3-meter display model renovation

These photos were posted on Twitter by “Fujoi,” the social media spokesperson for the Yamato Production Committee (see the official Twitter page here).

Examining these workshop images starkly reveals modifications to the 2205 incarnation of the ship; extra armor and an extension to the bow fairing are just the most obvious changes. According to Fujoi, the additional parts were 3D printed and attached to the existing model, which was then entirely repainted from bow to stern. The shock cannons are now rigged to turn, though there don’t seem to be any electronics involved.

Reshaping the bow.

Repainting various parts; the overall tonal shift is from blue to grey.

Beefing up the shock cannon turrets with 3D-printed armor.

These photos reveal how the hull is split into three sections.

New plating on the bridge section.

Remodeling finished, paint drying.

Finishing the engine nozzle. 2202 version shown at right.

Painting and finishing.

From here, the scene shifts to the theater lobby for on-site assembly. Markings on the crate reveal contents.

Photo posted on Twitter by Yamato 2202 novelist Yuka Minakawa, who was there to watch it come together.

Midsection awaiting parts.

Assembly underway.

Rear catapults to be installed.

Capping the engine.

See it fully assembled

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