This test page was assembled for the purposes of targeting and solving various problems that came up when I posted sample pages.

This test page has also been posted at my other website here.

If you can get this page to look exactly like that page, then all the problems should be solved. My goal is to have a situation where I could take a coded page from my other site and publish it here to get the exact same appearance with no change in coding.

The first thing you’ll notice if you open both pages and put them side by side is that some elements don’t display at all in this version. Specifically, centered text. Obviously, that needs addressing.

Next, no italics are currently recognized.

This line is in italics. I use “em” and “slash em” to open and close.


This text is blue

This text is red

This text is light red

This text is yellow

This text is brown

This text is green

If I add more colors in the future, I would like to use this page as coding reference.


This is an H2 headline

This is an H3 headline

This is an H2 headline in blue

This is an H3 headline in red

Something else I notice on ourstarblazers is that when these headlines render out, they dictate their own line spacing. If that’s a custom function, I’d like to replicate it at ARTVALT. If it’s automatic, then no need for further attention.


The width of the current frame is too large. It should only be 950 pixels, the same as the banner I created. This accomodates a maximum “live area” width of 800 pixels for text and images. This matches the specs at

If the current frame was widened to accomodate the menu items, then let’s reduce the gaps between those words like so:

What’s New • Kids Comics • Pro Comics • Game Days • TV Cartoons • TIMDb • Mystery Grab-bag • Anime World


What’s New | Kids Comics | Pro Comics | Game Days | TV Cartoons | TIMDb | Mystery Grab-bag | Anime World


Since this is essentially an art gallery website, I will want to publish high-resolution images for a better display of the art. After some experimentation, I’ve settled on a maximum of 1600 pixels wide x 150dpi.

At, I can publish an image like that with no distortion. I’m guessing there must be something in the style sheet that recognizes and preserves the proportions of an image. Whatever that function is, it’s needed here as well so we won’t get this sort of distortion:


This won’t appear at the ourstarblazers version of this page for obvious reasons, so I’ll just describe it.


If you look at some of the pages I test-posted, you’ll see that the function for placing pictures on the left or right isn’t working. This is not a big deal, since I’ll be raw-coding everything and bypass this function. But it may be worth fixing so it doesn’t cause future problems.


The background wallpaper displays correctly on the home page and all the “index” pages.

However, when I open up an article page, it immediately changes size and shape. I would like it to display and tile the same on all pages regardless of content.


Please fix the spelling of “Eldrid” on the top menu bar.

I like seeing the graphics animate on, but I’d like it to go faster. It’s going to rebuild every time someone jumps back to the home page from an article, so it should take only half the current time. If it can’t be sped up, we can delete this function.

The top button doesn’t currently link to anything. Should go to the “What’s New” category index.

Button at 1:00 should go directly to the “Who’s Tim Eldred?” article, not to a category index. This should not be a category, since it will only ever be my intro page.

Button at 6:00 should go directly to the “TIMDb” article, not to a category index. This should not be a category, since it will only ever be the TIMDb page.

Button at 9:00 links directly to

Button at 10:00 links directly to

Button at 11:00 links directly to

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