Yamatour 2019 Mission 2, photo gallery 2

Every time I visit a Mandarake store, I seem to find another one of these on the shelf, used and discarded.
Were the collectors THAT unimpressed by it?

Left: Harajuku is a nest of enablers – proceed with caution. Right: Dr. Slump T-shirt spotted there.
If the actual Superman picked his nose, I’d read EVERY ISSUE.

Speaking of Dr. Slump, there’s this new Arale model kit. She’s irresistible even without the unchi-on-a-stick.

Everyone relax! They’re here!

Sunday’s musical acquisitions. It’s become a tradition for me to find new albums by my favorite artists only when I go to Tokyo.
This is because America no longer has proper music stores. AMIRITE???

I mean, come on, the purpose of a proper music store is to let you find things amazing things by accident, isn’t it?

From here to end of page: amazing artifacts from Toshinori Watanabe’s archive

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