Yamato Models By Bandai

Part 6: Into Eternity

When Be Forever Yamato premiered in Japanese movie theatres August 1980, it had been almost six years since the debut of the saga; enough time for a second generation of fans to join the fold. Bandai welcomed them in with another chance to buy many of the high-profile kits they might have missed the first time around and added some brand new entries to keep veterans happy.

At right: cover of the 1980 Bandai catalog

1/360 Kodai’s Patrol Ship (Aug. 1980)

1/220 EDF Automated Battleship (Aug. 1980)

Space Battleship Yamato (Aug. 1980)

A reissue of the “gold version” Yamato with new box art, decals, and a stand.

1/700 Space Battleship Yamato (Aug. 1980)

A reissue of the Yamato “Mechanic Model” (the outer shell only), with new box art to tie in with Be Forever Yamato.

Space Battleship Yamato “New Image Model” (Aug. 1980)

A second reissue of the 1977 “Deform Display Model” with new decals in new packaging.

1/500 Space Battleship Yamato “New Cosmic Model” (Aug. 1980)

A reissue of the 1978 “Cosmic Model” with new decals in new packaging.

Dark Nebula Empire Tripod Tank (Oct. 1980)

Dark Nebula Empire Patrol Tank (Nov. 1980)

1/700 Space Battleship Yamato “New Mechanic Model” (Nov. 1980)

A reissue of the 1978 “Mechanic Model” with new decals in new packaging and slightly modified internal parts to tie in with Be Forever Yamato.

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6 thoughts on “Yamato Models By Bandai

  1. Hi, I have the 1/500 new cosmic model of the Yamato it appears complete but has NO INSTRUCTIONS in the box from what I can see it is a reissue of the original 1/500 Space Cruiser Yamato without the IQ-9 kit & with more of the model being pre-colored such as the red of the hull. I would like to know i there is any way you could e-mail me a copy of the instructions of either version? I know it will be in Japanese, but that doesn’t matter.
    Thank You

    • I can help you out. Are you in our Facebook community? Send me a private message there and we’ll figure out a solution.

      • No I’m not but I will try & join if you give me the info on where to go. my e-mail address is m.jurist@att.net & I thank you for your help. I had gotten the kit plus the 1/700 Andromeda & alot of the small to mid-size Yamato kits as sort of a left over inheritance from a late friend of mine named Jacob Edwards who used to run the New York anime club along with a lot of Gundam, Harlock & other anime model kits. & I have bought the 2199 1/500 Yamato kit & its expansion kit as well (wish I could afford the 1/350 kit).
        Thank You

          • Hi, any luck on getting me a copy of the instruction? If you need any info please let me know. I would like to start building it soon.
            Mike Jurist

  2. Hah. That tripod walker… …I was amazed one summer, down on the New Jersey boardwalk. A dollar store in Wildwood had TONS of that model. It was only around $3 lol. Confused me though, only having seen Star Blazers at that point.

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