Yamato 2199 manga, Chapter 47

By Michio Murakawa. Description by friend-of-the-website Hiroshi Ban.

Okita has recovered and takes over the bridge, ending the attempted mutiny by Ito’s Izumo faction. Ito suggested his deed to Okita beforehand, but Okita declined.

Yuki says to Kodai that she no longer knows who she is due to her memory loss. Okita reveals to the crew the classified purpose of the Izumo Plan.

The final plan to save Earth was for a single ship with an elite crew to carry the genes of as many life forms as possible to another planet where they could be seeded. There would be no escape for living beings or their family members. Only the custodians of the genetic seeds.

The invasion of Garmillas would be fought to the last man, and a highly-advanced nuclear bomb would be installed in the deepest layer of the underground city. The planetary-scale explosion it set off would destroy the brain cells of all living things, including the invaders.

As this plan was being considered, the message from Iscandar arrived and the Izumo Plan was rejected in favor of the Yamato Plan. Despite this, a faction on Earth still believed the emigration of genes, the “resetting” of Earth, and the mass-destruction of Garmillas was the superior plan.

Yurisha Iscandar, the messenger who would provide the coordinates of Iscandar, fell into a coma after a traffic accident and is now being used as a “living compass” based on the homing instinct in her genes. She is kept within the auto-navigation room. Okita accepts responsibility for this inhumane action, which was taken for the sake of their survival.

“Our value as a species may be tested by Iscandar. This voyage may be our trial, so let us believe in its success. To move past fear and believe in tomorrow is an important mental battle, too. Starsha asks all of us what kind of men and women we want to be and what are the things we have to do.”

Kodai considers this and nearly answers his own question.

Members of the fighter squadron decide to go for a flight. Shinohara volunteers, feeling the most important use of his time would be a scouting mission.

Okita’s announcement has calmed the crew. Shima feels sorry for the part he played in what happened. Sanada finds the warp gates and it is decided to use them.

Sanada asks Kodai why he didn’t pick up the core he saw on Beemela 4. He says that it seemed to not be just a core, that it had some other characteristic. The others accept this as an explanation.

Okita says he still doesn’t understand what Starsha wants them to do, but they will stay on course. He will wake up Yurisha.

Sanada is hestitant, but agrees with Okita’s decision. Niimi, Yabu, and Hoshina are jailed.

Ito remains free for undisclosed reasons.

In the men’s bath, Shima has a question for Yamazaki and Tokugawa: what kind of man was his father?

Yamazaki answers that Captain Shima once said, “We are all seamen who cross the ocean. Think as highly of each other as if you were brothers.”

Yamazaki tells him, “You didn’t abandon your brothers, and you persisted in your belief when you rose to the level of captain for a while. Your father would be proud of you as an honorable navigator.”

Meanwhile, Yuki looks upon the sleeping Yurisha.

Yuria Misaki suddenly appears and asks Yuki, “What’s your name?” (She is possessed by Yurisha.)

Sanada wonders why the Wave-Motion Core of Yamato has started to self-propagate…

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5 thoughts on “Yamato 2199 manga, Chapter 47

  1. It appears that some of the chapters you made very excellent translations. Could you please translate as much as possible? As I saw many chapters are not rephrased yet… Still waiting for the Vol. 3 and 4 in English, but it seems that they have been delayed for a long time…
    Anyway, thank you very much for your effort! Love this Web.

    • It’s my policy NOT to translate works that are still in print and making money for the home office. That would qualify as piracy.

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