hurries launch preparations during the fight.

57. Yamato‘s launch process – although it does not rise easily, it launches at the skillful command of Okita. The enemy is shot down by Kodai’s activity.

58. Yamato‘s launch (evening) – the commander gives it a lonely sendoff.

59. Yamato‘s first bridge – Earth recedes. It is revealed that Yamato‘s repair was not completed before this desperate mission.

60. Earth area – Yamato is encircled by 9 destroyers from Earth. Outer space (near Pluto) – the enemy commander is surprised by Yamato‘s attack and prepares his offensive.

61. On board Yamato – there are six days left before Earth is flooded. Although Yamato‘s repairs continue, the attacks also continue. The Dengil boy has stowed away.

62. Yamato, the Cosmo Tigers, and the destroyers attack and smash the enemy in the Saturn area. The edge of the solar system (near Pluto) – space mines are set up and the enemy waits for news of the advance party’s destruction. The battle starts, but Yamato‘s repairs are still not completed. Allied ships are overcome by hyper thermonuclear missile attack.

63. The edge of the solar system (near Pluto) – bodies are recovered and one ship takes them back to Earth’s moon. Kodai and others bid farewell to the solar system and cross into enemy lines.

64. city satellite Uruk, Emperor’s office – warp energy builds up – Uruk warps. There is only enough energy for three more warps. Lugal speaks to his son and his generals about the history of Dengil. The mission!

65. Yamato in flight.

66. Yamato‘s operations room – the water planet is three days from Earth. Okita works out countermeasures. They decide to attack the enemy base and remove the warp system. Yamato‘s repairs are completed, and hyper thermonuclear missile countermeasures are also completed. Yamato‘s mission preparations are completed.

67. city satellite Uruk – the son of Lugal leads the decisive battle against Yamato. Preparations begin for the 19th warp.

68. Yamato launches.

69. Outer space – Aquarius and Uruk disappear into warp. There are three days until the flooding of Earth.

70. Outer space – the decisive battle of Yamato and the enemy. Although it is a hard fight for Yamato, Kodai destroys the enemy support ships and causes great damage. Yuki plays an active part with the injured Kodai. Aquarius and Uruk emerge from warp. city satellite Uruk – Lugal hears the report of defeat and blows up his son’s ship. They finally greet Yamato in the final battle. There are two days left until Earth is flooded.

71. Yamato is damaged as Aquarius appears.

72. Outer space – Yamato encounters Aquarius as it comes out of warp.

73. Yamato splashes down on Aquarius – learns how Aquarius is controlled. Yamato must be repaired. Desperation!

74. On board Yamato – twelve hours to go until the last warp. All energy is directed into repair. Yamato‘s observation dome – Yuki broods. Kodai’s room – Yuki visits Kodai. Captain’s room – Kodai visits, Okita preaches to him about love. Outer space (night sky) – the Queen of Aquarius appears. She speaks about the existence of Uruk, the trial of love, and the providence of nature. Uruk is discovered. Yamato launches.

75. Outer space (sky over city satellite Uruk) – the great battle of Yamato and the enemy. The Dengil boy guides Kodai to the temple. The inside of Uruk resembles the old civilization of Mesopotamia. Kodai advances/Aquarius increases warp speed. Yamato‘s bridge – only two minutes left until the warp – must hurry. Uruk temple (Lugal’s war room) – Lugal switches on Uruk’s self-destruct device. The boy dies by Lugal’s bullet. Uruk explodes everywhere. Aquarius goes into warp.

76. Inside Yamato – launch preparations. Inside Uruk – Kodai escapes. Inside Yamato – Yamato launches by the efforts of a dying Shima.

77. city satellite Uruk – Uruk explodes, Lugal escapes on an old-model saucer space ship.

78. Inside Yamato – Kodai returns. Shima dies. Yamato warps after Aquarius.

79. Outer space, the solar system – Yamato lands in the waters of Aquarius.

80. Aquarius – Okita gathers heavy water. There are five hours left until Aquarius’ closest approach to Earth! There is sudden acceleration when the loading of heavy water is completed.

81. Outer space, the solar system – Lugal’s surviving fleet attacks Yamato. Suddenly Dessler’s fleet appears and attacks Lugal. Yamato warps. Lugal’s fleet is held back by Dessler’s attack. Yamato appears halfway between Earth and the closest approach point of Aquarius.

82. Inside Yamato – Okita tells the crew about the self-destruct plan for Yamato, and everyone is surprised. They are ordered to abandon ship.

83. Outer space – escape ship Fuyuzuki takes off from the moon base.

84. Inside Yamato – Okita orders the Wave-Motion Gun muzzle blocked up. Okita tells Kodai to live for love with Yuki.

85. Outer space – Okita is determined to stay on board Yamato alone, Kodai gives him a solemn salute.

86. Yamato‘s bridge – Okita returns the salute.

87. Aquarius – a huge column of water grows into space.

88. Yamato‘s bridge – Okita puts his hand on the trigger of the Wave-Motion Gun. Outer space – Dessler’s warship throws itself at Lugal’s fleet and goes down. Lugal dashes toward Yamato. Outer space – the huge column of water blasts toward Earth and Yamato. Okita pulls the trigger. Yamato self-destructs. Lugal’s warship disintegrates and vanishes. The damage to Earth is minimal.

89. On Earth, which has regained tranquility – Kodai and Yuki are figures of love. Okita and the Queen of Aquarius look back while they fly off into the distance. The majestic figure of Yamato.

May 1982: Scriptwriting Begins

Previous Yamato movies followed a well-worn writing structure in which the story was divided into four parts, each of which would follow its own production chain. The simplest way to describe it is that when part A was completed and approved, it would enter the storyboard phase, then writing would begin on Part B. This would wrap up around the time the part A storyboards finished, then part B storyboarding commenced, and so on.

Scriptwriter Kazuo Kasahara delivered his draft of part A on May 20, at which point it was scrutinized by the rest of the writing team and a new round of analysis and revision started. First up was a set of notes by SF consultant Aritsune Toyota, who was charged with keeping the scientific aspects of the story as authentic as possible.

SF Concepts by Arituse Toyota

May 24, 1982

1. When we look beyond our galaxy, celestial bodies have a tinge of red. This is seen by spectral analysis. It is called the red shift of the Doppler effect. Celestial bodies (such as a spaceship) approaching us have a bluish color (blue shift) and objects traveling away from us have a red tint (red shift). Making use of this in illustration makes the image plausible, and the color change can be fun. [Figure 5]

2. This spectral analysis can also be applied to a water planet. Spectral analysis can detect a very small sodium-ion reaction. Most are hydrogen ions. The blue shift is confirmed by the Doppler effect. Its speed can be calculated relative to the solar system and recognized as sub-light speed. However, the orbit is made unstable by warping. The chance meeting with the solar system becomes an expression of X days after. If a celestial body does not emit radio waves, it can’t be detected by a radio telescope. Other possible names are 4-Dimensional telescope, warp telescope, hyperspace telescope, or Tohachevsky [type] telescope. When you depict an exaggerated device and switch it on, the image of space can tear apart and a picture appears. [Figure 6]

3. Omitted

4. These terms can be considered for missiles: nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, hyper fuser, fuser missile, fusion missile, armageddon (doomsday). Because “neutron” is overused, I think it should be called a neutrino beam. Neutrino refers to radiation emitted from a fixed star, the source of the so-called solar wind, and its penetrating power is as strong as a neutron. Heavy water is used as a neutron-absorption material in a nuclear reactor, and in place of the popularized heavy hydrogen [deuterium] I think we should use tritium.

5. Rather than blocking up the muzzle of the Wave-Motion Gun, causing the Wave-Motion Engine to run out of control (stampede) would add a sense of urgency. Igniting tritium with a runaway tachyon engine would be good.

6. There is no way to show it other than by an energy gauge. If there is one weak point in a system that uses large quantities of tritium, the supply from Aquarius could be cut by a weapon.

7. There is heavy water and heavy water 3 only in the center part. Heavy water would be loaded into a tank at the bottom of the ship.

8. Lightning on the primitive Earth. Rainfall materializes from steam that rises from the sea. This rainfall is the benefit of Aquarius. The outbreak of creatures such as trilobites, sea scorpions, and sea lilies from single-celled organisms in the water can be shown. Furthermore, the evolution of fish to amphibians can be followed by showing the Eusthenopteron (a fish close to the coelocanth). In other words, this is the ancestor of land animals, including human beings.

9. The angle at which the two galaxies cross can be determined by the art side. According to the Asimov theory, there is a large black hole in the center. The theories of Velikovsky and of Gamow state that worlds collide often in outer space. The idea of distortion and confusion of space/time can be used.

10. Yamato‘s field of battle can regress in time, and it is possible to fight an unknown enemy or one previous fought (White Comet Empire, Gamilas) against a half-materialized background.

11. The flooding of Dengil. With the approach of Aquarius, wind rises and fissures in the ground would soon appear. Before the water strikes, objects on the ground would float into the air. Meanwhile, the side of Aquarius facing Dengil would swell up and rise higher.

At this point a new writer steps into the picture named Kazuichi Tsurumi. Little information is available about his career or his relationship to Space Battleship Yamato, but he performed a critical service for Final Yamato when he stepped in to finally flesh out the all-important battle scenes and ensure that they would flow logically. His contribution was not dated in the source text, but based on his use of terms suggested by Aritsune Toyota, this is the most likely position for it in the timeline.

Battle/Strategy Proposals by Kazuichi Tsurumi

(1) Battle around the Planet Dengil

The first task force on its way to city satellite Uruk discovers Yamato undergoing repair, and one carrier ship attacks instantly. Long distance detection is impossible because of damage to Yamato‘s cosmo radar, so it notices the enemy attack too late and takes one hit after another. Damage reports from all sections reach the bridge. Shima works desperately to protect the ship. Since a counterattack is impossible, Kodai orders everyone to put on space suits and prepare lifeboats. An enemy torpedo boat launches hyper thermonuclear missiles for the final blow. At the moment it hits, flames swirl around inside Yamato and it becomes a sea of fire. The crew falls with great clamor.

(2) Solar System Invasion War

The solar system attack fleet (another name for the first task fleet) waits in the area of Pluto: a formation of 1 battleship, 3 attack carriers, 8 cruisers, 1 torpedo mothership, 24 torpedo boats, 4 minelayers, and 6 supply ships. Three groups are composed this way: a Jupiter area group, a Saturn area group, and one to attack the space colony.

Earth’s main fleet is mobilized to stop the enemy invasion near Mars. The formation consists of 8 capital ships, 6 cruisers, and 24 destroyers. Since each planetary base and colony are destroyed, there is no aircraft force. The enemy concentrates its forces and blocks the eyes and ears of the Earth fleet with ECM (electronic jamming). A large formation of attack planes launches, then is wiped out by torpedo boats launching hyper thermonuclear missiles like rain. The enemy returns to the Pluto vicinity for energy resupply. The emigration ships of Earth try to use this chance to escape, but they are shot down by missiles launched from enemy surveillance satellites.

(3) The condition of Yamato at the time of launch

Damage to the Wave-Motion Engine makes full power impossible. Repairs are almost finished on each of the main turrets. The central computer room needs more time for restoration. Repairs to the cosmo radar are completed. There is no telling when the bow radar can be fully restored. The Wave-Motion Gun control room is heavily damaged, and there is no expectation that it will be restored. Hull integrity and navigation systems are normal, but only small warps are possible. Okita judges that Yamato is at 80% combat capability.

(4) Yamato‘s launch and blockade breakthrough

Although Yamato departs with two destroyers, it cannot take off easily from the water. Yamato makes a small warp to the enemy’s surveillance attack fleet and appears in front of the enemy. The enemy is annihilated by the main batteries and missiles (due to Kodai’s activity). Wave-Motion depth charges strike clusters of surveillance attack satellites and one route is opened. Several destroyers and cruisers join up after evacuating the moon and Mars. They form a ring-type formation and head for Pluto.

(5) Preliminary skirmish at Saturn

The enemy knows that Yamato is coming with a small fleet and dispatch a torpedo mothership with 6 torpedo boats to defeat them near Saturn. Until Yamato is capable of defending against the hyper thermonuclear missiles, a formation of Cosmo Tigers launches to impede their firing in advance. It is decided that they will perform a forward reconnaissance and support the fleet. The torpedo boats explode one after another at the attack of the new Cosmo Tigers. A destroyer gets a weapons lock on the mothership and destroys it with a huge explosion before it can launch.

(6) The first naval battle

Approach to the Pluto area. New Cosmo Tigers are launched. Dead ahead on Yamato‘s course, Majin-type guided attack mines (left behind by the enemy) launch wave-motion-seeking missiles. [Translation note: “Majin” is a mythological Japanese term for “Devil.”] One destroyer explodes. The Yamato fleet spots the enemy mines and gets stuck in the middle. The enemy attacks with a large formation of fighters, and a large aerial dogfight begins with the new Cosmo Tigers.

The Yamato fleet moves slowly. All the ships fire depth charges to detonate the mines, then begin a breakthrough at full speed. They fire simultaneously to attack the enemy’s torpedo boats. The Cosmo Tigers see Kodai firing anti-ship missiles and break off. The enemy fighters pounce on the Cosmo Tigers. A torpedo boat launches hyper fuser missiles. Yamato swerves right and left while counterattacking attacking enemy aircraft. One destroyer acts as a shield and explodes.

The enemy’s carrier stores many fighters and attack planes, which launch one after another. Yamato breaks through the minefield. The enemy loses 15 torpedo boats and many planes in exchange for damaging 7 destroyers on the Yamato side. The enemy flagship advances and tries to finish off Yamato. However, energy is decreasing, so all the ships withdraw for resupply. The Yamato fleet wonders about the sudden retreat. The two remaining destroyers use this break to rescue drifting crews. The new Cosmo Tigers return to Yamato and are resupplied with missiles and ammunition.

Okita detects the location of the enemy fleet and judges that Yamato cannot achieve victory if they don’t strike before a second attack begins. The launch of a reconnaissance craft is ordered. Kodai volunteers and boards a new Cosmo Zero. Yuki rides in the back seat. Suddenly, an enemy torpedo boat appears and launches hyper fuser missiles at the two destroyers performing rescue activities. One ship explodes. Kodai chases the torpedo boat toward the Pluto area. An enemy fighter detects Kodai and attacks.

Then, he is supported by missiles fired by the remaining forces on Pluto base. Kodai discovers the enemy fleet in the midst of resupply and learns the energy limit of the enemy. Kodai informs Yamato of their position. The main battery fires and the large supply mothership explodes, taking out all the enemy warships around it. Lugal II escapes by warping away from within the explosion. Kodai and Yuki return to Yamato.

Yamato salutes the last destroyer as it departs back to the moon base, fully loaded with wounded. Yamato goes into warp, headed for Aquarius.

(7) The second naval battle and the battle of Uruk

Yamato lands in the waters of Aquarius and learns that there is an enemy stronghold controlling the warps of Aquarius. They try to launch, but because of a malfunction in the Wave-Motion Engine, they must stay and make repairs.

Lugal II, who is now in city satellite Uruk, knows that Yamato has stopped at Aquarius. He is allowed to launch in a heavy bomber squadron equipped with multiple hyper fuser missile launchers to wipe out Yamato in one fell swoop.

Yamato catches the approach of the heavy bomber squadron. Emergency repair of the Wave Engine is completed in the nick of time and they launch from Aquarius. Sanada’s defense system against hyper fuser missiles is also completed. Therefore, when the heavy bombers fire hyper fuser missiles, the warheads are destroyed by a defense beam. Yamato counterattacks with a volley of subcannons and the heavy bomber squadron is destroyed. The enemy attack plane formation meets hardship; the planes are shot down one after another with a new type-3 cosmo cartridge.

A huge battleship, the head of the attack carrier group, launches from Uruk and rushes forward with more heavy bombers. Yamato annihilates this fleet with a single blow from the Wave-Motion Gun. Lugal is surprised. Uruk prepares for battle. Yamato‘s cosmo radar catches the huge city satellite Uruk firing warp beams at Aquarius. Now in pursuit of the fleeing enemy, Yamato and the squadron of new Cosmo Tigers rushes toward Uruk.

Lugal fires the neutrino beam. A screen of red light surrounds Uruk. The hindmost enemy fighters slam into the screen and instantly burn up. The new Cosmo Tigers go into quick reverse to avoid the screen. Lugal fires the neutrino beam at Yamato. Yamato tries to evade it with the Wave Engine at full power, but is enveloped by it. At that moment, wave energy which has begun to leak out from the Wave-Motion Engine intercepts the neutrino beam. Protected by wave-energy, Yamato takes the Tiger corps back on board and makes a crash-landing in front of the emperor’s temple on Uruk. The bottom of the ship sinks into the ground, and Yamato‘s third bridge is crushed. Yamato readies its main guns for battle.

Hordes of the enemy appear on mecha horses along with innumerable short-range fighter interceptors, and they attack all at once. Lugal II flies a command fighter. Kodai challenges him in an air battle in the new Cosmo Zero. The main guns of Yamato cause loud explosions in the headquarters of Uruk. The warp light of Aquarius stops, but Kodai is unable to prevent the enemy onslaught with just one machine, and Yamato‘s damage increases.

Since the bottom of the ship sank when they landed on Uruk, it is not possible to launch Cosmo Tigers. Taisuke Tokugawa tries an idea, and the rear of Yamato rises so that the hangar hatch can open, and Cosmo Tigers launch. Against an intense offensive, the mecha horses and fighters are totally destroyed. Even Lugal II’s remaining fighter is shot down by Kodai in the Cosmo Zero.

The warp beams are fired again from Uruk to Aquarius. The Dengil boy, who had boarded the Cosmo Zero, informs Kodai of a sub-control room inside the temple. Kodai reaches it with the boy’s guidance. He confronts Lugal and the warp control device is destroyed, but it is too late to prevent the warp. The boy protects Kodai but falls to Lugal’s bullet. He was the second son of Lugal.

Lugal throws Uruk’s self-destruct switch and escapes in an old-model saucer ship. Aquarius warps at that point. Yamato tries to take off from Uruk, but the hull is too deeply embedded in the ground. Shima activates all the attitude control rockets and succeeds in getting Yamato to launch. Uruk explodes loudly. Yamato escapes by a hairbreadth. Kodai’s Cosmo Zero also gets away, and Yamato warps in pursuit of Aquarius.

(8) Enemy warship concepts

• Air battleship (flagship): a high-speed fleet flagship with two large-bore, 4-barrel electron gun turrets on the front of the ship, flight deck on the rear. Strong command and communication capacity.

• Attack aircraft carrier: a mobile air base that carries 36 fighters, 48 attack planes, and 12 scout planes.

• Air defense warship (cruiser): an escort ship to protect the air battleship and aircraft carrier from enemy attack. It has high mobility due to light armor. Equipped with 8 multi-cannon missile launchers and a beam vulcan gun.

• Torpedo ship carrier: a large ship with the role of a mobile base for torpedo boats and hyper thermonuclear missile torpedo boats. Has two 3-barrel electron guns at the front of the ship to support an attack by torpedo boats.

• Torpedo boat: a small ship with the duty to launch hyper thermonuclear missiles. 4-barrel launch tubes are attached to the hull. When equipped with missiles of heavy mass, mobility and speed is comparatively low. Equipped with a small-barrel electron turret for defense.

• Minelayer: lays mines from the front of the ship and surveillance satellites from the rear. Its speed is the fastest. It has a beam vulcan gun for defense.

• Surveillance attack satellite: has an automatic monitoring system with a high-sensitivity TV camera, infrared sensors, and radar. When it catches a takeoff from the ground, it fires anti-ship missiles and its electron gun if there is no friend-or-foe distinction.

• Majin-type guided mine: looks like a Majin at first glance, a mine that appears to be a rock. It has built-in sensors to catch the movement of wave-motion energy from targets in the area, and fires auto-homing anti-ship missiles. In order to avoid enemy minesweepers on the second contact, it can be adjusted in advance to fire when a target approaches for a fourth contact.

• Large battleship: a big warship like a moving gun battery. It has five gun batteries like the fortress of Navarone, and each gun battery can detach to serve as a smaller independent battleship if needed. Although it has great destructive power, its heavy armor makes for low speed and mobility.

• Large supply carrier: a ship that supplies energy and artillery while offering support duty on a mission. It also carries a supply of other vessels, such as a heavy bomber fleet. It has the ability to attack a target with a dimensional projector that can small-warp multiple warheads.

• Heavy bomber: A larger-scale torpedo boat equipped with 5 cannons that can each launch 4 hyper thermonuclear missiles. Like the torpedo boats, it has no armor and slow speed. It can be considered preeminent in terms of destructive power by concentrated firepower.

(9) Yamato side warship concepts

• Capital ship: equipped with twin Dispersion Wave-Motion Guns and the central part of the ship is heavily armored. Speed and mobility are low.

• Cruiser: equipped with 3 shock cannon the size of Yamato‘s secondary guns, pulse lasers and space torpedo tubes. A high-speed ship with light armor used mainly for reconnaissance, or as a flagship in a destroyer squadron. Also equipped with reconnaissance craft and a single catapult, giving it the feeling of a mini-Yamato.

• Destroyer: high-speed warship that serves as an escort for capital ships. Four 5-barrel cosmo torpedo tube launchers and a forward-mount shot rock as main armaments, three shock cannons, and two cosmo depth charge launchers. Speed and mobility are high.

(10) Defense plan against hyper thermonuclear missiles

At the moment one of these missiles hits a target, the energy of the explosion becomes a jet of high heat that burns out the interior. The model for a defense is based on the present-day high-explosive anti-tank warhead (HEAT). Using a HEAT bullet, the warhead would be detonated before hitting its target. Even if the shot is directly on target, it is preferable to just have the shock of the exploding warhead hit you.

Following Mr. Tsurumi’s invaluable contribution, another significant player stepped in: live-action film director Toshio Masuda. His first contribution to the Yamato saga had been to edit Series 1 into the pivotal 1977 feature film, and he played significant roles in every subsequent movie. He would ultimately be credited with “Total Supervision” on Final Yamato, which is analogous to “Supervising Producer.”

As the month of May 1982 drew to a close, he wrote a more abbreviated version of the story outline. Even now, some details differed from the finished film, but most were set in place for all time. (It’s also worth noting that some new ideas appear in this text, such as the scene with the Shima brothers, and the death of Taisuke Tokugawa.)

Script scene plan by Toshio Masuda

May 26, 1982

1. Great expanse of space/main title

2. Large galactic catastrophe/Yamato investigates

3. Dessler’s palace in ruins/Yamato caught in the middle/action on the bridge

4. Sudden bright light and impact/Yamato pulled into black hole

5. Aquarius brings heavy rain to the sky of Dengil/huge object rises through thick clouds

6. Yamato thrown out of the black hole/discovery of the Dengil flood/Kodai determined to rescue

7. Water surface of Dengil/Yamato splashes down/Kodai accident/Kato rescues the boy/conflict between Kodai, Shima, and Sanada/Yamato departs

8. Yamato hurries to Earth/Kodai reflects/learning of the water planet/report to Earth/Sanada discovers the boy is the same as an Earthling

9. Appearance and attack by unidentified fleet/Kodai issues orders/shots fired, appropriate damage/the order to don space suits/Kodai helps the boy suit up, wearing only a helmet/Lugal II on the unknown flagship/irritation, anger, launch of hyper thermonuclear missile

10. Yamato struck/all pass out/Lugal II greatly satisfied/Commander and Yuki are worried at Earth headquarters (play up Yuki especially)/Yamato collides with something and starts automation/”there is life in Yamato“/Lugal II reports to his father, the emperor

11. Show Aquarius in front of city satellite Uruk/Emperor declares they will conquer Earth with Aquarius/warp engineering completed, Aquarius will reach Earth in 20 days/Earth attack fleet launches/Aquarius and Uruk warp

12. Earth detects the warp of Aquarius/chaos on Earth with 16 days left until approach/the Aquarius legend/why does a star that once brought life to Earth now bring disaster?/why are warps hastening its cycle?

13. Yuki is relieved at the report of Yamato‘s return/Yamato returns to dock, Yuki and others rush on board/the crew is in suspended animation/Yuki screams to find Kodai not wearing a space suit, Sado comforts her

14. Yuki prays during Kodai’s surgery

15. Launch of Earth’s first evacuation fleet and escort fleet/people give them a sendoff while waiting for the next launch/Shima and his younger brother

16. Dream of Kodai/helped by Yuki/Kodai revives, interacts with Yuki

17. Lugal II’s attack fleet appears/Earth fleet and evacuation ships are destroyed

18. Kodai sees the commander, resigns as captain/second and third Earth fleets are destroyed, the intention of the enemy to blockade Earth is successful/the view that the enemy and Aquarius are the same/Kodai is dissuaded from resigning

19. Kodai goes to Yamato‘s dock/the joy of reunion and the urgency of repair/Sanada studies the hyper thermonuclear missile/Kodai talks to Yamato/Okita emerges/interaction between Kodai and Okita

20. Piping-in ceremony of Okita/crew is surprised at Okita’s return/Okita announces their mission/report of repair status/seven cruisers and destroyers to accompany them/preparations start

21. Yamato launch/repair and recovery of all functions to proceed while advancing toward the enemy fleet

22. The boy wrapped by tension/medical office

23. Lugal II waits for Yamato in Pluto vicinity/both fight/parting with Fuyuzuki

24. Uruk follows behind Aquarius/meeting of Lugal parent and child/the son is ordered to attack and destroy Yamato at the position of the 19th warp

25. Strategy meeting on Yamato/wait at the point of the 19th warp/the boy offers help/Warp of Yamato, Aquarius, and Uruk

26. Yamato and Aquarius warp to the same point/splashdown on Aquarius/Queen of Aquarius tells of the presence of Dengil

27. Yamato prepares for decisive battle/Tokugawa works on an energy leak/interplay of Kodai and Yuki

28. Appearance and battle with Dengil/neutron beam and wave-screen/forced landing of Yamato/battle of robot horses commanded by Lugal II and Yamato corps commanded by Kodai/order for all units to return to base/Shima injured/super thermonuclear beam from Uruk to Aquarius/Taisuke’s idea for Cosmo Tiger launch/situation reversal, headquarters blasted, beam disappears/Yamato is pleased/beam fires again/boy guides Kodai to sub-temple

29. Uruk great temple/Kodai prevails in a straight fight with Lugal/interplay with the emperor/death of the boy/push the self-destruct switch, city satellite starts to explode/Aquarius warps toward Earth/Kodai escapes

30. Shima desperately maneuvers Yamato for a successful launch/Uruk explosion/escape of ancient saucer ship/Kodai returns/death of Shima/Yamato warps in pursuit of Aquarius

31. The solar system/Aquarius emerges from warp, X time until approach to Earth/Yamato emerges from warp/Queen says to shoot Aquarius with the Wave-Motion Gun/interplay of Kodai and Okita – Kodai is ordered to command the crew to prepare Yamato self-destruction. Pain and conflict of Kodai. Yuki ponders it. (The death of Okita is only known to Kodai and Yuki)

32. Yamato collects heavy water from Aquarius/ambush by Dengil spaceship/crisis of a moving hydrogen bomb/death of Taisuke/Yamato in a desperate situation

33. Dessler appears, fights the Lugal fleet

34. Yamato small-warps to the explosion point

35. Yamato‘s crew leaves the ship/uproar over the plan of Okita/Kodai offers pursuasion/Kodai and Yuki offer farewell to Okita/movement of Fuyuzuki/parting salute to Okita (over the climax)

36. Earth/EDF commander watches Yamato

37. Yamato/Okita’s last words

38. Aquarius/a tornado-like column of water stretches out

The End

Special thanks to Neil Nadelman for translation support.

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