Winter Wonder Festival 2014 displays

Most of the photos on this page by friend-of-the-website Gwyn Campbell.

Megahouse booth; all Yamato displays shown below

Case 1: Cosmofleet Special miniatures and 1/8 Captain Okita figure

Case 2: 1/8 Yuki Mori, Yuria Misaki, and Hilde Shulz figures

Case 3: 1/8 Akira Yamamoto and Melda Dietz figures

Case 4: 1/8 Makoto Harada and Kaoru Niimi figures

Case 5: Forthcoming products

1/8 Yuki Mori figure, version 2 (pilot suit)

Commemorative art by character designer Nobuteru Yuuki

Announcement for forthcoming Miki Saijo figure

Case 6: 1/8 Yuki Mori “Warp color version” figure

Yamato X Hello Kitty collaboration products, sold at Yamato Crew booth

Wolf Frakken resin figure, sculpted by R.C. Berg

Garmillas busts, manufactured by Megatech Body

Eruk Domel

Heydom Gimleh

Herm Zoellik

1/6 Yuria Misaki garage kit by Hagane

1/6 Hilde Shulz garage kit by Hagane

1/6 Akira Yamamoto garage kit by Hagane

1/6 Makoto Harada garage kit by Hagane

1/6 Mikage Kiryu garage kit by Hagane

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