Final Yamato novelization, 1982/83

The last movie of the original production years was released in March 1983, accompanied by no fewer than four different novelizations from three different publishers. Over time, the one most strongly remembered for its interpretation and enhancement was a 2-volume edition published by Tokuma Shoten in the “AM Juju” library.

When the path finally cleared for a story to be written in the time period between Final Yamato and Resurrection (titled Aquarius Algorithm, 2021), this was the novel it drew inspiration from.

Written by Keigo Masaki and illustrated by animator Yoshinori Kanada, it is presented here chapter by chapter in English for the first time. Find more information on Final Yamato novels and read a review of this one here.

Volume 1

272 pages, published December 31, 1982


ACT 1: Cataclysmic Anomaly in Frontier Space

ACT 2: Submerged Planet

ACT 3: Hyper thermonuclear missile attack

ACT 4: Urban satellite Uruk

ACT 5: Aquarius, warp

ACT 6: Return of Yamato

ACT 7: Solar system suppression fleet

ACT 8: First evacuation fleet

ACT 9: The invasion of humankind on Earth

ACT 10: Earth fleet

ACT 11: Susumu Kodai’s hesitation

ACT 12: Departure of Yamato

Volume 2

288 pages, published April 15, 1983

ACT 13: Yamato launches

ACT 14: Okita is revived

ACT 15: Last Earth Fleet

ACT 16: Battle of Pluto

ACT 17: Solo pursuit

ACT 18: Before the decisive battle

ACT 19: Queen of Aquarius

ACT 20: Final battle

ACT 21: To Uruk

ACT 22: Destroy the command tower

ACT 23: Entering the Uruk Temple

ACT 24: Death of a comrade-in-arms

ACT 25: The only way left

ACT 26: Final mission

The Story that Follows

Keigo Misaki, author

Born 1954 in Tokyo. In his sophomore year of college, he suddenly started reading science fiction novels, and after graduation he submitted a science fiction short story that was accepted. His debut work was The Menace Overhead. He also wrote Portrait of a Meditator (Hayakawa Library), Balloon Balloon (Cultural Press) and others.

Favorite Author: Richard Brodigan. Favorite music: Tatsuro Yamashita, Yumi Matsutoya, Led Zeppelin. He is 28 years old and a graduate of the Faculty of Law at Kokugakuin University, where he talks about his favorite person, himself. His latest book is Boogie to the Wind (Hayakawa Shobo).

Yoshinori Kanada, illustrator

Born 1952 in Nara. After dropping out of Designer Academy, he joined Toei Animation. After that, he became a freelance animator. After working on Gaiking (animation director) and Adieu Galaxy Express 999 (key animation), he was an animation director on Final Yamato.

Puss in Boots and Flying Phantom Ship moved him to enter the world of anime. He is now known as “Battle Scene Kanada” and is well known for his expression of movement. He was in charge of supervising animation for Final Yamato. He is 30 years old and belongs to Studio No.1.

Yoshinori Kanada illustration gallery

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