Chapter 1 Completion Screening Event

Product displays, February 6 2017

Handout items: lanyard, postcard, flyer pack

Lanyard with English labeling. Sign of things to come? Photo by Gwyn Campbell

Left: fan club flyer and the lanyard, photo by Gwyn Campbell.
Right: flyer for 2202 tabloid newspaper, to be published February 24 by Sanspo.

Ichiban Kuji lottery prizes manufactured by Banpresto. Photo at right by Tag Hobby

Photo by Gwyn Campbell

Panasonic’s display for the Electric Fan Q. Photo by 2202 Production Committee

Photo by Tag Hobby

Flyer for Electric Fan Q

Bandai display for Yuki Mori figures and 1/1000 model kits. Photo by Tag Hobby

Photos by Gwyn Campbell

Photos by Gwyn Campbell

Photo by Infinity Lagna

Photos by Hoypoykoy

PHoto by Sousui

Photo by Gwyn Campbell

Under Armour’s display of Akira Yamamoto flight suit and commercial apparel. Photo by Puchiko 777

Photo at left by Tenta Mituike, photo at right by Fixdot

Photo by 2202 Production Committee

Photo at left by Tag Hobby, photo at right by Umaishin, who got the last cap
and earned special recognition for wearing his Yamato eyeglass frames.

Skymark Airlines’ display for the Yamato jet to go into service Feb 25. Photo by Sousui

Photo by Sousui

Photo at left by Tag Hobby, photo at right by Gaoru 373

Photo by Hoypoykoy

Skymark flyer. Photos by Sousui

Photo booth photo by Tenta Mituike

Photo at left by uc0088, photo at right by 2202 Production Committee

Photos by uc0088

Flyer for “collaboration cafe” open in Shinjuku, Tokyo from February12-28

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