Shizuoka Hobby Show, May 2019

Photos posted on Twitter by NS-Z, Digitamin, Ayahtt, Gonchan New Voyage, LoneWolfMM, Aiba2989, Wave-Motion Gun Kanntai, K5A2, 8810, Purfia, Kame Mosuda, Kota, Cherubim Izumi, Admiral Kino, Umiushi2201, Fuji III, Dotechin2202, Gakuyasan, Tadasuke, Hale Raptor, Dogirum1, KenBRZ, Uwabo Sublimation, and Bryan Powell

Bandai booth

Mecha Collection Single-seat Cosmo Tiger II, due October 2019

Mecha Collection Neu Balgray, due August 2019

Mecha Collection “Clear Orange” Yamato (no release date given)

Fan model displays (to end of page)

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