Mandarake Zenbu Vol. 95, first half



Pre-broadcast development, plan book (see translated coverage here)

Series 1 retrospective

Farewell to Yamato and Yamato 2 retrospectives

New Voyage through Final Yamato

Yamato 2520, Resurrection, Yamato 2199

Ark of the Stars, Yamato 2202

Merchandising overview

Popy toys (see coverage here)

Series 1 Bandai models (see coverage here)

Nomura toys (see coverage here)

Popy DX Space Collection miniature toys

Nomura toys

Nomura toys, Denboku soft vinyl figures

Various designer toys

Nomura model kits, Bandai image model

Bandai model kits

Bandai model kits

Bandai model kits

Bandai model kits, 1977 collectibles (see coverage here)

Vintage collectibles

Vintage collectibles

1978 collectibles (see coverage here)

Glico food products

Diecast metal collectibles

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