Space Battleship Yamato products

B5-01 Yamato painting set

B5-03 Yamato 1978 calendar

B5-04 CR Yamato 2 promo package

B8-26 Shima Daisuke replica cel (from a cel painting set)

B8-01 Farewell to Yamato memory card set

B14-29 Yamato Wonder Cards set

B14-28 Farewell to Yamato Wonder Cards set

T18-14 Be Forever Yamato Pencil holder

T18-13 Final Yamato Stickers

T18-16 Bootleg Yamato Neckties

A4-06 “Wave-Motion Hats” papercraft set

A4-07 Final Yamato poster

B3-28 Yamato 2520 mini-poster (from model kit)

A1-02 Yamato poster (from LP)

T11-08 Andromeda bath toy

T11-17 Yamato bath toy

T11-26 Comet Empire missile ship mini-model

T13-05 Comet Empire Dreadnought mini-model

T13-10 EDF cruiser mini-model

T13-12 Comet Empire battleship mini-model

T13-11 Galman-Gamilas twin tri-deck carrier mini-model

T13-24 Rajendora mini-model

T13-25 Yamato mini-model

T13-26 Dessler battle carrier mini-model

T13-27 EDF frigate mini-model

B4-01 Yamato Mechanic File model (unopened)

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