Ark of the Stars theater merchandise

Froovie products

Crew parkas

Yamato parka

Captain Okita T-shirt: “Bakkame to itte yare!” (“I said idiots!”)

2199 T-shirt

BBY-01 Yamato T-shirt

Cosmo Navy patches

300-piece puzzle (10″ x 15″), 1,000-piece puzzle (19″ x 29″), Kia Asamiya clear file

Kia Asamiya clear files

Kia Asamiya clear files (this brings all remaining Kia Asamiya art into print)

Kia Asamiya postcard set

Episode 9 postcard set (“The Heart of Agent 9”)

Secret File folder and postcard set

Movie poster clear files

Reflector charms, neck strap with card holder

Tapestries, UNCF flag

Wrist braces, glasses case with cloth, file folder

Travel pouches (2 types)

UNCF Captain Okita quote mug, tumblers

Towels (35″ x 14″)

Mini-towels (8″ x 8″)

Yamato Crew products

Strap mascots

Ark of the Stars trading card sets

Left and center: Ark of the Stars clear files. Right: clear posters (printed on plastic)

Above left: a better look at one of the new clear posters. The artist is Ryuji Umeno.
At right is an earlier painting he did of Yuria Misaki (posted on Pixiv).

Follow Umeno’s work at these links:
“Umegrafix” website | “Umegrafix” twitter feed | Pixiv page | Deviant art page | Yamato art in 60 minutes” Twitter page

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