Wonder Festival 2018 Summer exhibits

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Ensofu 7, Aoi 2199, Mega Hobby, aki60717759, WT Pakira, Clutch 4469, S Meijin, Mirai 2199, Ichirou Meraken, Arcadia OA Works, abcde5010236, Ayahtt, Gentei T, AKZ161, Nadenadeitoken, Hobby Site, Fac Factory, Plamo Boy 22, and Gwyn Campbell

See more coverage on Mantan Web and Deculture Shock. See Youtube coverage here.

Bandai booth

Yamato 2202 section

Andromeda fleet set, scheduled for November 2018

Galaxy mini-kit, scheduled for November 2018

1/1000 Galaxy, scheduled for November 2018

Dreadnought prototype (no release date yet)

Cosmo Tiger II mini-kit, scheduled for January 2019

Deathvatator and Czvarke mini-kit set, scheduled for August 2018

Megahouse display, 1/8 Yuki Mori figure

Yamato Crew booth

Garmillas garage kits

Various garage kits by Ndopara

Type 100 Scout Plane garage kit by Arcadia Works

Czvarke garage kit by J Factory

Space Cavalry Mobile Armor statue by UFO Man

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