Other Anime-related items

DM21 Devilman TV Kubrick

TM12 Macross magazine inserts
(from Newtype Ace)

TX05 Anime song booklets
(various magazine inserts, 1980s)

TX07 Anime magazine inserts
(various, 1980s)

TM11 Tiger & Bunny magazine inserts (from Newtype Ace)

TX09 Mobile Suit Gundam inserts
(from Gundam Ace magazine)

TX10 Gundam Seed inserts
(from Gundam Ace magazine)

TX11 Mobile Suit Gundam character charms (from Gundam Ace magazine)

TX06 Gundam 00 magazine inserts (from Gundam Ace magazine)

TX03 Gundam playing card set

TX04 Zaku playing card set

TX01 Set of Gundam model kits
(bundled with hobby magazines)

TX02 1/72 Mitsubishi Ka-14 model

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