5 thoughts on “UNCF “Operation M” fleet set models

  1. This box looks absolutely massive. Although most of them seem to be small destroyers with different colors. Would you say it’s worth it? Or would buying fleet set 1 and 2 be better?

    • None of them are in production anymore. You may find them on auction sites or on the Mandarake website, but it’s highly unlikely any of the online hobby stores like Hobbylink Japan, 1999.co.jp, AmiAmi or CDJapan have any left (Hobbylink Japan may have them listed as “backordered”, but all the out-of-print 2199 kits have had that status for over two years now).

      The ships are available in a different color scheme in the Yamato 2202 line. At the time of writing it says “out of stock” at HLJ but probably will be back in stock at some point, given that they were only released in March. You may want to check some of the other online stores I mentioned.

      • I was lucky enough to find the fleet set 1 from my local hobby shop. And now that I finished building and painting it I think it was totally worth it. Buying 3 very detailed and easy to build ships along with a bonus 3 deck carrier and a fighter for 32 dollars is probably the best model kit purchase I ever made.

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